6ku Fixie Bike Review

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braincastle says:

Why are you riding on the sidewalk?! 

Fernando Batlle says:

Im sorry but this bike sucks If you only have 200$ for a fixie buy something used off of craigslist, a buying and selling bikes page on fb, but dont buy a 6ku. I tried this piece of shit and compared to my Leader 725 and this weighs a ton so climbing up hills suck. The quality is shit, its weight is shit, its components are shit, and overall its just a shit bike. If I wanted something that heavy you might as well jjust go to Target and get a Magna or Schwinn Mountain bike.

Cristian Martinez says:

got this bike a couple of days ago and the seat is killing me. What kind of seat is recommended if i am using this bike only for commuting to work?

Shawn Huetter says:

Can’t hear a thing! kindof just lame watching you ride around, not much of a review!

Paul DC Dc says:

Hey. Im trying to get a bike to get to my band practices. The only thing is it is about a 20 minute drive. Would you recommend me getting this bike? If not can you tell me what i can get?

TheNightowl59 says:

I bought one for myself and one for my girlfriend. We love these bikes! We ride rode bikes and had a couple of cruisers, but we’re getting rid of the cruisers now. I’ve ridden mine to work about 5 times. It turns so many heads! It’s just liberating to just get on the bike and go.

fjrojasf says:

I love my fixie, but in less than 3 weeks the tires have popped 4 times. I only use to commute betwwen home and work in cement bike paths. I don’t know what’s going on. Does this happen to some of you as well?


my city has a lot of hills but i like this bike

Nathan Adler says:

How does it compare to a Pure Fix?

Misan tropo says:

the wheels should be lighter

Ramiro Garcia says:

do you pedal a lot when going to hills? is it hard?

Alan Gomez says:

I’m not sure what size bike to get, how would i know? Also if I wanted to use this bike for offroad, lets say like a wooded area , will it be okay?

Hallie Colbert says:

If we do happen to live in a hilly area where we would feel more comfortable having a back brake in addition to a front one, is it easy to install the back break? Or should I just look elsewhere for a bike that comes with both?

Donald says:

Helpful review, but really can’t hear you, need to fix your audio!

Matthew Tonda says:

how much does it weigh?

Anthony Marcano says:


kevin rara says:

I dont know much about fixies but can you change the handlebar ? To the other one that long ?

JandreTV says:

should I get this bike if I just bike from school to home

Mark Go says:

What’s the difference between 6ku nebula and pure fixed juliet ?

m kho says:

what are the stem dimensions on that stock stem?

Just Stuff says:

can barely hear you

anthony hernandez says:

Hey were you riding in Canoga Park? I noticed you pass by my house in Milwood

Reggie Reg says:

Audio sucks, dude

이영수 says:

where can you buy this bike

Jared Sexton says:

Citygrounds calls this bike a “fixie single-speed”. My question is, is this a true fixie as in you cannot coast on it? Or is it a “fixie” style but actually a one speed in which you still have the option of NOT pedaling down hills. 

Cristian Ruiz says:

still like the bike

invader JIM says:

yea thats canoga park that my bike route to and from work lol

King Jaziah says:

I have the glow in the dark one since 2013 September 11th can you basic tricks on it like a wheelie?

aimilios giakoumis says:

Can I have a fixed bike with the two brakes in it????

Cambaudio says:

Audio Compressor. Learn it, love it.

zonatedproduct says:

cool review, but mate speak up haha

Jose Ramirez says:

if i can ask how much was shipping? and what state (i live in California)

Cristian Ruiz says:

do you live in California bro no stalker

Buckshart says:

Thanks for the vid. I’m interested in this frame but very hard to find good info

Bryan Kronenberg says:

fix the sound levels

Milo blanchard says:

does it brake when you backpedal?

rigo hernandez says:


Ricardo Alcantar says:

Does it have loose bearings or sealed cartridges?

rambow70 says:

I don’t know what your saying man but I have put hundreds of miles on my 6ku nebula (200 on city grounds) I got bull horns and smaller pedals with foot hostlers. My only complaint is the large pedals, holsters do not fit them and its hard to high speed corner. For like 30 dollars I got new pedals and holsters. No squeaking, same stock tires and tubes and i skid a lot. Live in Bloomington IN so tons of hills so I use the front break in addition to the fixed hub (for safety). This bike preforms well like a state bike. I haven’t had anything go out on it or squeak like my friend’s state bikes. I have however had to re-tighten things but I bet you do that with every bike, just get a set of alens! This was supposed to be just a temporary bike for me but now it won’t die or give up so i’m keeping it! Best $200 ever spent hands down. Go to my channel to see it more in action! Don’t over spend if you’re a first time fixie rider.

luckyx se7en says:

how heavy is the bike overall?

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