Top 5 – Road Bikes 2017

What’s the best road bike of 2017? We’re not sure yet, but here are five that are in with a shout. Some we’ve ridden, some we can’t wait to ride, all deserve to be on your radar.


Brad K says:

Huffy FTW.

rotciv319 says:

Love my Dogma F8 Disk (that’s how Pinarello spells it!) Glad to see the industry is moving forward with better brake technology. All the disc haters have no fear, rim brakes aren’t going anywhere for a long time.

Compact Crank Cycling says:

All the Disc comments does anyone here use them ?

Nick Adams says:

Cannondale Super Six Evo Disc – plotting….

trance nikola says:

Fucking expensive shit, rich people have those bikes and dont ride them, if i had one of those bikes i would travel the whole world with it.

Ivans Fishing Videos says:

Lol so true

csantos2 says:

Got the new Roubaix rides like garbage. I have never felt so disappointed in a bike when standing up in the saddle. Don’t even get me started on what it is like trying to sprint in it. It’s just an awful idea. It is the worst ride I have ever had on a road bike.

flarez says:

amazing the useless crap the bike industry comes up with to make us spend more money..

Jay J says:

Keep the spinning blades , I’ll keep my rim brakes.

Jason Khan says:

Guys, OMFG important i really prefer this material”geeply like

ducman748996 says:

Now I’m TRULY convinced of you industry guys motive to end the true road bike riders reason for loving the road and road racing. Road bikes on dirt roads?? Suspension??? 28c tires??? See how sportbike riders would react to the industry pushing for forward foot controls and soft suspension and enduro tires on their super bike motorcycles. These are enduro, multi purpose bicycles, stop classifying these as Road Bikes. THEY ARE NOT.

Jay J says:

The only real tech was the Trek and the internal front shock on the other bike the rest is just marketing hype in a very small sample of the whole available

Sb Sb says:

Disc brakes are terrible.

Sb Sb says:

Disc brakes are terrible.

TheFabiusgo says:

i hate slooping frames , disk brakes , elettronics shifting



golden child says:

Some nice gear, but way out of my price range. I’ll stick with my Aegis Svelte for now.

manta Vince says:

Why do most road bikes not have suspension at the frontwheel?

Grega Juvancic says:

OMG, can you so called “journalists” stop masturbating every time the industry spews out another crappy disc roadie? You do not need brakes on a road bike, it’s all about speed 😛

daAnder71 says:

Who designed the riser road bar. It looks so butt ugly!

RoseOfHizaki says:

as someone who bought a 2016 Cube Attain GTC Race earlier on in the year, its shocking how quickly bikes get discounted for next years range.

I Be Trollin' They Be Hatin' says:

I won’t buy a disc bike, my pubes got stuck in the rotor when me mate dropped it and it pinched my dick. need proof, there it is! My tiny cock slipped right out of rim brakes. 😉

Derek Bulloch says:

Disks are better but not worth sellling your bike for, when you are going to upgrade go disk but dont rush in, leave it until you would anyway.

Sb Sb says:

Disc brakes are terrible.

Devraj Grewal says:

“Best DISC BRAKE bikes 2017” This video should be titled

wtcashel says:

Whiners Get Real: Bike product lines must expand to fill many user types/abilities – What’s wrong with that? Don’t buy a bike you wouldn’t want to ride, and stop bitching about manufacturer’s attempts to make money, and to bring new riders “under the tent”. Who says cycling should remain some kind of elite “sport”!

benjamin reynolds says:

eh, I don’t know about disc brakes.Perhaps it depends on where you live. I own a bike with disc and a bike with caliper and honestly, while the disc brakes are far superior to stop, I just don’t use them enough on my road bike to really deal with the extra weight. The one thing I DO like about my disc brake bike is that when I sprint on it I don’t feel like the pads are rubbing on the wheels.

PiXuSG says:

wtf all have disc brakes where is your style ? for racing disc brakes are too much heavy and this bikes are gravel or cx not road look at this clearance on wheels only sit and laugh at this list

Moon Pie says:

No Schwinns. Man back when I was a kid everybody wanted a Varsity 10 speed…

bianchi1885 says:

My road bike is down to 14.1 pounds with pedals and cage. If I had the same set up with discs, do the discs penalize you by an extra pound? Thanks for feedback.

DM mar says:

Imho Best of 2017 goes to Giant, TCR Advanced SL Disc and DefyAdvanced SL Disc.

Thiago Luz says:

Always the bikes squad???

1111pyramids1111 says:

I see that most TT bikes have the .. (fork … head tube … stem ) all in one piece with all cables hidden. Is there a UCI ruling that does not allow the aero road bikes to follow this one piece stem  head and fork.  Why do TT bikes have a vertical hinge at the head tube area, as apposed to road bikes that have a one peice head tube?

Marcos Mota says:

That Roadmachine looks like sh.te. I’ve owned several of their frames and machines, so many, that I gave my main Racemachine to my nephew (feared shipping damage on the return from out west). I am currently riding a 2010 Teammachine. If there is one thing that I Iove(d) about BMC is the striking paint schemes and performance. I ride helmetless in the middle lane of 5th Avenue in New York City. South of 57th Street and again south of 34th Street, I can easily tuck in an get close to 30MPH. My old *machines are like gazelles in traffic and I seldom fear for my life. To top it off, they look awesome and I rarely see anyone else rocking a BMC.

Chaitnaya bhargava says:

a good video

Darren Channell says:

force fed bike shite for the rapha fan boys. why on earth would you want disc brakes on a road bike

Harry Tzianakis says:

who made this ridiculous video ha ha ha ha ha

Davy Gajewski says:

the third one i like and whas nice

James Dean says:

That specialized is so ugly hurting my eyes

whssy says:

I am so happy with my steel Italian road bike from 1998 with 9-speed Campag Record and hand-built wheels.

When that came out, we were arguing about why Campag had to redesign their ergo-levers and why we needed new cassette hubs and an extra sprocket and thinner chain….

Now THAT’s old hat.

“Disc brakes are ugly” “Suspension what’s that?” “Marketing marketing”

SAME OLD SONG from the same old tired conventional twats who always think that road bikes need to stop developing so the last bike they bought can keep on being the latest thing. The same old tired conventional twats who, but 3 or 4 years ago were themselves taking the piss out of the previous generation for riding something that’s now considered old hat.

I love cycling but it doesn’t half attract a lot of wankers.

White Supremacist Frog says:

Most are inspired by Trek which is easily the most innovative bike company right now. And next year. And the year after that. And that…

jiaxing sun says:

i’m new, i just want to buy a comfortable road bike for weekend chilling, i do not need speed, my budget around $2k, any suggestion please.

Dinklebob says:

What song is playing in the background. those guitar solos were heat!

George Gilles says:


futurenika says:

fucking disk brakes.. they make no sense on bikes. really. just simple physics its so much easier to stop the wheel by grabbing it as far as possible from the center obviously. why do doors have handles far away from the turning point because its energy efficent. and disc brakes are fucking retarded. and heavy and u cant even stop smoothly, they are destroying cycles and it needs to stop.

Charles Birchall says:

how come Trek are not running a Bontrager stem/bar on that bike? Did they ship it to you guys with pro components?

Enigma71559 says:

No Pinarello…no interest in the list.

Microage says:

Only crappy disc bikes

Sb Sb says:

No disc brakes please. They are dangerous

song xuzhi says:


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