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Charlie Cooper says:

That 56! What a baller.

Pratalax says:

I see a walrus!!!

z.browning says:

Looks like you had an absolutely beautiful day.

Chris Hall says:

‘Are you wearing a skinsuit?’ HAHA! Good to see you bud!

Greentank11 says:


Bike Vids says:

That is a total diabetes diet. Don’t do that or you will be sorry.

35627819028353729-4984653 says:

For those wondering about hardknott it’s that steep and nearly always wet due to rain that the hardest part is maintaining traction on the back wheel while you’re licking the front

The Berlinickerin says:

Had to stop the video for a bit of a rant: I graciously (not really) accepted that I can’t get my hands on the chocolate mint cliff bars here in my neck of the wood in Germany but now I see alpine muesli mix?!! WTF!?! (unstops video)

tobortine says:

Great video and even greater achievement. Well done and thanks for sharing.

Ross TheNinja says:

Hardknott should be renamed ridiculousknott

Cumbrian Rider says:

A good effort

lmankj says:

Looks like an epic ride

Pete Smyth says:

I really want to cycle in the Lakes. If I got round to planning it, the main barrier would be the six hour train journey, negotiating two or three changes with the bike.

Matthew Baird says:

That looks amazing… Challenge for next year I think..

Timothy Fish says:

My worst suffering was hitting a dog and breaking my pelvis.

Yura Tolstik says:

the slower you go uphill the faster you go downhill, guy with 56 actually well prepared 😉

RelentlessC2C says:

Did the Etape du Dales last weekend as a stepping stone to the Fred. Guys who have done both said there wasn’t much in it, but Hardknott is the difference.

Edd Arell says:

Wow!awesome job Oliver!! Congrats!!

Jonny Lowes says:

Do the Yorkshire Beast next year Ollie and a similar video please. Would like to see you really suffer, ahem, I mean “see how you get on” ☺️ Great content, thanks.

David Culshaw says:

love your enthusiasm Ollie 🙂 and a big well done on completing one of the hardest rides in the UK , not sure if I could do it

rockthejazz says:

loved this video i think im going to have to sign up to the fred Whitton next year, iv got the peak epic sportive next week end which is meant to be similar 4000m of climbing over 100 miles. embrace the pain

Andy Clarkan says:

Type 2 fun! Thanks for this, and well done.

Raphael Tiziani says:

Hardnock pass haha try the zoncolan 😀

Elis Gomer says:

Ollie, this is a lovely video – your passion and enthusiasm for the event is the best possible advert (with the footage of the Lakes being the second best). I did the event this year – considerably slower than you – and this video reminds me of how special it feels to be a participant, and how proud I was that I’d finished it. Even if I did have to walk Hardknott.

harmanhead1 says:

NEVER walk! Stop, recover and go again, yeah fine, but never walk unless bike is broken and you can’t fix it

It's Me says:

That gradient

Giulio Loforese says:

This video has almost not reason to exist. what’s the point of it?

Randy Mayfield says:

Great work ! Enjoyed the whole video immensely !

Keith Morel says:

My two buddies and myself will be making the trip next year from Ireland cause of the video.

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