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Pinarello Dogma F10 | Review | Cycling Weekly

This month we’ve got the Pinarello Dogma F10, the race bike of Team Sky racers, who are also a co-developers of the frame. It looks a lot like the F8, but that’s because Team Sky riders liked it so much they asked for it to remain the same. The only changes, then, are small but they could be quite influential.

For example, it has an asymmetrical bottom bracket, which has been beefed up on the left hand side. The down tube has concave sections that make it more aerodynamic and the dropouts are now finned to minimise drag.


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Joe Joe says:

Skipped on the F10 and purchased the Bianchi Oltre XR4 in Celeste, instead. Couldn’t be happier.

Goobin Pls says:

Man those are cheap I’ll take 10!!

Aruga says:

Really miss the older Pinarello Dogma Think 2 frame. There was nothing that looked like it on the market.

CJL999 says:

Sounds like IGN 10/10

Oscar Sandström says:

Not much of a review to be honest. The PC culture is Alive and well in cycling media.

Vasi Lucian BUJOR says:

Where is Super Record?? Why Shimano DuraAce?

Lennart Meinke says:

Italian brands may be stylish and cool but I think they are getting outdated. I’d rather get a more and cheaper bike than one with that kind of heritage

Tom Ellis says:

So how do you keep the handling and performance the same when you make the bike stiffer??!

Lord Weald says:

My god look how dirty the drivetrain is

Ash qelon says:

so, how do we know these are not made in China like the ones that have flooded the USA??

Mad Monkey Cycling says:

other reviews are calling this f10 more compliant & comfortable than the out and out race bike that was the F8. I am confused, very much so

Saurabh Kulkarni says:

You guys should see how much less “aero” this bike is compared to some fully aero bikes like the Aeroad or Venge vias. How much of a difference is there between full aero and in-between bikes like this and the Foil?

paul bata says:

carbon anything on a bike is a total WANK

Joseph Farrugia says:

If this a review, then porn stars are still virgins.

Marcin Pawłowski says:

Nice , proffesional bike stand 1:43 lol.

Rusevelt Roberts says:

Only now accommodate 25mm wide road tyres when the competition is accommodating wider road rims for 28mm tyres.



taurus20077 says:

Hardly ever seen a Pino, even the lower end models, at crits. I see a lot of Specialized or Cervélo bikes though. If I were to purchase a new bike right now, I am not going to shell out that much money for a F10. New Tarmac would be cheaper and just as good.

Leonard Ashcroft says:

Hopefully the next review filmed was for a drive train degreaser because wow…

César Ribeiro says:

7750 libras ou 12000 euros!!

Tiago Madeira says:

Bla Bla Bla Bla with 2 years warranty. Forgot to advertise that did you?

Barts 27 says:

I ride my Dogma F10 BOB for 6 weeks now. It is a fantastic bike. Great handling, speed, comfort en road feel. It climbs like a goat on steroids and descends like a fighter plane. All the hate for this bike is so pathetic. Most of the haters never rode a Pinarello. I always liked my Dogma 65.1 but this F10 is better in every way. Pinarello Dogma’s are expensive and maybe too expensive but they deliver. It’s a great bike to ride. I think and I know that all the brands top models of are great bikes and it comes down to personal preference.

Raphael Tiziani says:

Can you review also the Gan Series? The affordable small Dogmas 😀

Sead Biberovic says:

congregation for review :-

AlexVelo says:

Please send me one!

Mehmet G says:

honestly doesn’t even look all that great would choose the madone over this any day.

Adolfo conde says:

! Corsa !!!

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