The Italian Road Bike Mirror Installation + Review

Today I install the ‘Italian Road Bike Mirror’ and give it my review. Link to purchase or for more info :

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Coke Man says:

I had a local bikeshop install the mirror however I cannot see the road and cars behind me when i use because it looks like it is extended further than the actual handlebar. I will probably take it to another shop. 
My question is that should it be level with the other end of the handlebar on the opposite side – I was looking for in your video but there was not a good angle for me to see.

Thanks for vid from Cokeman.

SCRcat6 says:

You Aussie’s can still call things “gay”? The PC police would have your ass here in the States! Haha.

Cheeky Cyclist says:

I bought this a month ago, havent installed it yet, but then again havent been riding my bikes outside either. Cool video, just what i needed. Cant wait to try it out, it looks like its good.

P.S. Fuck winter.

Евгений Белов says:

nice video;)

Stephen Mikesell says:

I think you meant “electrical tape” not duct (or duck) tape, which you said all except the first time.

Cole fyre says:

Just received mine today. Will install it later on tonight. Great vid. Thanks!

ukfan4sure1 says:

This seems like a good product IF your bars are level. Mine are slightly tilted up and I feel pretty sure my field of view would be off quite a bit.

Kenz300 x says:

Exercise…… get off the couch…. get outside……. do something……ride a bicycle or go for a walk.  Some cities and states encourage bikes………. they provide safe walking and biking lanes and trails. Cities also should encourage businesses and apartments to provide safe places to lock or store a bicycle. Encourage your elected officials to do more. Speak up.. become an advocate for bicycle use in your city.
Bike Friendly Cities, The Journey to School – YouTube

Converted Vegan says:

Why is everything which looks different classed as being “gay”, especially for men? Everything is fucking black these days.

Sweetosis says:

Thanks for the vid. Please buy a tripod lol

Mehran Mahdi says:


Even if you sneeze there will be somebody to call that gay. These people have gayness issues themselves

Charlie Whiskey says:

What drop bar is that on your bike?

karol dobrzyński says:

Sorry for immodesty, but I think that bike mirror that I came up is unbeatable. And it is only a matter of time when it’ll disseminated. It is free of all defects, which has conventional bicycle mirror. What’s more – do not require installation. Anyway, see for yourself: YT: unique bike mirror

Prince Mononoke says:

Having some kind of mirror is a great idea. I find it funny how so many cyclists are helmet crazy but seem to be lacking in safety knowledge otherwise. A little story: While on the bike i turned to see a suv starting to go around me so i thought “they see me, safe to turn back around now”. Then i felt the passenger side mirror slam into my back at 65 mph sending me into the pavement. The driver thought she was going to clear me. If i had a mirror i would have watched her longer and realized i needed to swerve.

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