Top 5 – 2019 Aero Road Bikes (SPOILER – They’ve All Got Discs)

Bike makers have done light and stiff to death. They’ve made road bikes squishier and more versatile. They’ve done gravel. And now they’re back to pure speed. Gadget-laden aero bikes with discs are the hottest thing in road cycling; here is our top five list of the claimiest aero bikes in the world right now.


Παναγιώτης Γαστουνιώτης says:

I could say that first is the trek

Oscar Cuellar says:

Fuck disc.

Al Mo7taram says:

Trek madone is the bust bike in the world

Naranfresca says:

Factor One?

Gross Production says:

Canyon aeroad cf slx

DrBreezeAir says:

Venge for me.

Simonas Dailidė says:

Nice trip!

ounkham phomvihane says:


Lonelyboy2002 says:

What song 2:18

Doug McDougall says:

how about the top 5 areo kits

Cooler Cooler says:

The Ridley is probably the best overall .
I have an older Orion full carbon fiber , has never had an issue .

ini Budi says:

that all is expensive

Darren Garvie says:

O I forgot Yeoleo pro areo

Teddy Brodis says:

Cannondale for me

heartSLB says:

Why are bikes so expensive? Ill never understand it

Igor kotzlowski says:

The Trek is probably a very good bike, but by far the ugliest of these bikes. The BMC looks best.

Cycling Angling & Theology says:

Madone or XR4

Bisousbisous says:

Aero with disc brake 😀 .

Krzysiu Orłowski says:

Trek !

Gerardo Mejía Arteaga says:

Trek Madone

j en says:

Cannondale can take that activation fee and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine

Matias Timoteo says:

Giant advanced propel!

Jake says:

Am I the only person that rides positive stem?


Only Madone SLR with project one.

Frank Baker says:

On any serious climbing ride (over 1k ft per 10 miles) I prefer a 2 lb lighter bike.

Z C says:

Sooner or later and “disc” will mean aero disc wheels. Disc _brakes_ are a set-in-stone standard at this point.

The Penatrator says:

Dream bikes!

WildMind TV says:


Rixter says:

When bike weights are quoted, is that with or without the fork?

pomsta777 says:

Ridley out !!! + Giant Propel or Merida Reacto ;]

xetexuk12 says:

Hideous hideous Trek, looks ridiculous.

Hunter Kelley says:

was lucky enough to ride the s-works venge a few times. rode it around central park and manhattan. fast bike.

Harry Tzianskis The God of Speed says:

This is not even a competition. Trek has always been light years ahead of all of its competition. Trek is the bar

Antoine Edicó says:


barverme says:

It would be interesting to see a detailed comparison of these bikes (weight, aerodynamics…)

mbris m says:

The only argument needed to not want to have discbrakes on a road bike: 18-20 radial spokes in the front wheel is much cleaner and probably faster.If thats not enough: Maintenance is easier. If you crash during a race and your hydaulics start leaking you cant brake, its heavier, there are aero rim brakes, i can skid with rimbrakes… dont need more braking power etc. The only reason why i would buy a disc version is because its probably going to be easier to sell in the future. We will probably all ride aero road MTBs with dropbars, with 32 mm tires, built in suspension in the saddle, one chainring and discbrakes. Where is Cannondales onelegged frontfork aero bike UCI?

Brock Sell says:

I just wanted to point out that with the sale of a System Six with electronic shifting, it does come with a power meter, but at essentially no extra charge, although it is a $400 charge to have the power meter running and working, you aren’t paying anything to have it included with the bike.

Upright Ape says:

Rather the Trek Emonda climbing bike than any of these aero things……with no UCI mandated weights added. Two kilos lighter.
Although that metal-flake Madone looks incredible.

Ariel Baum says:

no point in an arrow bike your body is the main drag force and this is pure bullshiet because most humans cant even maintain a speed that will call for this thing to be even slightly 1% effective
unless you ride in a constant like 70 kph but then again your body will make way more drag then some fucking rounded tubes

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