Six of the best Aluminium bikes – six reasons to buy aluminium

We’ve done steel and titanium so it only makes sense that we cover aluminium…

Cannondale CAAD12:
Vitus Zenium:


Bruce W McLaughlin says:

Bacchetta Giro A 20 aluminium , comfort and speed, what more could you ask for?
here are some more aluminum bikes you should take for a spin
Just trying to get some balance to the equation as you seem to be biased towards a certain type of bike being the best?

Kevin Sabina says:

Definitely would to see the Fuji Roubaix!!! There is nothing on YouTube about it 🙁

Youngboon Lim says:

They are not popular. Thumbs down.

Suryo Pras says:

Caad12 2018 rider here

LiveFreeandShred says:

Carbon frames can suck it



elephantcup says:

Fuji. Outstanding aluminum bikes. Outstanding carbon fiber bikes as well, but the aluminum are very very nice. Rented one and rode it for 2 weeks in Spain in the mountains. I’m a dyed in the wool carbon guy but I was blown away. Very live feel, great shock and vibration absorption. Very very reasonably priced vs the Cannondales etc of the world. 1/2 the price vs carbon for what is probably a better bike.
If you can get past the stigma that aluminum is a poor man’s material (it’s not) then you can save a bunch of cash and have a very nice, very light, very responsive bike. Even when I build up a carbon frameset, I use aluminum stem, seatpost, handlebars etc because it is a much better material for those uses than carbon. Lighter, stiffer, etc.

Stephen Roberts says:

Does the pro still used aluminium in 2018?

Lori K. says:

Aluminum bike video

Of course, you’re aware of the Cannondale’s stealing of the technology etc. of the first successful commercial manufacturer using aluminium, Gary Klein. He designed high end works of art that came out of his work at M.I.T in material science. He didn’t have the resources to litigate against that large company.

Angelo Pantoja says:

Im still saving for a road bike, what should i get the cannondale caad 12 or the giant tcr advanced 2? Your comments would be surely appreciated

Davy Scales says:

What i would love to see is a bike designed and built in the UK, not something designed in the UK and built some where else.

Da Funkee Dsylexic says:

Forget the Kinesis Racelight. I had one and the down tube cracked whilst out on a hilly Mendip ride. I’ve only had it 4 years in October so it was past it’s 3 years warranty. It’s a summer bike that’s only rode 3 summers in the dry and has been well looked after, because I have O.C.D. I was seriously shocked that I had such a catastrophic failure..My bike could have quite easily snapped in half and caused me a serious injury, but I can thank my lucky stars that didn’t happen. The bike shop that sold it and Kinesis don’t want to know so I shalt be purchasing anything from them in the future.

maz ditzo says:

should change the title ” good alu bikes available in UK only ” Lol only canondale is available in Japan

Jeannie F says:

Would love to hear your opinion on Trek Emonda ALR 6

Rock Roll says:

I’m hooked…on disc brakes.

armyofmonks says:

Specialized Alezz

weakzard says:

If only S-Works bikes were available on the Philippines.

Tecno Ciclista says:

I wonder if the lady with the shopping trolley who makes the cameo in the background would opt for carbon or aluminium…;)

Gilberto Ramirez Pinheiro says:

Thank you for a good Aluminum bike presentation. Will look into the Bowman..

Elibeth Immel Zamora says:

I love my Marin Argenta Elite 105, rides smoothly, is not as light as a carbon, but prefer 100 times more. I tried my husband’s Orca M30 it’s extremely light but I feel the bumps a lot more.

Mitch Spencer says:

Where’s the Allez at?

C50DRAG says:

Does CAAD 12 is available in that colour?i do not see it in their site.

ヤヒャ says:

Fuji Jari gravel bike

Karl Marx says:

Specialized allez sprint comp. Very under rated bike and not very popular yet its amazing. 1800 bucks and you get an amazing frame aslong as shimano 105, and solid wheels.
Edit: Its the best looking bike in the price range by far
Its pretty light at 18 lbs which at the price point and it being an aero bike is pretty good
Also it has internal cable routing and handles like a dream

Jean-François Giroux says:

I would like to see the Specialized Allez sprint.

Kannathasan Jeyaraman says:

Merida reacto 400 2017 model pink

Jayson Mitchell says:

Love my Caad10 Rim brake w/Ultegra, would have also loved a Caad12 but got a deal I couldn’t pass up and wasn’t a fan of any of the Caad12 color schemes their fist year. I really prefer the lines of the Caad12 more though, I’m pretty sure it’s the tapered head tube, as something about my Caad10 in a 54 just doesn’t look right in the front.

Mateen Nasim says:

No Canyon AL series?!

clint collins says:

What about the Eurobike xc7000 14 speed?

liu wenjie says:

Road Bike…LMAO

Clarence Cruden says:

Did you test the Gaint contend 3 2018 ?? give it a try.

Johnny Jack says:

CAAD12. A great Bike

Dante Malla says:

Which bike I’d like to see in your next alum bike roundup? … How about those not so popular brands (you may want include legit China based brands)?

normie x says:

These people say “stiff” as if it`s a good thing. I`ve ridden stiff aluminium frames and they`re really not that fun, every bump is a pain in the….good news is that not all aluminium frames are that stiff. It depends on what you get. If you care about comfort and durability, steel is the only way to go(says me on my 1983 Basso 😉

Ozzy says:

Emonda ALR and CAAD12 Ftw!

Tom Humphrey says:

The Cannondale CAAD 12 is outstanding. Mine has Ultegra and rim brakes, and it handles and accelerates  like a dream. For the same price as a Carbon Bike with lesser components, it’s a bargain. It’s as light as comparable carbon bikes, and even though people think aluminum bikes are hard riding, the CAAD 12 has been great for me on all day rides. No complaints about the comfort.

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