Top 5 – Road Bikes 2016 (under $1500) – Guide and Reviews

I think these are the best affordable road bikes under $1500. All are brand new design for 2016. Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.


– Merida Ride 300
– Giant Defy 1
– Cannondale CAAD 8
– Trek Domane 2.3
– BMC TeamMachine ALR01

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datorfilm says:

There a a lot of bikes in this category..and they are all good more or less, almost like its best to just get the one you think looks best 😉

Frank More says:

Anything made out of carbon will brake don`t like having a carbon fork, or carbon seat post could cause a bad accident .All theses carbon bikes you are taking a chance of getting hurt very bad ,, they brake like a toothpick. The bike companys should not be allowed to make them.

Leonard Ashcroft says:

I paid around 1000 USD for my Marin Argenta Comp, way more than satisfied with it.

Waturgurlneeds says:

Why are you quoting prices GBP, but the titles is prices I
Under $1500 USD?

Rahmat pamungkas says:

where do you buy roadbike in japan?

Knight Laken says:

make a gooder search?

Abdur-Rahman says:

because Allez is obvious winner of a budget road bike,
let other brand shine is not bad idea..
good vid

Antonio Milano says:

CANYON watches

James Rueff says:

Great job, nice review, cheers

zoltansocrates says:

isospeed inserts, zerts etc – lol

Li Fan says:

Best under $1500 is any full carbon fiber bike with at least 105 groupset for sale on craigslist. Most are almost new and at deep discount from people who quit ridding after less than 100 miles. Just need to make sure the size you are getting is a good fit.

Belgoboy says:

Where are you from Henri? Russian? Bulgarian? Just curious. Thanks.

sunfire285 says:

I see an arsenal shirt I automatically like lol

Diego Monsalve says:

good choices

baconfromhell666 says:

My first road bike cost $300, so really cheap. Had it for a year, in the end it worked like it was new and it felt really great, didn’t feel like it was a cheap bike at all. The only reason I don’t have it anymore is because it got stolen. After that I bought a $500 road bike, so still a cheap bike. It does the job well, it’s a good, quality bike. On paper it’s an upgrade in every way, but it doesn’t feel as good and fun to ride as my old, cheaper bike.
There’s no reason to not buy a cheap bike, they will work really well and not break like you say they will, so that’s just a dumb thing to say.

Thomas L says:

Bikes are way to expensive. Nothing out there should cost more then $500.

John Tran Official says:


Raymond Yáng says:

the bike I only can reach maybe just Merida, Giant and Cannondale. it’s all Taiwan made. pretty hard to find bike such as trek and bmc. maybe they not produce bike from Taiwan.

B Souza says:

here in Brasil itens costs most than 2.000 dollars the cheapper of this

Kristian Bautista says:

motobecane Le Champ CF Pro $1,499 Carbon fork and frame, 22spd full 6800 Ultegra groupset nothing even comes close to all the bikes you mentioned for under $1,500.

Donovan Campbell says:

I got a giant defy with the aluxx sl frameset for around $300, but I don’t know which defy it is? Secondhand if you hadn’t figured.

白魔啥小 shanexiiao says:

are those ringgit US or any country ?

Davy Gajewski says:

i like the third one whas very nice and beautifull bike

Lars Rehm says:

So have you actually ridden any of those bikes?

Allen Dabpad says:

Do you like Fuji bikes?

Andrew Suzuki says:

The bike at 2:15 and in the thumbnail is more of a $8000 bike (just the zipp wheelset is more than $1500). Same thing with the bike at 4:25. Why did you include completely different bikes?

hotmandead1 says:

would you recommend the caad 12 105?

IrishBard says:

I got a Bianchi in 2013, I thought I was buying a high quality bike, but it was mass produced in Taiwan, not Italy, and it has very basic brakes and group set. It was the same year as the Cube peloton which I also looked at, that was much more modern and came much better equipped for the same price. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

cbr9927 says:

I love my 2015 Cannondale Synapse 105 Disc, it is by far one of the most comfortable road bike frames I have ever rode.

Marco Panfilo says:

good video
what website did you find this bikes ?

Davidepi pi says:

all very common bikes

Harry Tucker says:

if i was going to spend around £1000 on a bike i would personally look on the pre owned market. You will get a fantastic bike sometimes worth double the ammount you would spend on all of theses. Word of advice though if you do buy pre owned it may be a good idea to have some mechanical understanding

Ben Braceletspurple says:

Those were actually some wonderful choices! Glad to see someone with good taste

Ed Phelan says:

I do love the Trek Domane, I had a test ride not too long ago and the lightness of the bike transformed my experience..

A brand also worth a mention is: , I recently discovered their carbon fibre and aluminium road bike range when searching for a bike over summer. I fell in love with their attention to detail!

Vlad Popa says:

Arsenal! <3 <3 <3

Eddie V says:

It helps when you work at a bike shop. I got a brand new Tarmac Expert for $1500 which retails for around $4000.

whosoever says:

For only $1500 I can’t recommend any new bike, buying a used frame from pro team and both new/used parts, than built it yourself will be a much better choice.

Костя Савостин says:

how about Kestrel Talon 2016 road bike? Carbon bike with shimano 105.

Bruin Doc says:

Thanks for your review. Very good and helpful information. The bike that I hoped you would have included in this test is the Specialized Allez E5 Sport.

Northvegan Cycling says:

What about canyon bikes?

vegas wajeel says:

Are any of these bikes on sale? Also would you get a 2016 bike or a 2017 bike?

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