Top 5 – Road Superbikes 2018

The best, fastest, most uncompromising road bikes of 2018? Here are the five we’d have our eye on if the lottery numbers came in.


Ramzan Guru says:

Can you introduce yourself

livibam says:

Got the OG BMC SLR01. fantastic bike to ride.

Laszlo Zoltan says:

hey, I turned 53 too, (last year….), maybe Stork might want to gift me one of those- they know I’ll love it more than anyone with the free cash to afford to buy it

Romeo Fowler says:

Well here is one of my problems with disc brake, out of all the disc brakes models I have tried when sprinting I have managed to make the brake rotors rub up against the caliper dew to the forces when moving the bike side to side during sprinting. this is something I have always experience on my mountain bike as well. And I was concerned about it being a problem on the road bike with disc brakes and sure enough it is. If you don’t like to sprint on your road bike then it won’t be a problem at all.

O O says:

0:05 “…loin achingly beautiful!” Ha ha! Give us a break.

gogo cat says:

39 people cant afford the bike

miguel20769 says:

I love her voice. She has something sexy but delicate at the same time.
About the bikes, just give me an Allez E5 DSW black with graphics in black, fully Dura Ace equipped, and I will be happy.

showrav alam says:


rob allen says:

waste of time on the road, parts cost a fortune and any speed difference is only marginal, good for bragging rights only! lol

Dragan Tanaskovic says:

watching this for a 5th time now and yes “ahhhh specialized” is the highlight 🙂

foxdmulder says:

The storck mechanic lost a torx bolt while assembling the stem, found an allen in the bolt bin that fit?

Michael Olito says:

Seeing these bikes makes me ejaculate.

Mathias Schneider says:

Bianchi oltre xr4 is the Most beautiest and ohne of the fastest bike for 2018!!

pilantra2000 says:

Who spends 15 k in a fucking bike

Y Z says:

The problem with road racing bikes is they haven’t really changed much, it looks (style) like the same bike that was ridden 20 years ago, thin tubes, thin tires, there isn’t much you can do with a road racing bike, the frames and wheels are now all carbon, gears and brakes are efficient, but the look or style is the same and your paying $10k+ for a bike that looks the same as a bike 20 years ago, only with different color paint and a few stickers molded into the frame. Road racing bikes are all work and effort required, there is no real enjoyment except going down hill, its always a struggle against time and maintaining average speed. Even the clothes look uncomfortable. And the riders need more muscle mass, they are as thin as a frail child. 

If you want real change, look into the eBike phenomona, now that is change in engineering, technology, style. There are eBikes the have integrated iPhone like devices into the frame that turn out every statistic one needs, lighting and safety systems, batteries and motors that can assist you for over 100 miles. eBikes are pure enjoyment, you can actually have a great time riding an eBike, they are like going on a vacation. The riders are not frail and malnourished looking, they wear regular clothing and eBikes can ride from one town to the next without exhausting themselves. They can use them as a replacement to the car and use as transportation to work. The eBike industry in the US is where the massive change is occurring.

oemar riskov says:

Where’s trek madone? This is not a good list..

Oscar Cuellar says:

Shit with disc.

Der Kletterer says:

discs are ugly in roadbikes

lanciere montebello says:

iatv addurmí che nott

veloriderkm says:

That wilier seems confused

WELL kazmi says:

That moment when a bike is more expensive then your car


A super bike is 1000cc and does a 180 mph not something you have to bloody peddle .

SERAPH says:

production carbon frame and accept custom paint :

johan stoffels says:


Thurston Howell III says:

That Storck is unbelievable

Craig Paterson says:

What !!!!! Can have rim and disk on the same bike – I need that however I don’t think I can afford it

Boba Fett says:

How much do these cost?

veritasdivina says:

For that kind of money I’d rather buy BMW S1000 RR. Not only does it have disc brakes, but also 200 hp engine revving up to 14,000 RPM with wicked sound, and slew of computer aids and top speed of 300 km/h and it goes to 144 km/h in first gear.

Nagy György Krisztián Nagy says:

Where is pinarello k10 s with electrical rear suspension??????

xetexuk12 says:

Wilier NDR every time! BMC fugly, Tarmac nice but Venge better imo, Scott boring looking and Storck too limited to be taken seriously.

gokaygs says:

Somehow it was way more enjoyable to read the article vs listening from a british lady….. Somehow… I’m baffled.

Francisco Galan says:

The BEST bang for your buck is GIANT TCR Advanced SL..winner of polka dot in TF 2017, and TT world championship..

Hollywood Mion says:

You are missing a very top one FACTOR

OstapK says:

What’s with the headset and spacers on the Storck? They couldn’t make them align properly for that price?

Andrew Keith says:

Why is this narrated by a child? What is going on??

Kaspar Lepp says:

Emm 300k views and 300 comments supicious

Ivan Rybalchenko says:

Such a beautiful bikes!

Joe Joe says:

Just ordered the Wilier Cento10 NDR frameset with cockpit! Plan on building it with Dura Ace 9150 and use my Zipp 404 NSW’s. No disk for me!

Alenilton Ramos says:

Que bike manera

Shadowwolf TD5000 says:

Venge VIAS disc anyone?

Sb Sb says:

Stop using disc brakes. They are extremely dangerous. They are just marketing gimmick.

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