Specialized Roubaix SL-4 Road Bike Review

Canadian Cycling Magazine takes a look at the new 2013 Specialized Roubaix SL-4 S-Works Road Bike


James Murrell says:

Well there are weight limits so there is no point in making it too light as they would just need to add weights to it, which is counter productive. So they can use the weight restrictions and use more carbon in the frame to make it stronger stiffer or whatever they want to achieve. That’s just my thoughts though.

Darren Johnson says:

will the increased stiffness be reflected in the lower end versions of this bike?

Kelly Squire says:

beautiful bike!! just need to win the lottery and it shall be mine.

Brandon Aquino says:

Hello what size frame is that? 49 or 52cm?

Dylan Fairbairn says:

And uh yea uh um yea uh

Mat Barrie says:

Like your shoes!

ai van says:

All I heard was “uh”.

wingedzer0 says:

I didnt hear anything about the seat post bend, was that also on the 2012 model?

gabigowriel says:

weight specifications say this bike it’s at 8,1 kg!
How the fuck is this possible with all that carbon 12 fiber/666 atoms in there?!
I mean, I have a CILO bike from 1980’s and in full “race mode” weigh about 9,5-10 kg depending on what saddle I choose to use!
I like big fat 1kg gel saddle for my ass!
So, I’m officially confused about this bike and its “high-tech” thingie…
In 30 years bicycle manufacturers managed to only shave off 1 kg?!
It’s ridicoulous and shamefull!
Not to mention CrMo…

roadglide says:

Has that long term review taken place yet?

Piskito Alcantara says:

Great bike and description HOWEVER…how about NOT SPEAKING IN QUESTION MODE? It is characteristically associated with teen valley girls uptalk which has annoyingly become the curpstom here in the states. Especially unaattractive when a grown man uses it to fit in or sound cute.

Foufou Vlogs says:

They have some bikes that weigh 6kg total.

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