420 Track bike Velodrome

Running around in circles on track bikes with Botanical Ben seemed like the perfect way to celebrate 420. Alpenrose Velodrome is one of the steepest in America at 43º…Amazing!

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Relevant links:

Botanical Ben: http://bit.ly/2EGMmvq
Normalize Cannabis: http://bit.ly/2DsPcT3

Alpenrose Velodrome: http://bit.ly/2Hvntnh

—Gear Im running in this video—
Bike: Collosi : http://bit.ly/2KfrFcA
Shoes: Giro Republic knit: https://amzn.to/2HUUrkv
Bibs & Jersey: Cadence: http://bit.ly/2s9fs3i
Helmet: Giro Synthe: https://amzn.to/2HM3gKJ

Foshan Roots: http://bit.ly/2Kjo5Ou
R Steve Moore: http://bit.ly/2HwiDGx
BongrIpper: http://bit.ly/2r0Gk2H


Host info:
Dustin Klein: Working Artist, Lifestyle Cyclist, Maker.
Instagram: http://bit.ly/DkleinIG
RidewithGPS: http://bit.ly/2pwp8V6
Strava: http://bit.ly/2ujpVtL
Personal Site: http://bit.ly/2tvo1TQ

Email list:

Send Gear to:
6006 N Oberlin st
Portland OR 97203


Arthur Maas says:

Yo, Dustin! Rad material as always! Me and my friends keep asking ourselves which kind of mount do you use in your first person footage. I only can guess a mouth mount, like, GoPro Surf stuff, but maybe I’m wrong. Can you clarify that for us? Cheers, mate!

Simon Bucknell says:

it’s a pity you didn’t make this video 18 seconds shorter !!

scott hoelzel says:

hahaha satori socks!!!! my local skate shop use to carry a bunch of satori stuff.

Enders Lai says:

What was the green road bike near the beginning of the video

Jack Stanley says:

What’s the banking?

Steven Ayers says:

Good to see you back on a fixed gear Dustin!

Angelo Medina says:

just what i needed

Windom Morris says:


Jordan Caverly says:

Hate to break it to ya, but the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit has 50 degree banks so you’re a little off in your description

Ryan Price says:

So fun! Dustin, first time?

Matthew Morrison says:

Cannabis PED or not?

Zach Muckle says:

I love seeing you videos with your track bike

Hansthehorrible says:

Bread inside of bread. That’s fuckin genius

Giulio Magarotto says:

Damn Dustin, is there something you can’t do on bike? 😀

Josh Ward says:

Sleep > Bongripper

Brendan T. Burke says:

I gotta say that the choice of Bongripper was apropos.

Elcantabron desiempre says:

Estaría muy bien que viniera el vídeo con subtítulos en español

Richard Swagger says:

The old Dustin would have ridden those stairs on the track bike

Max Graman says:

Sick video man, nice to see you break out the track bike! Do you ever ride that Low// track bike you have hanging up in your workspace?

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