What’s happened to my ROAD BIKE REVIEWS? (Quick Update)

I am aware that in recent time on this cycling vlog I have not presented a complete road bike review. So this video is to provide an update on what’s happening, including planned road bike review content in the future, including:
CHAPTER2 Rere VS Specialized S-Works Venge
$2,500 road bike VS $10,000 road bike
BMC Time Machine review
Noah Fast review
Sram 1x review
Zipp 808 review also.
I’m always open to hearing suggestions from subscribers too.


megundu12 says:

we want a review of the BMC teammachine SLR01!!! atleast that bike vs the s works tarmac,

abe nasre says:

It’s all good, we will still be here watching the videos absolutely love the videos, and if you can get it, that video with tommy would be awesome, would love to hear what he has to say.

Brian Messemer says:

Cam just to reiterate what others have said: the underlying stressors of moving across the country put a big strain on you and your wife and kids as well. It’s an inevitable outcome from such a major life chance, so don’t underestimate the significance of that. And then the crash is a physical setback, and the hard drive is a channel-related setback. But my point is that anyone watching your channel and paying attention at all can see all these things, and we’re people, and we understand. I think you’re being a tough critic on yourself and blaming yourself because you made plans and set internal deadlines that you’re afraid you can’t keep. Which I understand – driven people are hard on themselves – but I for one don’t expect or demand that you deliver certain videos at a certain time. I subscribed to your channel because you were interesting, not because you reviewed a certain bike. Just post on what’s relevant to you now, like your recovery, and if you need a break from posting while you heal, we’ll wait. Speedy recovery and good luck with the hard drive.

Sent says:

We got your back!

chris twardzik says:

Lmao x 1,000 with the Mendoza clip!!!! So rad.

My Sho says:

Hang In there – #1 Get 100% Well First………then the rest will fall into place……….we’ll be here………NO Worries

Spin2 Win says:

Do a review on the Cannondale Systemsix. Don’t use the stock tires though, absolute crap. Stick some 28s on them, should measure to 32mm. Stiff frame but super plush ride.

drjwbriand says:

no problem mate! you have to get yourself well and have peace of mind. I’m a relatively new subscriber so i’ve got a plethora of your previous stuff to peruse! btw, some antibiotics can have side effects that can mess with your head a bit, and you’re taking a few of them so don’t get down on yourself- we all love ya!! there’s an old latin proverb i’llmention that i have have thought of many times in my lifr,: Illegitimae non carborundum”! very applicable to your present situation!rock on mate, looking patiently forward to your next project!

DG Masand says:

Cannondale System Six next please

Lee Hildred says:

Feeling your pain Cam. I know this won’t fix your IT situation, but if it makes you feel any better, everyone learns the hard way when it comes to backups. If your using a Mac, tether a hard drive to it (some routers have this functionality too) and use time machine to backup your data. Using cloud storage is an option, but could take a while to up/download huge media files. Then maybe once a week/month on another external drive, just do a drag n drop copy of your vital folders. I went to switch my MacBook Pro on last week, no response. Went to the Apple shop, picked up a Mac mini and within 2 hours I was up and running again.. moral to this story, is the three rules to owning a computer, backup, backup and backup again….good luck

Fury L1_NeVeRz says:

That factor on the thumbnail tho

Tom Gunther says:

Love your videos keep up the good work

Ray Vegan says:

Just that it easy and look after your health and affairs first.
We can wait for the good reviews to come.
All the best and we trust things will improve soon.

CAMS Graphics says:

good luck keep you chin up

Kev Wells says:

Look after yourself and fam mate always comes first no need to justify it.

Ravin Premji says:

Mate, Kudos for admitting to your pain. Fair to say that all your subscribers and viewers are patient. I am sure you will look back on this moment and learn from it. Stay focused, get well and look after yourself and family.

Cameron Parrett says:

That IT guy was creating a time delay to create desperation to charge more cash. Expose, name and shame ! An honest account cannot create defamation.

Later part of the video. You are only human Cam !!!!!!! you’ll have your mantra back before you can spell it mate

Clifford Chaperon says:

Cam – you have a lot going on (lots of stress points associated with moving house, moving state, changing jobs, schools etc. Don’t put pressure on yourself & burn out. We love the content. Keep it a joy to share when you have content & hope it does not become a burden.

DanTuber says:

geez more drama than a soap opera. learn to backup data.

Roxic12 says:

Specialized is smart, they know that most people go to Youtube for reviews of their next bike purchase. Its good business, smart, economical marketing.

Huw Williams says:

Take care pal, we love what you do. If it takes a little time to get it all together again that’s fine by us.

Brad DeMarco says:

Chill and spend some quality time with the family.

Dave Charles says:

You did make the felt AR review

JonnyImpreza says:

Your content is always worth watching mate, just do what makes you happy content-wise and don’t worry about chasing bikes for review (even though I enjoy the reviews).

Tom Goold says:

Dig deep mate. Focus on what you need to do. The channel will always wait.

coflame167 says:

Take care of yourself first Cam. A happy Youtuber makes happy viewers. Honestly love the recent content as well!

Steve Long says:

Cam, go off have a break. relax, refocus and come back stronger. We all can wait to see what happens. Health and family are more important.

MurizPez says:

Hang in there Cam, all will be good again.

Danny Hall says:

I’m not a regular viewer, but I’m worried about you mate. You’re being kind to us making these cool stories, be kind to yourself mate. We’re interested in you, not the cool bikes you review.

Harrison Griffiths says:

shit happens, don’t sweat it and keep pushing!

Ethan Cubit says:

Hey brother hope it all gets better. Pendulum will swing back the other way. Look forward to your reviews in 2019!

Fred Turatti says:

Mate, get yourself well before you think of the channel and all us muppets who subscribe. That should be your only concern.

Michael Thomsen says:

the health its the most importand thing you have, soo take good care of it, the rest is nothing.

darryl roberts says:

mate, not sure what the deal is with your guy on the coast or how big your HDD was (or if it was flash or spinning disc) but these guys saved 99% of my trashed 500Gb Mac drive two years ago for less than a grand AUD – Payam Data Recovery (won’t post the full link as don’t want to spam you). Took a little while (couple of weeks) but they do a proper lab job on it. Heal up mate (mental and physically), we can wait for the content!

Tonus barronus says:

Wow Cam! …. Frustrating times my Friend…..Keep on Keeping on Mate! All the Best…… 🙂

paul howell says:

hey cam take it easy time out take care of yourself and the family people can wait for bike reviews sending best wishes for a full recovery my friend

Ian S says:

Love the content mate, heal up and get better. Sorry to hear about the hard drive, get yourself a NAS as your primary storage and then back that up with an off-site cloud backup (with versioning). Will automatically protect all your hard work.

John Flood says:

wow .. maybe a trip to Bunnings needed for you .. harden up champ !

communistasympatico says:

Just chill man, if you make content for us then we’ll happily watch it but if not that’s okay, it’s not like we financially compensate you for all this great free content you provide. Don’t feel pressured to get videos up quickly, just do things in a timeframe that works for you. Always enjoy the videos.

MrFornicater says:

That sucks mate…just focus on your gut biome after those serious antibiotics

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