Top 5 – Road Bikes 2016

We think these promise to be the best road bikes to debut in 2016. Some we’ve ridden, some we can’t wait to ride, all are brand new and packed full of innovation. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.


Akshay Kathuria says:

i think i am in love.

Ben h says:

Bike rader guy what ur favourite bike brand, mind is pinarello dogma

Ray MJ Egan says:

and no Pinarello?

Alessandro Locatelli says:

And Dedacciai Ran?I think it is one of the best frame ever produced!

Stuart Perry says:

Is there a assumption that I already know why these are the best bikes?

TheDrcolnago says:

All of these are american bikes,anyone who knows anything about cycling will laugh at this!

Joe does stuff says:

Canyon … where you at ?


Bianchi infinito cv VERY GOOD

javon player says:

top 5 areo bikes?

Astral Conjurer says:

This is promotion video. Who send big fund, they’re in nominated.

Max Smith says:

What I am curious about is the weight and maintenance on the Madone.

Ahmad Zharfan says:

s-works is beautiful af

Lucas NF says:

amazing bikes.

XStringerBellX says:

“Im Schweisse deines Angesichts…”Ist ein Zitat von Petrus und wurde zu einer Zeit ausgesprochen, als 95% der Weltbevölkerung Bauern waren und eine Scholle Land ihr eigen nannten. Sie mussten also dafür Sorge tragen ihre Scholle zu bewirtschften damit sie eben im Winter genug zu Essen hatten! Heute allerdings arbeiten nur noch 10% Aktiv in der Landwirtschaft und der überwiegende Teil der Böden gehört den Ban(d)ken.

Sherwin says:

You should do this series with certain price ranges such as £700-£1000 and higher and higher

iTzSweeZy _ says:


CrAzYNooBB55 says:

fuck u cunt

wanganui63 says:

Cervelo R3….all day every day!

Kelvin Grover says:

save for 2017

HAO MA says:

Where is my Pinarello?

teodorico buscagan says:

cycling is becoming na equipment sport which only rich people can enjoy

Truthseeker says:

I am not saying this because I’m from Taiwan. But …Giant bikes are designed and made in the same place, Many bikes like Italian order their parts from China. China do have great technology now, however, many bikes are assembled together to look good and cost a lot of money. Better paint jobs and expensive looking parts don’t mean better. I rode a lot of bikes , Giant bikes are really quite something.


How about “Top 5 – affordable road bikes 2016” ?
Not everyone has few grand to spend on a bike.

Saniy auf says:

I regret getting a platinum limited edition cboardman air 9.8….shld have got yhe scottfoil instead shit…

Maca says:

I had a 2013 Scott foil, way to stiff haha but they are much better these days

Tom Wos says:

sorry but festka is better then this mass production stuff

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