Top 5 – 2015 Road Bikes

As Bob Dylan once sang, the times they are a-changin’, and the same could be said for the modern road bike.

So whether you favour disc bikes, gravel racers or straight up aero here are five 2015 bikes that have caught our attention.


A. C. says:

The S5 isn’t the only thing with increased stiffness if you know what I mean. Flagging this video for pornographic content.

masterfishkeeper 14 says:

How about the dogma f8

Memorable Name says:

can some1 explain cross bikes to me, they just look like normal road bikes. just shorter gears reinforced frame?

FroopieLoopies says:

You guys like disc brakes??

TheSethSon says:

That Norco Search has haunted me! <3

Alexander Pokshyvanov says:

Я бы выбрал ))

deathmedialab says:

i do not get excited about disc brakes at all

Ultranationalist941 says:

Bla bla bla CAAD 10 is the best.

Matthew Wong says:

Don’t mind to look coolers without the legs 🙂

Ding Baja says:

a Norco can out run a Moose??? 🙂

vern600r says:

What a load of fucking shite they were talking for over 13 minutes.

Torrey B says:


Michael Upchurch says:

The s5 is bad ass

SolidCopy1 says:

The 2015 S-Works Tarmac Disc should have been #1 on the list. Nobody has pushed as much innovation as specialized in the disc race bike category.

pspboy7 says:

I’m Canadian, and this may sound biased, but that Norco Search just looks very nice and sleek, and the livery is awesome!

Michael Sarricchio says:

love the track you guys used here

marty j says:

oh how I wish I could get a 29er with canti’s, now road bikes are switching to disc brakes can’t we leave some old school tech alone ….. steel and ti are still awesome  

MakerTv says:

GT Grade or Norco search ???????

Alex Miles says:

when will i ever be able to afford one ….just one……fml

Alex Paulsen says:

Faster wheel changes than a traditional QR?

Bullshit. My enclosed cam skewers and lack of “lawyer lips” will slay anybody when it comes to changing wheels.

Angel Mauricio Zepeda Bajonero says:

I would include the Jamis Renegade, from what i see its comparable to the GT and Norco, cheaper even

J Duham says:

Why did they not include the Look 795 Aerolight the bike is crazy stiff, fully integrated, aero and fully justifies the price.

Paolo Savarese says:


m ej says:

Love the look of the norco, don’t like the price tho.

Yu Boaz says:

Canyon aeroad is the best looking!

nelsman says:

Innovation is struggling, imo.

BlueN Nova says:

When I see this road bicycles all I want to do is cry because I will be able to aford it by the next century

Paul Le Fevre says:

There’s only 1 bike uglier than the Cervelo S5 and thats the Cervelo P5. They may be super aero but damn those puppies are hard on the eye!

Jonathan K says:

No aluminum?

Nepu-Tech USA says:

Cant afford anything here, these bikes cost more than my car xD

Chris Mad says:

fancy lazy plastic bike,I prefer solid steel frame Old school bike made it for mens not for pre madona lazys people……..i got vintage 18 speed Panasonic road bike with ultera upgraded ,i always feel special when i kick some ass pre madona 3k bikers at 28 miles hour.

sleepybird09 says:

what ima get me a mongoose.

metalehead95 says:

what i dont like about most aluminium bikes are that they have huges tubes and make a bad analogy with thick wheels…i personally prefer  more steel sceleton like bikes…

FrancisF23 says:

Why are they all so ugly? Pay more, get more ugly. Those squarish toptubes are just wrong. We want curves, we like wimmin!
Oh, and monochrome! The blue jobbie looks nice, but matt black? This is worse than looking at bog-standard guitars.
Have Alfa Romeo designed any bikes? I wish they would…

Andrew Hoffman says:

Focus and GT For me. Cervello looks very exotic.

HRL48 says:

you’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone…

이종환 says:

5위가 제일멋진거 같은데 나만그럼?

Hit LikeTruth says:

they all break the bank it’s ok

bolderiks says:

If twenty years ago someone told us a top 5 of plastic bikes will appear in 2015 then we would say he’s a brainsick person. Today it’s 2015 and the bikes are made of plastic indeed. And without a doubt they are fugliest creations made in bicycle history ever. And if you think this is horrible it gets even worse, blind people buy them!

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