Road bikes: Aero vs. Endurance – How to choose?

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Choosing the right road bike can seem daunting to the first timer. The truth? We can cut down the plethora of choice pretty quickly to help you zone in on the right style to match your needs. The biggest choice is – what kind of road bike do you want? If you want to go super fast and don’t mind so much about being comfy and relaxed you can go for an aero road bike. This focuses your body position on a low and tight form, helping you slice the wind and go faster. On the other hand, if you want to just get out and relax on a beautiful ride, put in longer distances in comfort, and keep the performance a road bike is known for but with more of a leaning towards comfort the endurance road geometry is better for you. In this video we compare the major points between each two bike so you can learn and have a better understanding before you show up to buy.


Lars Kars says:

Less music during talking please.

Akul Bhatt says:

Realistically, the difference in these two bikes’ geometry are negligible. You could certainly get in an equally aero position on the so-called enduro BMC bike. The fork angles are also very, very similar. I am not saying there is no reason to get an aero bike, but between these two babies, I’d definitely go with the superior disc braking and a hill-friendly gear setup of the BMC. That way, you’d get the best of both worlds; it’s likely cheaper too.

Random Bike Trips says:

Can you still legitimately compete in crit races with an endurance bike or would you be at a huge disadvantage?

j zachary says:

What bike would be a middle ground between these to?

Renz Bryan Encarnacion says:

very clear explation well done

Dhaval Champaneri says:

very well explained. seen many similar videos but this one is the best and more informative.

analogdistortion says:

arrgh that stupid music!

Jumpa says:


Lonelywolf67 says:

Good explanation. Thank you for the vid. I would have preferred it though without the distracting music while talking which makes you difficult to understand.

Strong Cycle says:

I use an endurance road bike. I’ve got a giant defy 3 and a specialized roubaix sl4 sport. Very comfortable bikes but I prefer the geometry on the aero race bikes.

Sergio Ochoa says:

nice video until i couldn’t stand the music and had to change it.

hotmandead1 says:

By moderate speed it means ~ 50km/h

rockolav says:

great ….

Eliseo Lusian says:

How bout aero vs tt

peacefulyetviolent says:

Thank you bikes and life! I am 18 and I just got my first job to save up for a new bicycle
Since I was thirteen Ive been very into bicycling and going long distance
But Ive been riding a trek 4300 alpha mountain bike with hybrid tires(You can guess the issue here)
So I am really looking forward to upgrading to a road bike
I cant wait to challenge myself trying to ride further and further and eventually work my way into riding across my home state!

Microage says:

These bikes look so shitty xD

Frederik says:

So what’s the story with disc vs. rim brakes? I’m all for disc brakes but was just wondering what the discussion would sound like in terms of bike geometry.

Ryan Zolli says:

Excellent video!! Peter I see you are located in the tri-state new jersey area. What club or shop are you affiliated with? Looking to make a purchase and you seem to be a good source. I live in the new york area!! thanks!! says:

Great video Peter, you’re awesome! Loved the overview 🙂

Syafiq Shaharuddin says:


Nice review! simple but yet still informative, and easy for me to understand. Thanks

My suggestion maybe for the next short review of the road bike, is probably the bike frame material, either carbon, aluminium or steel. I like to hear that from your expert point of view 🙂

Once again, nice review and thank you

The Flying Brompton says:

Your bike knowledge and captivating voice are superb….the music not so much, it reminds me of the new videos by the new kids on the block at NYCeWheels. Keep up the great videos Peter!

xflipguyx says:

nice explanation!

Wabalabadubdub says:

That music just fucked my brains out. Great information tho

drewmorg says:

Seen my buddy get speed wobbles (but did not fall) on that 2015 highlighter Orange Propel going 50mph+ downhill. He is a very experienced and strong rider that was the manager of the bike shop at the time. He said it turned into a noodle on him with zero control and he was visibly shook after that incident. That bike got sold the next week for a TCR lol

Verdon Rocks Photography says:

great video, thank you

Alejandro Macedo says:

Great video! What is your advice if i want to race with an endurance road bike?

paolo calligaris says:


yep yep says:

Peter is really great, simple and clear explanation, great job. Greetings from Croatia 🙂

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

What happens if you lower the seat position of the Aero bike, wouldn’t it have more or less the same position as in the endurance, ad if you’re body isn’t as curved forward

pedro andrade says:

this video made me a subscriber. poor musical choice (and 2 loud) other than that, top noch for the noobs like myself.

Edward GS says:

Great video, greetings from México

Deckard Shaw says:

Bike doesnt matter, its in the legs and lungs.

Andre L says:

nice video. But when showing “agressive and up right positions” in order to show the bike geometry difference, keep hands on the same part of the handlebar for both bikes.

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