Six of the best road cycling saddles – Are you sitting comfortably?

No matter your bike, if you aren’t comfortable in the saddle then your riding isn’t going to be enjoyable. So we delve into the review archive for six super comfy saddles.

Brooks England Cambium C13:
Specialized Ruby Expert:
Fizik Arione R1 Versus Evo:
Prologo Dimension Nack:
Fabric Scoop:

High performance saddles guide:

Comfort saddles guide:


Cyclopathic Tendencies says:

I use an ISM PN 2.1

I love it

Marco Ramirez says:

You may have just convinced me to buy a Brooks saddle for the first time. ((High FIVE))

Jason Bannan says:

Selle Italia SL gel flow. Love it.

Atty Bong says:

brooks for sure ..

rieckstudio says:

Too much of the talking head. More video of the products from all directions and in action

Test Bed says:

It’s like your reading from a screen.

Clive Almond says:

After years of trying lots of saddles and spending £1000 of pounds I have now found the ideal saddle.
You don’t even know it’s there and after a 120 ride my butt and inner thighs are still good. It’s a selle smp dynamic check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Bruce W McLaughlin says:

Nice brick wall . I used to ride with a Brooks saddle and at the time it was really comfortable , alas I got older and the body started to object to sitting on something that was beginning to feel like a fence post . Now I ride a Bacchetta Giro A 20 and my “saddle” is more like a Lazyboy recliner and I can ride all day in comfort.

Brian Dalton says:

I’ve used Flites and SLR’s for so long now that it’s unimaginable using anything else..but the Cambrium looks like a must buy

Shane n. says:

What about the Brooks b17? This is the classic saddle they’ve been making since the beginning. I’ve been riding the b17 for about 6 months and love it.

allgoo19 says:

Basically, he’s repeating what’s in the description of the catalogs.

Kim Roberts says:

Had a C13 – absolute ass hatchet, hated it. Now run Pro Stealth on two bikes, an SMP Forma (carbon) on one bike and an Astute Skycarb VT on another bike.

Gino Lopez says:

Specialized Phenom for me–until I eventually got the Brooks Cambium Carved which is the best saddle I’ve ever had. From the review above and from my experience, I really dont need to go anywhere else.

Lemond75 says:

Err, hang on. Your tester didn’t find the Arione Versus Eve to provide a more even distribution of pressure compared to the normal one; the review on your website says exactly the opposite.

Daniel Weiss says:

My Arione r1 hurts, i wonder if the Evo is much better

Andrej Skafar says:

Sworks power is my saddle of choice. Pro Stealth carbon is also a good one.

The Xardas says:

Why is Ruby on the list? It is basically women version of Toupe. I am not saying you should not cover female saddles but when do it is probably should be mentioned.
I own Specialized Toupe and Chikane. Both are very nice saddles. Next one Ill buy is Phenom. It is I think best and most versatile Specialized saddle. BTW before buying expensive saddles with carbon rails check your clamps and seat post for compatibility.

Devil Fruit says:

specialized power is the BEST!

Elmer Maniebo says:

Who’s Amy?

Alastair Olby says:

I found proper comfort with an SMP Composit, the best fit for me in 45 years of cycling.

Selcuk Cilek says:

Good morning fizik! Woke up in the end. So producing years of “a classic” saddle which screwed a lot of balls and destroyed male sexuality…NOW responds and makes one with a relief channel. Wow! Why on earth did cyclists around the world follow the main stream to buy a shitty and expensive saddle ? The fizik Arione was a torture and I have got rid of it asap. There are so many good saddles out there which are not mentioned here because of again “main stream thinking”. SMP, Berk,AXLightness…only to name a few.

Garth Garthly says:

Interesting, but weird that you don’t show us the whole saddle, with the result we have to go elsewhere to get any clear idea of the shape.

M. Harrison says:

He is sooooooo hot!

Joe Bond says:

Brooks B17 Titanium. Ridiculously comfortable and lighter than the traditional Brooks. If you need it to be lighter, then drink less beer.

timtak1 says:

I ride with my back pretty horizontal by supporting my weight on the area of my body where my genitals are. This means either that I support myself a little off the saddle with my calf muscles, or that I need a cut out in the saddle that is big enough for my genitals to fit into. I tend to use the latter technique and none of the saddles here have a bit enough cut out. I use an unpadded Selle SMP with a large cut out.

salvatore mannino says:

You talk in a very strange manner my friend, emphasizing words randomly and breaking the sentences in the wrong place. Given the job you do, you should try and get it right. It is kind of annoying to hear your talk and as informative and exact as it might be, it is non the less painful

Jessica S. Papailoa Beach Hawaii USA says:

2:08 i need saddles that doesn’t represent a phallus symbol.

philip sinclair says:

After many years of riding on all types of saddles from relatively cheap to very expensive I finally found one that is perfect for me. Specialised. I have them on both of my road bikes and they are the most comfortable I have ever used. I have narrow sit bones and need a narrow saddle. Wide saddles give me a pain on the insides of my thighs and with thick padded saddles I roll to one side giving me pain in the side of my crotch. I know everyone is different but for me Specialised are the only way to go.

DavidUKesb says:

Can’t beat Brooks B17. There’s a reason why they’re so legendary.

Paulo G says:

After many years I’ve settled on the Brooks Swallow and more recently the Fizik Arione.

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