Review China Carbon Road Bike With 50mm Wheels Dengfu FM098

This is a review of the Dengfu FM098 carbon road bike.
When i weighted the bike it was 6.9kg’s with no saddle bag or bottles on.
The wheels frame and seat post are full carbon 50mm
This bike has now done 1000 miles with no problems, it looks like a well built bike and goes good.
Again if your going to buy a cheap carbon bike from china do your research first and make sure you are using a good supplier and manufacturer.


Εμμα online says:

High quality carbon saddle made in china….

Charlie Colmenares says:

I have wonder if someone are able to answer my question if I am 270 pounds no obese instead muscular body if this type of frame will carry my weight well.

Chris Dahms says:

I finished my first bike build just a few weeks ago, a Dengfu FM286 (cyclocross frame, not road).  I’m thrilled with it.  The only problem I had was they did not fully tap the holes in the frame for the brake caliper bolts at the rear, but that was not difficult to fix with a tap.  Other than that, everything has been great!  I also ordered wheels from Yoeleo, I can’t wait for them to arrive.

FTW1207 says:

A right Bobby Dazzler of a bike….

Luis270893 says:

Would you recommend me to buy a aliexpress canyon frame replica?


a lot of these chinese companies use the same factories as the mainstream bike brands, it’s sad that people still see china as ‘fake’ iphones/macbooks are meant to be one of the best for build quality and feel, all made in china along with the smaller phone names which still feel just as great in the hand

Mejar Tomlinson says:

fu thats lighter than my trek emonda

Jason West says:

In 2012 l got one of the very first batches of the fm098. Overall nice frame but i had a defect in the seat tube where the post had to be drastically shimmed. They sent me a new updated post but the problem persisted.

erod707 says:

What’s the total weight?

erod707 says:

What saddle are you using? Mine came with the carbon fiber one but I don’t like it

Ricardo Giraldo says:

Beautiful bike mate. there’s any update about frame and wheel set quality? Would you recommend buying from Dengfu?

Nero Rosso Cycling Team says:

Our teammate, from NeroRosso Cycling team get this wheels too. Testing them for 1 month. So this is not Bora or Zipp wheels, of course, but for that money – suitable variant.
This is our review of that wheelset

tom cruise says:

Bike seems small for you

john mannion says:

Dengfu/hongfu and yeoleo are not fake carbon,they produce their own branded gear.

J L says:

pls get rid of that horrendous saddle bag lol totally ruins a beautiful bike

Paul Malone says:

Nice looking bike. Nothing wrong with carbon frames or wheels from reputable Chinese companies. I like also that he hasn’t branded it up with stickers.


Have been riding on chinees carbon wheels the last seven years. No problem at all. I have had problems with well known brands.

Prénom Nom says:

Hi, could you tell me what size is this bike? I’m 6’4 and i wonder if 61 would fit me! Thanks!

I have no brakes, and I must stop says:

pinch brakes on carbon rims is too sketchy for me

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