Six of the best Steel Road Bikes – Keeping it real with steel

Get yourself some steel:
Kona roadhouse:
Genesis Equilibrium:

Carbon frames are all the rage but there is still room for bikes made of cold hard steel. These are six of the best out on the market that could maybe make you leave the carbon behind


jay lesmeister says:

I will stick with my 80’s Treks.

Ethan Brackett says:

my 1986 trek 400- reynolds 531 tubing and Shimano ultegra 9 speed is pretty real.

WeeBikeShop Inc says:

For white glove service purchasing a Genesis Bike in the United States, reach out to us at We are the exclusive US importer and distributor. Dealer inquiries invited!

Chris S says:

Steel not as cool as carbon fiber?? They can’t even be measured on the same scale. Carbon = WannaBe Go Fast Wankersl on a diet, Steel = everyone else. You know, the rest of us.

Anders Slot says:

Colnago Master how can you have that in the list? Review it pls!

Jasper Edwards says:

kona is crap

John Gilbert says:

I upgraded my 30 year old Bridgestone 550 CrMo bike with Ultegra components and more contemporary wheels. It’s 22lbs and a fantastic ride. Similar but somewhat stiffer than my carbon bike.

manfromdelmonty303 says:


chasjm21 says:

If these are just British bikes great, but I would argue the ones without a curved steel fork are steel hybrids.

Vaidotas Ratkus says:

steel frame, slamed stem, no brakes

d aach says:

What’s folks opinion on the Raleigh grand vintesse?

Dana Rouleau says:

After many years of riding carbon bikes, I picked up a steel Niner RLT9 last year and just built up a steel Fairdale Goodship this past month. The Fairdale has pretty much gone to the top of my list of favorite bikes I’ve owned and/or ridden. It’s funny how things go….first road and mountain bike I used to ride (back in the late 1980’s) were steel….then I had aluminum/carbon, all aluminum, all carbon, etc…..and now back to steel. Haven’t tried titanium yet, but the Fairdale will be my go-to bike for awhile. Still love my Ridley Fenix SL (although with SRAM eTap on the Goodship and Dura Ace mechanical on the Ridley, I find myself hating mechanical shifting all of a sudden), but like all carbon bikes, feels “numb”.

Peter Spencer says:

MEC Provincial Road 233

Dominic Strawberry says:

me:How much for that bike, sir?
Vendor: That will be 10,000 dollars.


Kari Kepala Gajah says:

I heard those new age steel bikes had very very thin wall.. how sure are they the bike not gonna get easily dented?

Ethan Brackett says:


Gediminas Jesinas says:

Steel can be lighter than alluminum if well built

Everett Snieder says:

‘too hisper trendy’ – really?

Bike!Bike! says:

Steel has always been better than plastic bikes that expire after a year. The English are suddenly making allot of bicycles. What happened?

Jasper Edwards says:

there steel but there welded not brazed lugs which is the best

Dennis Rection says:

Informative video. I plan to purchase a Cinelli Vigorelli steel road frame. Hard to find any reviews about it. Maybe you can help me? Thanks a lot.

Jay Tee says:

I have a Gunnar Roadie 52cm and the frame weighs under 3.5 lbs. It’s only 1100 usd. True temper OX platinum.

Jasper Edwards says:

resolution is crap

Aaron ___ says:

I need a steel crit racing frame, what should I check out?

G Archangel says:

From a ride quality perspective, not much can be better than a Pegoretti

Lsw08R6 says:

is steel frame from Pinarello good?

chesshooligan 1 says:

Nice bikes, but too expensive for most of us. I wish somebody made a reasonably-priced, mass-produced steel frame. I also miss the look of the horizontal top tubes. They’re much prettier than the arse-dragging modern bikes.

Skinformed says:

No Shand Cycles (Stoater, Stooshie)?

That 70's Schwinn Vintage Bike Channel says:

Nice selection…

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