Women’s Bike Vs Men’s Bike: Do Women Need A Women’s Specific Road Bike?

What’s the difference between women’s specific road bikes and men’s road bikes?

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Olympian and former professional cyclist Lucy Martin shares her advice on choosing the perfect road bike for women.

Nearly every manufacturer has a full range of women’s specific road bikes now, so, if you’re looking for a new bike, you might be left thinking that a women’s specific road bike is the only option for women. Well, you’d be wrong. Although the component choices also differ and are also intended to be better suited to women, what’s essential is choosing a bike that fits YOU. This might mean getting a women’s road bike, getting a men’s road, or getting a men’s bike and switching over a few of the components like the saddle and the handlebars.

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Joel Donnelly says:

#crimesagainstcycling in the big ring and top of cassette.

dumb_ass presents says:

women’s bikes are way cheaper and i was thinking about just getting one cause of the price range will it matter? thanks.

Mohamed Eldemerdash says:

could men ride a women’s bikes “Road” ? because I have one 🙁 and it’s my first time to know there are many differences 🙁 Should I stop ride it ?! because now i feel embarrassed ..

Robert Karlsson says:

I’ve read that women actually has proporionally shorter legs and longer torso than men (in general) and that the need for women specific bike frames are therefore unnessesary. There is a scewed image of women (in many ways) but in this instance there seems to result in building bikes for what people (men) want a woman to look like. A barbie-complex in a way. Though, for the beginner rider, a shorter reach is very often a good thing. A narrower handlebar and shorter drop is a sensible thing to put on a bike för shorter riders in general. My point is there’s no need for a woman-specifik bike but it’s nice to have more bike sizes to choose from and for some more colorschemes.

LT YV says:

this sounds so scripted man

Lilian Hobbs says:

Ignoring all the stupid comments from the men, please more women’s content on GCN, we cycle too and cycling is not all about going as fast or as far as you can

pbassred says:

Lucy makes the 2 most important points at the end but actually they are the same point. It comes down to: All riders are different. Women ride men’s bikes and men ride women’s. They all need a bike that is suited to them, so “women’s”/ “men’s” is a nonsense really. The concept of “women specific” frames could get women in to cycling, but more hopefully, it should get them into the bike SHOP, where they are sold the bike that suits them best – where that turns out to be.
(currently enjoying a cx bike – (taller and shorter) with 165mm cranks. So other than the saddle – Its a girl really!)

Gixer750pilot says:

She’s lovely!!!!!! get her on board, just sell Matt!

Gordon Moat says:

Wow! Dan must be ill. I’ve never seen anyone pass by him so quickly. Looked like he was peddling backwards with two flat tires.

angela venegas says:

What model is her bicycle?

Jake Alex says:

It sounds like riders just need to be sized rather than designating a gender to specific bikes.

Big Vegan Jeff says:

what a gentleman Mr. Lloyd

Nathan Earnshaw says:

I identify as a non-binary/gender fluid, pansexual vegan. What bike is right for me?

Wayne Richter says:

Of course women need women specific bikes. One with a phone bracket, a vanity mirror and built in social media are absolutely essential. 😀
I enjoy watch lucy on this channel, she makes a big difference to it in a good way.

Judith en Eric says:

I read the discussion on the big ring front and aft.
Then I think. Is it youre bike or the bike from someone else….

Bottom line, I do not use small chain rings in front when riding small hills. You need to shift two diifrent derailleurs and that takes time when you ride fast. Also, the hills are short. The climbs takes less than 2 minutes…
On the other hand, in the Alps Iswitch to the small ring in front. The terrain forces me to ride a small gear for a long time.

For wear of the gears,……It is just me, myself and I who decides what to do with my bike….

Robb Chastain says:

Excellent explanation, Lucy, and perhaps a future video could be a measurement of how far into the field Dan’s door handles flew as you passed him.

Art bou says:

Crossing the chain…come on now

Leonardo Tonello says:

Great to see a video about women in GCN’s Channel! I hope there will be more videos like this one and I hope she is going to join the GCN team! I think it is important to try to make cycling a sport for all, without gender discrimination or other kind of barriers!

Luke GJ Potter says:

How to… Cross-Chain Like A Pro

beeble2003 says:

Looking forward to “How to hold an umbrella like a pro”.

Green Deane says:

Leave it to you … dolts… to do this video in cold weather and a cold place rather than in warm weather and in a warm climate…. it’s a cover up, I’m sure….

LightHouseOf Peace says:


Mandy decline to state says:

Hi GCN, thanks for the vid. Lucy got it right! Some women don’t need a specific womens bike, whilst others do. It is a matter of proportion. Unfortunately I read some of the written comments below. OMG, last time I do that!

Adrian AD says:

#torqueback Gentlemen, I’m relatively short (167cm) and was wondering whether I can on women’s road bikes. Except the saddle these are fitting me a bit better and even the discounts are much higher, which is also a plus point. The only downside is that sometimes the paint on the frame is overly girly, so that is a bit of a no go for me. Anyway, I would be happy to hear your advice. Thank you very much!

Float Uphill says:

Most bike manufacturers just “Shrink it and pink it”

Autobot says:

Why do women specific bikes have shorter cranks if their legs are longer?

vivoslibertos says:

How to hold umbrella like a boss.

Vincent C says:

We love you Lucy Martin. But oy vay that cross chain! 2:15

jnrvmqc says:

gcn has females too. why are they hiding her. they should promote female riding too.

Tom Newham says:

I have to ask are there any male pro cyclists riding a specific womans bike? Like the presenter said everyone comes in different sizes and shapes and I’m sure there are guys out there that maybe would be best if they rode a womans bike.

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