Six of the best lightweight wheelsets

If you’re looking for a new wheelset then you can get the ones mentioned here:
Shimano Dura-Ace C24 Carbon Clincher:
Fast Forward F3R Full Carbon Clincher Wheelset:
Fulcrum Racing Zero Carbon:
Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon:
DT Swiss PR 1400 DICUT Oxic:
Lightweight Meilenstein:

A change of wheels is often the first change made after buying a bike. If you’re looking for a top quality lightweight wheelset then here is our list of the best on the market.


adriboff1 says:

People only buy lighter or more aero wheels because the manufacturers put such crap on even expensive bikes. It’s nonsense saying companies only do this because they think consumers will just upgrade their wheels anyway. I only upgraded mine because of terrible mavic aksiums on a $2500 bike! Stop perpetuating a lie!

FastFitnessTips: Cycling Science! says:

5:22 Did we hear correctly that the max rider weight really 110milligrams? That would be an extreme climbing body weight! 😉

Denis P. says:

Question about Shimano Dura-Ace C24 Carbon Clincher wheels and hub: how often is Shimano hub maintenance interval? I read something about this on this page, every 10.000 miles? ( )

Can you please tell me more about Shimano Dura-Ace huns and maintenance interval? Thanks!

James S says:

Refreshing to see this didn’t contain some of the heavier but more heavily marketed products normally found on these reviews.

Crypto Que says:

My rear wheel alone weighs more than most of these sets. I can’t wait to upgrade.

Irving Abbott says:

What about the new vision 40 and the zipp 303?

richard carr says:

WELL carbon wheels are nice to ride but price /rim brake lack of longevity /wet braking .l don t think they re for the everyday casual cyclist ,its for pros only 😉

Andriy Levin says:

3:30 the rim is screwed up

Takira Sharikane says:

I got the c 24 and are so sweet! But the DT ones got my attention indeed!

velo1337 says:

ffwd front wheel is lighter than the rear wheel interesting 🙂

Rafael de Giacomo Araujo says:

Bora one? Anyone? I love them…

museves says:

came here for light weight wheelset… not some cast iron skillets

Chris S says:

thanks for doing this. but… your presentation should start with an overview of what you’re going to tell us. (preso 101) Then I can decide fi I want to stick around. Also a summary. so… Tell us what you’re going to tell us, tell us, tell us what you told us. Carry on.

OhAiShare says:

5:58 – Seriously? The Fast Forward wheelset is 175g heavier for the front wheel? This is also wrong on your review from May on the website as well.

Takira Sharikane says:

Minute 3:31 , I can see an imperfection on the braking surface just below the G , £2000 wheels , auch!

d/ rabbi says:

Yes budget for a everyday rider

M Lee says:

You guys forgot to include the benchmark wheels, mavic R Sys SLR….1,300 grams, aluminium, good value, tubeless (rim tape not necessary), black exalith brake surface (DT Swiss copies them)… kills all these wheels because you can use them Everyday in wet or dry.. the problem I ha e with carbon rims is Everyday durability….pot holes etc chip away at carbon. says:

As it has been pointed out for the Fast Forward wheelset the weights are wrong way round, which came from the review. It should be 626g front wheel and 804g for the rear wheel

d/ rabbi says:

Can I ask what wheelset you would recommend for a 113kg rider ?

Nasko Krastev says:

These PR 1400 DICUT® OXIC are total garbage. They make so much squeak noise they gonna make you hate your bike and loose all your friends. DT swiss needs to test these wheels before they sell them. Their customer service is also a joke. good luck to anyone that has to deal with them

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