Peter Sagan’s Alloy Specialized Allez Race Bike | World Exclusive First Look

Peter Sagan and a selection of his Bora-Hansgrohe teammates will race the Down Under Classic criterium aboard custom-painted Specialized Allez Sprint Disc framesets.

Senior Staff Writer Jack Luke takes a closer look the components and paint job on this amazing new bike.

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Jimmy Liao says:

What size are those brake rotors?

bluemystic7501 says:

I have a carbon bike and an aluminum. The aluminum bike is surprisingly nice but it’s a harsh ride even with the carbon fork and seat post.

StuntpilootStef says:

I own an Allez Sprint, but it’s nowhere near as cool as this one. Also, not nearly as expensive.

lindy petersen says:

Why not alloy, if its good enough for Peter Sagan it’s ok for me, and TLR tyres can be the future

Dave Hause says:

EOM Steel

Jon Petering says:

I ride an Allez Elite (1 step down from the Sprint) with upgraded components and I totally love it.

Jesus Enrique Rivera Tellez says:

Carbon rules!!!

Greg Howell says:

This bike is rad. 99.99999% of riders don’t have to have a fancy carbon bike to perform well. Most of them could also stand to lose 25lbs.

Dante LoBue says:

How every bike reviews should be! Well done

okleydokley says:

Oh the shocker….an aluminum frame. It’s going to fatigue and explode and fall apart and flex …just like they didn’t prior to 2005.
This industry is based on pure bullshit. They are wondering why sales are in crisis…there’s only so many dentists. Next frame material should be 3D printed out of bullshit from cows fed carbon fiber.

Lando Parada says:

Alloy………carbon breakes, cracks and chips.

Greg Seethaler says:

Love it. Ned Overand ran an aluminum crave from Specialized for awhile and both that and this were decked out in top of the line components which unfortunately Specialized does not sell in that configuration.

Cumbrian Rider says:

my first road bike is an aluminium trek 1.2 which i love and my second bike is a carbon scott cr1, the only place that the scott is faster is on the climbs, i find the aluminium trek more comfortable for longer rides, its a little bit heavier and slightly slower but it always puts a smile on my face! it just has more character

Donald J. Trump says:

Allez is a great budget bike for the aero world. You can get a decent build for half the price

Horia M says:

What did I miss? Has frame material gone full circle? I’m now even prouder of my hand crafted Fontana 7075 aluminium frame

SkeetSystem says:

I reckon he could’ve won with the thing if there was any drafting behind Caleb Ewan whatsoever

khisanth75 says:

My Allez Sport is my winter bike, but solid as a rock and great to ride

Neil Atkinson says:

Great marketing coup. Great bike too

Omar Tan says:

If Spesh can work on improving how the welds look, then it’ll be a killer. I saw a Trek Emonda ALR and the welds are simply beautiful, and from far, looks like a carbon bike

bassy83 says:

Great bike. I’ve raced locally on one for the last 2 years. Great marketing by Spesh, they are already hard to come by so now will become even more sought after.

Rob Rockatansky says:

I have one of the golden frames with rim brake. An absolute rocket.

Ethan Bovingdon says:

Nothing to do with marketing. There is absolutely no evidence to say that carbon is better. We were just told it is. And he came second to one of the best in the world by less than a second in the opening race at the TDU.

Humza Hassan says:

What was the music for this video?

mtb Prestatyn Rogers says:

Alloy wins every time ,, it lasts longer, its a third of the price, you get a better spec of components on an alloy bike compared to a carbon bike costing the same money…. If you do damage an alloy frame you can just weld it up, where as a carbon frame would be scrap

Michael Upchurch says:

Love the alloy

0615 maruku says:

Hold on… Is that a Sprinter Shifter???
It doesn’t look like Satellite switch,SW-9150 but Sprinter Shifter doesn’t match with hydraulic shifters.
Anyone any thoughts???

ricric says:

The Allez is rock hard compared to my Supersix Evo HM disc. I had one for a short time. Looks cool though!

skinnygorilla says:

Looks like everyone is taking the marketing bait huehehahao

Jared Freeman says:

I still ride on cr mo

Free To Cycle says:

Aluminium for a pro carbon for show!!

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