Top 5 – 2018 Road Bikes

What’s in store for 2018? Well, take a look a look at what we think are five of the most interesting road bikes for 2018.


IdontAlwaysCommentBut WhenIdoYouLikeit says:

Yellow bar tape on the tarmac is a must.

ducman748996 says:

“Road” bikes with discs and 28c tires ridden on gravel and dirt, now that’s funny. I thought they had they’re own category??

DARTHeeek says:

100% best for the road is a car so you’re not being super dangerous and annoying pricks. Lol.

Andrew Kelk says:

I can remember the time when bikes were beautiful …. sigh.

christopher santos says:

The new Propel?

Jorge Calderon says:

Nice video! good picks, fair and honest

Han Lockhart says:

I`m new to this stuff, but it`s 2017.

mechanic1756 says:

Agreed, with selection ,  however all bikes are overpriced today for many reasons … .

Pedobear says:

That trek looks like some womens touring bike

Sir Heff says:

Giant Propel?

Cristóbal Valero says:

Jajaja where is the new GIANT PROPEL ADVANCED SL 2018???

PhilCA says:

Giant – best bang for your buck

Rosco Pico says:

I hate cyclists, they shouldn’t be allowed on the roads.

Vegan Instinct says:

No Giant?

Federico Arbelaez says:

I have a 2016 Diverge comp and it’s more exciting than anything on that list. That frame is stiff as anything there, light, comfy, has hydraulic disc brakes and with the tires you can go anywhere from 23mm to 35mm depending on what suits your mood that day.

boending1 says:

Pinarello F10
Enough said

Sinan says:

Forgot the almighty Merida Reacto

Jonathan Zappala says:

Wow, since you said Trek only uses 6 letters, now I notice that Emonda, Domane, and Madone all use the same letters! Then they spoil it with speed concept haha.

Patrick Kennedy says:

ill be rocking that speckelized

Bruno Vasco says:

so true about the emonda

Jason Wu says:

No Giant???

Aaron Householder says:

Thanks so much for this video. Thinking of my next bike—who isn’t? ;-)—I had four of the five of these on my short list already. Emonda & Tarmac due to weight & all-around ability. And the Foil & Strada have me intrigued. And, yes, engineering does make the difference.

Rixter says:

@1:34 the paint at the top of the fork, immediately below the headtube, looks lumpy and flawed on the Canyon

Davy Scales says:

All these bikes are way too expensive for us mortals £3000, £4000 £6000 who are you kidding. Make a bike affordable Carbon or Alloy nice bright colours, good group set, add a warrenty of 3 years and whey eye man.

Tom Holden says:

since when is scott a swiss brand? or do I Need a Hearing aid?

Sheldon Wiebe says:

“top 5”

Jacob Rushforth says:

I’m surprised the new Giant propel disc didn’t make this list.

Craig Paterson says:

In my humble opinion most of these bikes are not very exciting to look at , especially that disk trek

1 1 says:

No GMC Denali from Walmart? Unsubscribed!

Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj says:

A fat useless cunt on a bike is exactly that. This is not F1. The rider is the ultimate componemt and not 10k + worth of bollocks.

David Filipe Oliveira Santos says:

Pinarello didn’t made the list?!? Lol

jörg fauser says:

i just fell in love with that s-works tarmac

Scott Perry says:

No giant propel ???

Daniel Alcantarilla says:

How much ugliness in cycling world this days …. cycling manufactures…… take a note what Cannondale is doing …. less bonker tubes and more classic ones , please!

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