Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike: Which Is Harder?

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It’s time to set the record straight, which is harder, MTB or Road Cycling? Matt and Si are determined to find out, so have challenged one another.

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Si and Matt challenge one another to see which is fastest, a road bike or a mountain bike in a route from A-B.

The rides were taken part in the beautiful Alta Badia region of Italy.

Simon took to the dirt on his mountain bike whereas, thankfully, Matt stayed on the asphalt on his road bike.

The question is, who will be fastest, Road Or MTB ?
Who will have the highest average power…

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Giulio Pretis says:

Climbing a difficult terrain with a 13 kg’s bike, i think it’s more difficult

Nathan Dunfield says:

Off road fo sho

4wayPen says:

what’s the camera man doing?

Radosław Kiedrowicz says:

whats the music played when Simon end stretch to the cabin?

Alan Armstrong says:

Are road bikes faster than mountain bikes on flat roads ? Please reply ASAP.

CrazyKidGamer66 says:

Road biking is pretty freaking weak compared to mountain biking. Mountain biking has more variations and it’s more fun then road biking. We get to ride bikes and be cool and not take up the fucking road pretending we’re a car.

Henco Bekker says:

MTB is mich harder

oNe Man 9 says:

Is this bike ok plz tell me guys
Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

MaQuGo119 says:

Well tour de france is quite the easy thing if you’re on drugs tho

Mr Comment says:

Off road but it’s more fun

uppermost says:

what are the bike names btw?

Cody Haisma410 says:

Off road is more harder

Theresa Charland says:

I love the road bikes mountain bikes are nice but they’re not made for the road

LikeAMountainbiker says:

xc is the the roadie version of mtb, downhill and freeride is real mountainbiking and no roadie would be able to do that 😉

Zzz Yyy says:

how do they make so many high quality, high production, cinematographic videos? good script too. love GCN !

MaQuGo119 says:

dat Canyon doe

colemonts andy says:

I don’t care which ones harder

François Maspuche says:

29ner really are better on road than 26 or 27,5 (speaking of mountain bike.)

Felipe Rios Moreira says:

Off Road for sure..

WheeliePerson says:

I mean You Get a lot more adventure OFF Road You can SEE the butifull forest and mountains

augy 183 says:

Is simon using a rigid fork bike?

Bradley Howard says:

I suspect Si enjoyed cleaning the mountain bike as it would have been dirtier.

Alm Haddad says:

I think that the off road is harder than the road bike

Kneel4 YurMeal says:

I definitely think that road biking is a lot harder. Lets take a look at the Tour de France. Those top competitors pretty much kill themselves. Physically, mtb doesn’t even compare at all to road biking.

colemonts andy says:

I only care which one is more fun

colemonts andy says:

and mountain biking is more fun

Radosław Kiedrowicz says:

Name of the music at 9:09 i would love an answear please 🙂

mrN3w7 says:

The hardest workout is to actually get off my lazy ass and do something… takes a lot of freacking effort…

Steven Veys says:

I ride both as long as your having fun on the bike is the most important

William Vangorden says:

Off road fun it’s a real pain more going on, But road can go further.

van hellsing says:

i think both are hard .
1)road biking :the reason is because you lose sence of the speed so you want to go faster and faster as a result you get too tired withought realising it for me at least that is how i feel when i ride a road bike.
2)mountain biking :from my expirience on mountains i think it depends on how the trails are how well you know the mountain plays an important role how fast you can advance at each turn and lets not forget the obstacles you will find on your way down the mountain and how much altitude you have to reach the top.

Jack Price says:

Off road is harder and takes more skill for certain obstacles

John Gray says:

Great video. You nailed it! It’s as hard as you want to go. what brand of bike computer did you use there? Thanks

Outcast Seeks Honor says:

Umm.. I have a mountain bike for like about 2 years now. And I’ve never gone offroad except once and hell yeah it’s faster offroad I didn’t even know that.

rock djgames says:

Well it kinda depends on what type of riding you are doing. In my opinion they are both as difficult as another. There’s not really any point in comparing them like this as if you take red bull hardline that takes so much short term power in you legs but roadies are more suitable to ride long rides. It totally depends on what you ride and train for

MathewDavisVlogs says:

i think they about the same but off road is harder

The Massive Rotating Machine says:

this video should be titled “I thought the cheap on was a also a mountain bike”


Driving is harder

occyman says:

I ride both – I find if rocky, steep and technical the repeated efforts of MTB climbing are actually harder and excellent training for road racing especially crits.

Kunal 990 Singha says:

Off road harder

Bike 36 says:

Off road

keegan pope says:


Evan T says:

U should have let a gmbn guy mountain bike

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