Road Bike Buyers Guide – What You Need To Know

Buying a road bike can seem daunting when there’s so many options to choose from. But fear not as US Editor in Chief Ben Delaney is here to talk you through what you need to know.


Sergio Baquero says:

The most important part…The $$$ money. Today the bikes are overpriced to inimaginable levels.

Donut Pundah says:

i cant order online since i dont have a P.O box and there arent any road bikes like these in the nearby shops. and if they did it would be too big to me since im a 24 year old

Night GaMeR6 says:

great video! is it suit for a 16y old kid?

Mario Chan says:

a very dangerous quick release position

John Parks says:

Can someone help me out with a few recommendations? I’m looking for a road bike that’s comfortable, fast/light, and easy to traverse hills with. I’m a very casual rider so no need for a racing/competitive features, and I would like to keep things under 1 grand. Any ideas?

Takato-mon desu says:

If you here because you fell in love with bicycles watching yowamushi pedal thumbs up

wgv wgv says:

my advise, start with 105 or better.

Subie Rex says:

What do you guys think about the Silverback Scento 3? Should I buy it? Link:

Gwain Swagger says:

it was this moment i realised that i gavin f*c*e* up after buying my second bike (first from 2007 i was two years old im 11 now) which was a knock off diamondback octane 24 on the website it has forks so its mountain but no fork means its a road bike then the was no diamondback octane which was a road so yeah…… scammed

Jimie Chou says:

I find this very helpful. Thank you for making this video and keep up the good work!
However, while considering the first bike, I have a hard time choosing from between endurance bike (GIANT TCR SLR2 2017) and aerodynamic bike (GIANT Propel Advanced 3 2017).
The confusion comes with not knowing what kind of riding experience I am going to have.(endurance ride or..speedy on road ride..) Maybe casual riding and triathlon in the future.

In addition, both of them come with SHIMANO 105 Groupset; nevertheless, a friend claims that the aerodynamic frame was originally designed for electronic shifting system, and was not good when using traditional mechanical shifting system.

Can you give me some advice on choosing and a little comment on this aero frame design issue?
Thank you so much!


Andy Wheale says:

Excellent video

nikhil deshmukh says:


Victor Delgado says:

Great informative skit!

r o y a l e d r a g o n says:

Can these road bikes withstand mountain biking enviroments?

Vinay Chauhan says:

very nice video and explanation !!!

Pascal Olli says:

Great video. I ride a Colnago C50 for the last 7 years and looking at a new frameset. I noticed you are riding a Scott what’s your opinion about it.
Much appreciated

Yves Debache says:

great video for people like me wanting to get into more faster bikes

BikeIt UK says:

So many considerations, like what you are going to be using it for Road, Gravel, Touring, your personal fitness regarding positioning, plus budget, and not forgetting how it looks. So so many choices out there, great when you meet people who say its just a bike! A bike is a very personal thing and if you take your time and get it right you could have it for many years and cover many happy miles. Good luck, happy peddling and all the best thanks for the video Andy

etobiCRACKscorpions says:

Best host on BikeRadar.

TJS MIND says:

Excellent video. I recently got into cycling. Wish I knew of these tips before I purchased my bike!

Technological_Alexander says:

How much do you think the average person should spend on a new road bike?

Raj Patel says:

you have a top of the line sram and a garmin 500???

Hongbin Yuan says:

i have buy a bicycle driving recorder camera in amazon,that’s great ,

tazi69 says:

Anyone here been to Els Angels in Girona? That’s the road cycling heaven!

The Scholaredamerican says:

Building race cars out of CM tubing for the most complicated suspension in the world, they race on red clay tracks, gives me insight into the engineering aspect of bikes. It’s amazing that people that don’t race professionally buy into the technology angle of bikes. Basically all I see, for the most part, are a lot of information and data for people who have no mechanical engineering or biomechanics background. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to sooner but there are people in my business who could build a bike with the likes of Trek, Specialized, and Giant. Developed and built from the ground up here. Rocket should do it just to make a statement.

Salty Dog says:

Great overview.

Ash Smith says:

What happened to the Alfine? There’s 8 & 12 speed but I don’t see these type of bikes anymore..

Tom Edwards says:

Didn’t know Ze Frank worked for BikeRadar.

RGCastro7 says:

This was a very helpful video, Bike Radar. Thank you for such a comprehensive aid for those of us who are interested in getting into road biking.

troutbum86 says:

What’s the learning curve for a road bike? Was looking to get a bike for fun, fitness and potentially ride back and forth to work. Not a big mountain bike fan as there is just a bunch of open road around here and a 50 mile paved trail.

go ose says:

cant beat campagnolio. 🙂

Andre Newell says:

This was very informative.Thank you.

Clydesdale Cyclist says:

Excellent video – I like it starts talking about fit and position before talking about materials and equipment levels. So many people ask me if they should buy and Al of CF bike, but I tell them to just get the best fitting bike for what they want for what they can afford

Guoenyi says:

Neck beard on bike uh oh

Miguel Arredondo says:

Killer Calves

moonknight12579 says:

I paid about 240 dollars for my GMC Denali road bike. I’m not even sure what kind of parts are on the bike. I don’t wear cycling gear or anything like that. I wear shorts and a tee shirt when I ride. My bike weighs about 25 pounds. Where I live there are nothing but steep hills and even mountains with very few flat stretches of road. My county will make a man out of you when it comes to riding a bike. Most of the roads are very rough and there are a lot of stray dogs that will chase and try to bite. I ride on a cheap bike with regular clothes on in a county with nothing but hills and I average 15 mph. Give me one of these expensive top end bikes and let me ride where you see all these guys in these videos riding and I guarantee I’ll be faster than an average Tour de France cyclist. It’s because I’ve trained in much more brutal environments with much heavier and harder to use equipment.

Georgios Karyotis says:

A very informative video and presenter’s background landscape is fantastic.

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