6KU Fixie Review

The 6KU Fixie is one of the most popular beginner fixed gears with its affordable price point and sharp looks, but is it worth the money? Find out in this overview of the 6KU Fixie.

6KU Fixie
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Neo says:

What about the crew city-1 single speed bike

Julie Nguyen says:

Can someone tell me what is the difference between the 6ku fixie and the golden cycle vader fixie bike? I don’t understand, the gc is a lot cheaper than the 6ku and they both look alike?

Kane Bell says:

You should watch your own video. You repeated some of your pros at least 4 times.

GeT RekT M8 says:

My friend has one

Onkel Urban says:

Pretty good video!
I have to admit that i ride a Cheap Bike too.
But so far its alright, nothing broke and everything is fine.

bodford11 says:

Gotta disagree with you man. While they aren’t the lightest frames all of the components of these bikes are better than what you would get at the same price point after close to a year as a daily commuter and then the last year and a half of freestyle and general thrashing I’ve had to true the wheels maybe three times if that, replace one crank arm and the pedals only because I stripped them out the first day I got the bike. They’re good bikes and they hold up.

Daniel Anguiano says:

rode mine every day 5-10 miles for 3 years snow rain never had any components fail this review is giving newtimers bad thoughts getting a 6ku

Andy Qiu says:

friend of mine had pedal snapped within the span of one summer -> pedal was cross-threaded and not greased -> crankset unusuable -> had to get a new crankset -> difficulty removing crankset due to weird crankset hex bolt standards -> discovered the sealed cartridge bb axles were too short so the new crankset rubbed against chainstays -> replaced his bb from 102mm to a bb around 113mm.

Qwesaqwes says:

well i ride my 6KU bike for about 2 years now and the unique problem was that i had to change my headset but for the rest is really good.

HeyGuysItsGuy says:

If you get a 6KU, get the track model. It’s about $100 more, no stupid deep rims, flip flop hub, double butted aluminium frame, more aero bottom tube. Put some drops or bullhorns on and you’re sorted

honda hogan says:

why so much hate on affordable fixed gear bikes? not everyone could afford to build a good bike from scratch. i own a 6ku and you are lying to everyone. your just a snobby nerd thats to cool to follow trends. what does your bike do that these cant????

eF eN says:

What’s your opinion on purefix bikes ?

DarkJohnny_xD says:


ik04 says:

I bought a $150.00 Dawes Chromoly bike on eBay and added some nice tires and an aluminum 46t chainwheel… The geometry is perfect for me and I love riding it. It has a real fork and stem and is totally comfortable. These candy colored bikes are crap.


one of my family members gave me a single speed, it was a vintage bike, it had center pull brakes, cruiser handlebars, but the other stuff was in pretty good shape. decided to spend around 80 bucks and got new brake wires, crank Creek brake levers, some peddle toe holders, and handlebar wrap. the bike is light, and the only problem I’m having is with the brakes, which is my fault. overall you could probably find one like mine on Craigslist for around 200 or maybe even 100, and just spend a little money to fix the things that need fixing.

Tirtho Dutta says:

Great information. Loved it.
What would you recommend for a durable bike with a flat or riser handle bars, which can be used on a daily basis and good for crossing bridges, fast and light? Would love to hear from you. Thanks.

Lionheart0293 says:

what do u think about the polo&bike cmndr bikes?

Ben Morris says:

could anyone tell me about the quality of Atir cycles?

Jaybie Dayy says:

ive did a 50m bike ride on a 6ku fixie. wheels needed Turing 3x since owning the bike I’ve had for almost 2yrs now

Caleb Hunt says:

As someone that has a 6ku for a couple of years, I find it to be a much better bike than this review has made it out to be. Yes it is cheap and yes you do get what you pay for. I would recommend changing the cranks, throwing away the brakes (you want a fixie right?) and putting some track drop bars on it. I use a specialized tarmac for my racing and casual bike rides with the guys but this fixie has been through hell and back. At one point I used it for my commutes while I didn’t have a car and this thing held up no problem. Ive been hit on it multiple times and never had an issue with anything other than my bars being messed up. Steel is real, thats how biking started out. I still continue to ride it when I want to feel my legs screaming. For an everyday bike for getting around and having fun its a solid bike at a good price point. Don’t expect too much of it and you will be surprised by the results. It handles well being steel on rough roads.

Mark Go says:

What’s the difference between 6ku bike nebula and purefixed juliet pls make a review about those bike

ThePavezzi says:

It might be worth while getting a used bike with suitable frame with a horizontal or almost horizontal bracket for the rear wheel (or a track style rear fork) and build your own fixie. Costs more of your own time but generally would give you something better for less.

DNNii says:

What about golden cycles?

Chris says:

You can’t discern the ride quality or the handling by just “looking at the numbers”. And what the hell is with this YouTube channel and you rating regular fixies as “beginner bikes”? There’s the full on velodrome race bikes and there’s the street fixies, which varies in price, from the Specialized Langster to these kinds of bikes from 6KU and others.

Паша Коленда says:

in Netherland 6KU bikes cost €370)

justjd911 says:

Hey Zach, I’ve been watching your videos lately and I love them. Keep up!
I am from India and I am 6’2″. I have been searching everywhere for a year now but it’s almost impossible to find any fixed gear bike for me here in India. If you know any company who ship worldwide or if you have any solution for me can you please help me out?
Love from India

Larownn says:

you should review the philippines local bikes, the jeprox, and the project fixies. they look good to me

Drniznet101 says:

so you are doing a review on a product that you have not used…let that sink in…

zahid miranda says:

Should I buy a fixie from a bike store?!?

Stephen zerospace says:

went from a chromo state bike to a 6ku and hated it. slow as shit in comparison. just got a crew district hoping it will be a sweet bike.

macmurfy2jka says:

I can say that the bars on the SST steal area truly limp noodles. Snapped them is the first month. The rims are pretty week too. But I’d does ride really nice, even with the Purefix wheels is have on it. Go with the street fighter

Sara Chenn says:

Besides dawes street fighter can you recommend me good durable bike under 500

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