Six of the best Endurance bikes – Churn out the miles in comfort

Focus Paralane Al Tiagra 2018:
Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc Road Bike 2017:
Boardman SLR Endurance Disc 9.0:
Giant Defy Advanced 3:
Simplon Pavo Granfondo:
Ribble Granfondo:

If you’re riding mile after mile, you don’t always want to be riding a bike in an aggressive position. These endurance bikes are ideal mile munchers that also provide comfort.


Timur Hafouz says:

Hi there. I have a 2014 model BMC Granfondo GF01 with the Ultegra DI2. Would you consider this to be a comfortable bike as the bikes in this video?
I originally purchased it because I have lower back and neck problems and at the time I found this to be the most comfortable after trying out many bikes. It was suggested to me by the people at the bike store. It’s not to bad to ride. I’m not a big Rider. I do it mainly more just for fitness and the enjoyment but was wondering if there was anything out there that was more comfortable. Or it just could be me complaining as i enter my early 40’s. Any info would be great.

Charles Rush says:

Value for the money, that’s a laugh. No bike is worth the retail price these days. I’d never buy a bike that was not discounted.

Oscar Vega says:

Six of the best? Ribble? Simplon? Boardman? Of these I’ve only tried the Cube and I’m pretty sure that very obviously IS NOT one of the best endurance bikes (maybe only if you compare only THIS SIX bikes, but by no means if you put really good bikes on the list). What are the criteria for this selection? These are not cheap bikes, so…why can’t I see here BMC, Specialized, Cannondale or many other good bikes?.

Morgan Blue says:

No Argon18 ? Only big brands?

Bp Nt says:


revolutionpm says:

0:25-Glance over at the clue card.

Critical Mile says:

Hey mate, last i checked ..they do race endurance bike, cannondale synapse as one example

Kari Kepala Gajah says:

How about endurance bike priced below 1000$ for us mere mortals?

Siclmn Cyclerider says:

None of these bikes have the headshock that the Specialized Roubaix has. If you test ride that bike you won’t even look at these.

raptuspl says:

This is by far one of the worst backgrounds for the bike videos. I would expect a bit more from you guys 😉

oreosaysb00 says:

How much slower is an endurance bike compared to a race bike?

Sergey Shorokhov says:

No Bianchi Infinito CV? Pff

ynotnilknarf39 says:

Just bought a NOS 2009 Spesh Sirrus Ltd Carbon, room for 38mm tyres, guard and rack mounts, FACT 9M layup (so stronger/more durable than the ‘road’ variant), forks are absolutely bombproof and the though not light by today’s racing bike standards I’ll still be able to build it up under 7.5kg for around £850 total (frame-set cost £250) with 32 spoke hand-built wheels I picked up for a song. Doing it as a flatbar set up (pro carbon + Bonty X-lite stem), FRM compact c/set 33-50 and 12-30 so cuts out the big jumps, RS700 gear shifters to use the Ultegra derailleurs. Brakes will be Avid 7s or Ultimate’s if I can find them as I never had problems stopping from speed in the wet on rim bakes, some are just duped into thinking discs are a necessity, they really, really aren’t. Some of the modern ‘endurance’ bikes are okay but if you can find an older specialized Sirrus carbon or Tricross or a Trek FX carbon then they can be built up as flat or drop for a heck of a lot less and be no weightier than those offerings here and with much better spec components in most instances.


You ignored the 800 pound gorilla in the room?! The ROUBAIX

The Xardas says:

No Roubaix?. Experts lol

Michael Mike says:

Look 675 Bike Review

Rixter says:

What are thisr minimalist fenders on the Focus?

Nathan Jimenez says:

No specialized roubaix pfff

Zac Connolly says:

Trek domane ?

Doug McDougall says:

How can you leave out the ROUBAIX when talking about endurance bikes ???

Reggie Peters says:

What?! No mention of the bike that almost created the category of endurance bike, the Trek Domane? Seriously guys, you can do much better.! A very disappointing video.

Alex Lintern says:

I shall throw in my comments in hope that reviews can be improved: looking at endurance bike that can be used all year and that means in scandinavia ice/studded winter tyres with mudguards

ridebikesdrinkbeer says:

“non-competitive”…guys…the vast majority of people that do race are amateurs either have the legs or dont, these slightly relaxed bikes arent going to make a bit of a difference. This marketing bullshit is getting old.

Michael Mike says:

Great video !

LeoInterHyenaem says:

Thank you for the video. I’m in the market for a carbon endurance / touring / gravel bike; tours video is helpful.
I’m also considering the Accent Feral, the Norco Search (XR) Carbon series, the Salsa WarBird carbon series, the Rose Backroad, the Bombtrack Hook EXT Carbon, the Fuji Jari Carbon 1.3 / 1.1, the Ghost Fire Road Rage, the Ghost Endless Road Rage, the Rodeo Labs Trail Donkey 2.0 / 2.1, the Planet X / OnOne Space Chicken and a few others. A very tricky quest, indeed…

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