Road Bike Buyers Guide for Noobs!!

For all the noobs out there tryin to go pro…. IE – All of us! Haha. This is my semi-review of my 2014 Cannondale SuperSix Evo 5

I live in Southern California and all monetary figures are in USD.


David Hudson says:

This guy has more money than sense – & this is an entry level bike – what a freaking joke!!!!

Samid Khodjaev says:

on a scale of road-bike to fat bike, which handles good in wet weather? Rain mainly.

Omar Gutierrez says:

Have you gotten in any accidents?

Avinash M says:

Thanks for this video! You convinced me to go with the 105 group set, although i was not able to afford the carbon frame. I am moving from an MTB (still intend to ride it) to road cycling, your video is a pretty good guide!

Matt Smith says:

I’m planning a 1600 mile trip (round trip) next August to get my self in the path of totality of the eclipse and someone recommended those exact tires to me. I found them for $36 US online and bought 4. Two I’m going to put on right away and save the other two to put on when I start my trip so I’ll be started with fresh tires.

Now that I see someone else also recommending them I feel reassured that I made the right choice.

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

ja118 says:

dude has 50 on 27 , enough said….

Steve F says:

I wouldn’t say 105 is the minimum for a noob. Tiagra or even Sora would be fine.

Fai Mok says:

Not all LBS are just wanting your money. The good ones offer free bike fit like my LBS which I had to set up an appointment to get a fitting. They spent almost an hour with me doing angle measurements on the trainer and observing my pedaling mechanics. Just pay attention to the sale rep as to how passionate they are when you talk bikes with them. Good ones will share personal experience with you. Good luck.

Matthew Biggs says:

Just starting to watch this video and I can’t agree that it is an expensive sport to get into. You’ve just put off every nooby. It’s not expensive at all.

rebelsouljaz says:

looks like i got a good deal, i purchased a custom trek madone project one 6.5

has mostly durace components except for the piece that u connect the foot pedal to, that’s an ultegra but everything else is durace.

it’s an all carbon fiber frame but i cant tell if the crank set i got is good, it says sg 50-f. Is that the same as your 50/34t?

roadstar499 says:

most people like myself can get in just as good physical condition from riding a $300 bike…these bikes are for people that want to compete or go on trips…I ride ride laps around my neighborhood late at night and it makes me feel great

MrPunkassfuck says:

A couple specs I would pay special attention to.
1. Groupset
2. Frame
3. Frame-size and geometry. If unsure, ask at the shop what you should get. Your length plays a role, so does the length of your arms and legs.
4. Is it Crosscountry or a tarmac racer. Crosscountry has wider tires and room for those. 28 mm wide tires are often the widest on racers.

Expect to change tires on the bike. Usually the tires on the bike are the cheapest.

Brand, not so important. Don’t buy Chinese copies.

If it’s included in the price, definitely get a Bike Fit. Especially important is the saddle. Try a bunch of them. Don’t pay attention to how much padding there is, means nothing. Second thing is cleats and pedals. Position them right. Very important for your knees and leg muscles. If you get it wrong, you will feel it within 30 min, most likely. Check youtube-vids if bikeshop just glosses over cleats etc. Watch a few.
And please get bikeshorts. Your private parts will thank you.

I would also stick to aluminium frames. Carbon is harder but not if you crash. Carbon is very expensive to fix, if it can even be done. Buying a new carbon frame…oh boy. Almost cheaper to buy a new bike. The warranty on the frame may NOT be applicable if you crashed.
Alu frame, better groupset OR carbon frame and so so groupset…go for the better groupset, you will probably enjoy the ride more. Since the groupset is your interface with the bike. You are shifting gears and braking constantly. Saving couple hundred grams on the frame, not so noticable.

Check Durianrider’s channel too, he has some good tips.

If roadshoes/mtbshoes scare you, clipping in etc, you could try Shimanos a530s One side clip-in, other side will work with normal shoe.

If your position is too agressive, leaning too far forward, get a shorter stem. It will relieve pain from shoulders and back.

Maybe I missed something, watch this video as well:

Deepal Madalani says:

Hi Drew, Thank you for the video. I have a 9 day 1000 mile bike event that i need to start preparing for, the event is 10 months away and most of the biking will be on road and hills in Scotland/UK. we will have help in carrying our stuff so we won’t need to carry a lot of luggage ourselves. I am looking to buy bike that i can use to train and also use for the event, I am a beginner and new to the world of long distance biking. The more i research, the more confusing it’s getting. Do i need a race bike or Endurance bikes (or are they the same)? I am 5 7′ 155 pounds (65 kgs). Would you recommend this bike? What do you think of the Felt Z85 that i am getting a deal on.

Also, please don’t forget to share the spreadsheet 🙂 Let me know if you need my email.

flagg1129b says:

Thanks for the good tips.  Helping some Noobs buy a bike for the first time and you broke it down nicely.

Jay kay says:

man wtf?! i have a diamondback century road bike and i bought an air pump, bottle holders and saddle bag for way cheaper….. i wouldnt recommend anyone buying 40 dollar air pump, 80 dollar saddle bag or 50 dollar bottle cage… buy it on ebay… its wayyy cheaper…. its not like you would care soo much about the quality of a bottle cage and a saddle bag

stereozo says:

nice vid – make more

The space Doge says:

Well there is 160,000 people whos a noob

Josh Scharre says:

and you are still paying for it…you got ripped off

chuck mac says:

Why have you got the chain on the big chain ring and largest cog on your cassette?

Kenz300 x says:

Ride to work…….ride to school……….ride for fun………………..
Riding a bike is good exercise and will keep you healthy and fit………….
Cities need to do more to encourage safe bicycle use……….employers need to support bicycle use by proving places to lock and store bicycles…….speak up and encourage your elected officials to support bike and walking paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Children need to start riding at an early age. Riding a bike to school is better than being dropped off in a car.

M Medhat Salem says:

Thanks for your honesty

William Harris says:

Nice trying to be commendable to the sport , but u don’t have all the facts …and most of this is your “hardcore 6 month” experience…which (by the way) is not that reputable

ROY F says:

This isn’t noobe vocabulary…What Are U talking about???

Harmonious Expression HEALING with SandyFabiola says:

I am more confused than the starting point. ….so, it’s quite more expensive then what I had hoped for.

Daniel Boone says:

Ur bike is crosschained lol

Vegan Fury says:

such a shame — all the elitist bullshit that is the sport of road cycling

Jacinth Gudetti says:

Meanwhile, I’m rolling around in a 2016 Kent GMC Denali XD I want to slowly upgrade it over time to be a long distance endurance bike. So far, everything is great except the grip shifters, just feels wrong

Ben Braceletspurple says:

Cycling is expensive, But not quite this expensive for beginners. Carbon really isn’t for beginners. Alloy with carbon fork is fine. Under$1000 from a shop isn’t good enough, over $1,000 USD IN THE UNITED STATES is what you need . 105 groupset is shimanos’ cheapest that actually uses an aluminum washer and ratchet in the shifter, instead of the plastic washers in the lower end. Wheels are better higher end, and frame can by alloy best not to be steel unless it’s under $400. So I agree with those points. I made my saddle bag with a camera bag I got from a thrift store. And your saddle well just get used to the stock one. Your handlebars, stem, seatpost, and brakes don’t matter so don’t strive for those, and always buy used tyres. I’m poor as possible but I run over 1,500 watts sprinting, reliability is game though and excessively heavy bikes like steel etc that weigh over 26 lbs can be avoided. Cheap wheels tend to have seed wobbles.

Todd Jordan says:

You shouldn’t really give advice about bikes if you don’t know what your talking about.

William Harris says:

If ur a noob, go visit Global Cycling Net….much better videos

SellersDiva07 says:

what do you think of the Specialized Roubaix Elite??

John Karavitis says:

Gator tires, are those Kevlar? How much does the rolling resistance go up when you use Kevlar tires?

barcafanoman says:

level your saddle first…

John Mehew says:

OMG!!! You actually paid money for your bike?!!!!111!!1!?? What a dumbass. If you were smart, you would’ve checked CL first. I got a Super6 Ultimate and all I had to do was blow a guy. He was a premature ejaculater, so it wasn’t even that long. What a n00b. Get rekt, nerd!!!11!!11!

Hugh Mungus says:

I’m not even done watching this and I’m already in debt.

Gaia Ang says:

I like how there still isnt a comment on how he accidentally said fuck 10 secs into the video

HokkeeKun says:

disc brakes or rim?

Cory Bonds says:

because everyone knows only vegans ride bikes.

Woof Woof says:

What do you guys think about the Silverback Scento 3? Should I buy it? Link:

MichaelLeung2011 says:

Road Bike Buyers Guide for Noobs:

Wait For You says:

where’s the steel?

Christian Morgenstern says:

have the caad 8 105 with tektro brakes, and they are great. even my local bike shop (not the sjop i bought it from) admitted they are really good, even tho he actually hates them too. made for a good surprise. i think they improved. the ones on my old steel race bike are trash tho

John Sulsenti says:

Sounds like he doesn’t like salesman. If you go to a store with no knowledge about what you want, you ripe for the picking. It happened to me but I didn’t want to spend a lot so that saved me. However I made some friends & starting frequently shopping (hanging out) in a local bike shop talking with the workers bike owners. Guess what; they gave their likes & dislikes on stuff. My knowledge base started to grow & I made better choices for me that I was happy with. Some things you just don’t like till you try them. i.e. Seats are very personal, so no one can say one is better than the other! I hate Fizik, but love Selle SMP saddles. a friend loves Brooks Brothers. Use the bike store for ideas, make up your own mind. Try different bikes before you buy, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. Watch Youtube videos, read articles, ask questions. It’s not their money until you give it to them!

anthony camacho says:

if you search on eBay you can definitely find a bike all carbon fiber medium frame which is the usual size for around 1000-1200 used but it will most likely have great components at least ultegra and carbon frame.

Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande Thyrum says:

Uh, isn’t SuperSix EVO 5 the frame model number? They have EVO 3, 4 and 5. Some of them are delivered with Shimano model 105 gears.

Woof Woof says:

What do guys think about the Silverback Stride 20? Should I buy it? Link: PS it is $459 aud ($342 usd). I will be using it as a form of transportation and recreational use.

Elwood P Dowd says:

Why does a “road bike guide” start out with me having to be a vegan or something else stupid?

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