Top 5 Roadbikes 2019 / 1- 5

Top 5 Roadbikes 2019
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✔️ * Betsen MTB Schutzbleche:


Vadim Cat says:

Ёбнуться 14.000 € !!!!-:)

James Burke says:

The two drillouts on the top of the top tube of the Mercedes bike are for… what? They can’t seriously be suggesting you put a water bottle cage there, are they?

Mikhail Matximbarrena says:

The cable management on the Colnago is unsurpassed

Alenilton Ramos says:

So baik topi

Crypto Que says:

Just 2:00 in & I realized this is just bike porn.

Charles Rush says:

Thanks for the upload, I enjoyed watching. All but one of them were very pretty, that one being the Argon 18. I think Cannondale System Six should have been in it’s place. My personal favorite was the Look. I got to say one thing positive, at least none of these gems had a Sram AXS group on them.

Xuân Nhã Phạm says:

Ước gì mình có 1 em ha

تصليح دراجات says:


Bob Gardner says:

What a complete list of junk. These frames are not close to being the top five. That Colnago is crapolla, and is dated as are most Colnago’s. Heck, a basic Cervelo R5 blows away all the junk on this list and shown in this vid. LOL

Sam Chen says:

居然沒有 Giant PROPEL

Angelica Abasolo says:


Collector Guy says:

Nice but not worth the money. The advert before had a new Honda CRF450L AT £9800 on the road so cheaper than these!

GSA says:

This are just average bikes, you have no clue pendejo !

Brian Murphy says:

if i paid 14 grand for a bike i would expect some pedals just saying and maybe some tips of lance in person but think il go for a second hand bike from the classifieds whos with me most of
masses i guess . just got a decent giant for 200 quid that leaves £13800 change and i got pedals wow aint life sweet x

santiagobenites says:

I’d take the Look, because I don’t need mountain bike brakes on my road bike.

Christian Joly says:

je dirais qu une chose magnifique

Raymond Sbdon says:

2020 the bike flying not on road

Adrian Garcia says:

thanks for the infomercial!

solyfiestas says:

Faltan muchas y mejores……

11ll11l1ll111l1 says:

Wish i had money to blow away

john de guzman says:

steel titanium ang aluminum the best material for bike carbon no way

Sead Biberovic says:

My choice is LOOK it really amazing bike 🙂

Rob Lowe says:

These are not the best bikes, they are just a load of very expensive bikes half of which are more like concept bikes. No testing of any of them so how does that make them the best?

andrea lillo says:

quindi l’innovazione ti fa cac…!!!

Rock Roll says:

If I won the big lottery I might have every one of them.

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