Vilano Tuono Road Bike Review – 6 month / 1000 Mile Update

“6 month” update on my low-end Vilano Tuono road bike. I’m happy to report the bike is in great shape after 1000+ miles of riding, with zero repairs, flat tires or other major problems. Available for under $275 USD shipped, this model is an absolute steal. HIGHLY recommended as a first road bike for those on a tight budget.

-Brake pads are loud
-Non-adjustable seat
-Poor wet traction
-Rear derailleur needs occasional adjustments
-Thumb shifters take some getting used to
-Non-indexed front derailleur often rubs on chain

-Excellent handling
-Aluminum frame very light and NOT too stiff
-Quiet, quick gear changes
-Great dry traction
-Zero flats and tubes hold air for a long time
-Good braking
-A fast, neutral ride

I ride the Tuono 5-6 days a week, and love it. After 9 months, I’m ready to upgrade to a nicer model with better components, but still can’t believe how nice it is for how little I paid. A comfortable and confident ride and a great way to introduce yourself to road biking.


Carina Maren says:

would u mind taking a look at the merax finiss?

Tuna says:

Quiet? The gears are the loudest thing ever.

Elitepresshd says:

Damn you were negative about the whole back.. You can’t be negative about something and say You'”ll recommend it…

Carnivore Gone Vegan says:

I bought this bike on amazon, the crank broke on the second ride.  the pedal literally came out pulling threads of the crank out with it.

Frederic Fong says:

Just a question. I’m new to road biking and I’m looking into buying this bike. Would the medium size fit me with a height of 5’6?

Lolo K says:

Literally just won an auction on ebay for this bike for $200. I got too lucky and now im obsessed with looking at more reviews now. Your’s looks really nice still. Thanks for the update on the bike! By the way, you can buy new brake pads on amazon for like 8 bucks (pack of 4).

Axel Paladin says:

Great review. I just bought this bike a month ago. Overall I’m happy with it for the price. I’m wondering if you’re having any issues with the front brake as well. I can’t seem to get it to bring the front wheel to a full stop. Rather, it just functions for helping me gradual slow the bike down while I use the rear brake for full stops. After having this taken to two shops with no change. I’m wondering if this just how the bike should be or if I should still be concerned. This is my first bike and I just started riding so haven’t a definitive answer as to what the front brake should or should not be like.

Silas Stayshumble says:

Is this bike preety fast?

Slay Child says:

The set is adjustable. I took mine to a local bike shop and they showed me how. I also purchased Shimano Tourney ST-A070 3 x 7-Speed STI Lever Set and they work great.

walkin thegardn says:

The seat is non-adjustable? I just bought this bike on Amazon- now I’m nervous!

Louis Adams says:

You’re pretty negative

Demon Samurai Hanzo says:

Is it possible to change the wheels to a smaller size ? I have 26 inch (50 cm) wheels and the bike is too big for me

Benny Blanco says:

glad to hear that your tires have air in them go to a bike shop you bought a piece of junk

TheBignum123 says:

how do you take out the back Tire

Gloria Fox says:

Would you recommend this to a commuter? I’m currently on a crappy mountain bike and I’m needed to get something that won’t need much fixing so often

Jonathan Dirubbo says:

I think a lot of guys forget this is a 200$ bike now compare it too a 200$ Walmart bike

Osiritis says:

Why didnt you get the Vilano Shadow with the integrated shifters?

Randy Cee says:

What is the total weight of the bike?

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