Road Bike Of The Year – Rim-Brake Race Bikes – Canyon Ultimate Vs. Basso Venta

In their search for the very best road bike of 2017, Cycling Plus collected a few arch rivals in five different categories and pitted them against each other. The best of those will eventually be crowned overall Bike of the Year.

The Basso Venta and Canyon Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 Aero both offer incredible value – but in very different ways – and race geometries that wont destroy your back.


Jonathan Gormal says:

Both great bikes from great builders. If you’re going Basso, you have to get the campag groupset though!

I’ve ridden my Basso Devil (a “low end” discontinued alu bike) and it’s a remarkably enjoyable ride!

Andrew Lord says:

Basso gets my vote too, canyons are a bit boring!!!!!!!

Oh first btw!!!!

Connor Thompson says:

kinda dumb, these arent really race machines (i know you *can* race on them)

Jeffrey A. Thistle says:

What’s that area you guys are testing around? Looks like a beautiful ride.

Gert Kanter says:

I love Canyon bikes precisely because of their lack of flamboyance – excellent performance without showboating!

Conor Verbruggen says:

Great review, I’d love to know what you think the difference is between the Basso Venta and Specialized Allez? They sound very similar?

osfan25 says:

Why does the Canyon have a plastic protector on the cassette?

Daniel Badeo says:

good to see a Basso bike being reviewed.

Fahr Rad says:

both riders have nice socks!!

They Live We Sleep says:

skinny or wide fork side profile??

YH Vun says:

AFAIK the Canyon Ultimate AL SLX has not been updated for a very long time and is outdated already… Why is it picked when discussing Bike of the Year 2017? The Canyon CF SL disc/SLX would be much better choices.

Stefan Roser says:

Both of these bikes are very uninspiring.

Peter Cain says:

So the Cannondale won again

paradox963 says:

Is this being done by price category’s if not why not go for the higher level bikes.

Christoff87 says:

If the guy riding the canyon needs to have his saddle pointed down and then have his bars so high then he really needs a bike fit.

Brian Moore says:

Thank you for the review on the BASSO! Very interesting bike.

rybakcow says:

А в России снег…

carlos deno says:

Aluminum forget it..! I’d rather have steel.

runninginthefamily says:

Such a bore. Sorry

Sota Sato says:

This guy picks which bike is better on colour? That’s like the only conclusion he made in the end lol

Justin Astbury says:

nice video… where was it filmed .. Lake Vyrnwy?

German Jazz Mafia says:

So the Canyon didn’t win because it’s black?

M4NGO2K says:

I call bullshit

Commenter says:

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Skooteh says:

I wonder how these compare with the BMC and Focus featured in the other video…

佑輔 says:

I want canyon ultimate!!

Heldermaior says:

The Canyon CF SL 9.0 Aero is 200 pounds more expensive and it is just as well specced.

Gabriel Trainer says:

This is the AL SLX 9.0 AERO. Not the AL SLX 9.0.

HogSnot says:

Sadly, Canyon not available in US, so not aimed at your largest possible viewer market. Enjoyed the review though.

Greg Saveall says:

Cba looking up the price

Pablo 3620 says:

why the canyon al? for 400nzd less you can get the ULTIMATE CF SL 9.0 which 400g lighter.

YouTube Fan says:

What a stupid review. Sorry dir saying that but your conclusion ist quite unfair!

Huy Banh says:

For another ~ $300 you can get a carbon framed Canyon with pretty much the same spec as the AL one, not sure how he got to the conclusion that upgrading to carbon is gonna cost so much more

Dave Hause says:

Funny, my 2005 EOM Ciocc racing bike matches the geometry of the Basso, yet now-a-days it’s considered “almost” endurance geometry.

Ben Clark says:

Are your reviewers really tall? That Canyon head tube looks absolutely massive, and theres a huge stack of spacers too. I know its not on a full on race bike, but that looks very tall.

chaekang jung says:

head tube is too long…

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