Top 5 – Road Cycling Trends 2019

With 2019 fast approaching, we thought it was time to look into the BikeRadar crystal ball of truth and power to see what road cycling trends next year has in store.

So sit back and feast your eyes upon the hottest trends in road cycling right now.


Kalashnikov Cortez says:

2019 will be the year that all aero bikes look pretty much the same due to convergent design. Incredibly boring.

David Fellows says:

I hope you’re wrong about all 5


Yeah great…too expensive!!!!!!

wroom k says:

wow that trek bike looks lit

sergio cardenas peres says:

Spanish plis

Kush Yadav says:

Insane price

BladeRunner BladeRunner says:

Badass bike

blewyd says:

It’s 2018

yermanoh says:

specialised s works venge 2019 ….11k euros ……again go fuck yourself

Donald J. Trump says:

Hey another trend for me: empty wallet

Steve Warris says:

i dont buy this tubeless hype

“if it´s good enough for pros. it should be good enough for you.” er, no. pros ride what their sponsors give them.

The Xardas says:

Tubeless is more maintenance and a bit more expensive option. In house wheels rarely discounted and overpriced to begin with. IE thanks but no thanks.

yermanoh says:

trek madone slr disc 11 to 12 k euros…..go fuck yourself….

jancreighton says:

why is a goody 2 shoes, 14 yr old girl doing the voice over? Plus who scripted this sh1t?

truwth says:

It comes “standard” on “high-end” bikes sounds like an oxymoron to me.

icas80 says:

Cannondale 10 years late to the aero party

ambrogiofogar says:


박근우 says:

you guys should make videos listing bikes with lower price range

오정민 says:

no.1.being meruda reacto

Kari Kepala Gajah says:

Trends for the rich.

M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt says:

Nice ad, Im gonna skip the rest.

Neil GJ says:

“If it’s good enough for a pro is should be good enough for me” No.1 I pay for my own bikes. No.2 I weigh 90kgs and I am 1.8m tall I am not built like a pro. No.3 I need longevity in a product because I can’t afford new components for different races. I disagree with your statement.

eh6794 says:

All these advances and Tour de France average speeds leveled off over the last 15 years.

J ay says:

In house components? Really? Just wheels…. You would have thought bike companies would have developed their own groupsets after all these years. The bike industry is just the biggest reap off in terms of the ‘technology’ they say that go into their bikes? They are just constantly fine tuning and improving the basics of ride comfort, aerodynamics compliance and handling in their frames. Nothing really radical or technologically advanced.

RakeRocter says:

Talk faster. The narrative drags too much.

yermanoh says:

so few people will be buying bikes priced over 8k fuck it even 5k that its irrelevnt what trends are happening in that price range, also i dont think there is much trickle down with the tech eg im not planning on buying shimanos di? tiagra any time soon

Jamie Janos says:

Short nose saddle ISM the originator .

Upright Ape says:

Attention Brits, “Bontrager” has a “hard G” sound as in “gush”.

My Name is JEFF says:

need the 2019 VENGEEEEE!!!!

Hans Films says:

Why would anyone want tubeless on a road bike?

kaputmonkey says:

These are all the outrageously priced ones that literally no one can afford, unless you enjoy going into irreversible debt. S-Works prices are more than the most expensive motocycles I ever bought at 12.5k for Kawasaki Ninja ZX1400. For most of us, and those looking for Aero, and ones which are just as beautiful as the ones shown in the video, try the Ridley Noah, the Wilier Cent 1 Air, the Scott Foil 30, and the Chapter 2 Rere. All are right around 2.5 – 3k.

luis vega says:

That new Canyondale looks sexy

m says:

#1 aero bikes
#2 tubeless tires
#3 factory powermeters
#4 stubby saddles
#5 more OEM components

so, nothing noteworthy really

aponcapone says:

My Merida Reacto aerobike is also comfortable enough for doing 100km. Lovely and fast looking bike.

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