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After years of bike messengering and racing, I’ve had many many bikes. I still do. From track to road to city to cyclocross to bmx, bikes are my passion (duh). I get TONS of questions on this topic so I thought I’d start with the basics. I will make a follow up video on this so if you have more specific Q’s leave them in the comments below!

KymNonStop is a bike-messenger-turned-fitness guru. I’m a master instructor at SoulCycle and race for the Aventon Factory Team. I also did stunts in the fixie famous flick Premium Rush with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

On this channel, I’ll show you how to lead a healthy, happy lifestyle without sacrificing the fun! Get ready for easy and effective workouts that you’re going to love to do.
Other places you might have seen me: MTV’s Made, Access Hollywood, The Today Show, and The Amazing Race, Season 25!

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Aggressive Timtam says:

I use one lock and lock the front wheel and the frame

Keres Mitchell says:

love the video

IG : traphouse.moses Don't follow me says:

Are retrospec good bikes?

Andrew Johnson says:

joystick bicycle look it up

l00tur says:

Needed to touch base on why buying a ‘Bicycle’ from a big box store is a bad idea, as someone who used to build those long ago I can attest that those monstrosities are NOT bikes.

Also this video lacked some chill skids on that pure fix(don’t buy)

Cool of you to make this video doe! Also please say you’re coming to Milwaukee for the Courier Championship

Jorge Ayala says:

Pause at 00:16 that’s the face of someone who wants to kill themselves after hearing “my friend”

Jesús CM says:

Finally the video I’ve been searching for

Dorian Saavedra says:

school .fixie goons. badass

ItsJorgii says:

I want a cruiser like a fixie but at the same time I wanna do tricks like a bmx someone help me

Gillian Griffin says:

Need to know where those earrings came from

John Sapno says:

just got to your channel . youre adorable 😀 lol

Tony Kart Racer says:

Thanks for the tips! *Runs to Walmart for a Huffy*

nergal213 says:

I recently started riding fixed gear about 3 weeks ago, and bought a Throne Prism. No regrets.

MrHifonics says:

Number one tip of buying a bike is DONT EVER TELL YOUR WIFE HOW MUCH YOUR BIKE COST.

Owsezy says:

I’d smash

yoyoboy 27 says:

Where are her glasses from

Ed Perez says:

loved this video… I didn’t ever know standing on the seat was wrong .. none of my bikes do because i ride 58 and 60.. but I didn’t know that fact. Kool.

CincyDad says:

Thanks for the info! I’m a beginner looking at my first bike, something for city biking & maybe some light dirt trails. I was recommended the Schwinn Capital 700c Hybrid. Yay or Nay? Thanks!

Da Brock says:

Got my bike stolen never saw it again, cops was like ok well it’s gone…

DeathStar Safari says:

your twin lives in Jackson, WY

Jae Enceeti says:

Whoa I want that bike @5:15

RBastien says:

Geez..you are gorgeous! The truth now….Do bike guys hit on you all the time?

jimmie mccormack says:

Bahaha 2 to 3 fingers

Kwon GD says:

You cute when you explain

PeeJay Torres says:

00:14 that was an awkward ass hug

neil froggy crompton says:

Dont buy those crap cheap bikes from kmart or similar places,just wondering why u shouldnt be able to sit on the seat with ur feet flat on the floor?,that seems dangerous if u have to brake hard in an emergency & have to lean ur bike over on 1 foot when u finally stop 🙁

Macboi says:

quality video, but those ear piercings are weird af

LeeAnne Boot says:

I fucking adore everyone at LA Brakeless!! They sold me my first Aventon and I’m hooked girl.

Sylvester Noelle says:

Pretty perfetct.

Janie Barber says:

Your feet should touch the ground on a Slope Style, and you can fit more fingers GF.

Jay Hess says:

Do you sell your used seats?

Visual Killer says:

I have that same black and gold 6ku bike

mindciller says:

Tip 1. Love the bike you want first, then find a way to use it. Reverse the order

Sam Hens says:

Lock it through the frame my dude, better yet use 2 locks for each wheel and thread them thru the fame… dk about fixed gear but both mtb wheels are quick release

Brian Michael says:

Hi Kym.. Ive rode bikes since I was 5yrs old.. BUT.. last bike I owned was a Peugeot Mountain Bike that was bought for me in 1991.. Kept it till the mid 2000’s but haven’t really rode in 15yrs.. I had put it through hell and it needed work.. so I sold it.. cheap..
Thinking back I should have just upgraded the parts.. the frame was still good.. But here I am.. now overweight out of shape and 40.. looking to get back into riding.. Im looking for something thats a jack of all trades.. road, dirt and some trail.. I live near the beaches in Pinellas county FL.. clearwater… Tampa.. not many hills.. pretty flat… but I dont want a road bike.. I considered Hybrid and Cross Country Bikes.. and strongly set on the Giant Brand..
Ive looked at the models: Cypress, Sedona, Roam.. which is about where my budget is.. Though if I could find a used Fathom or XTC.. that would be great too.

Dokata Kidd says:

A wheel is a rim with a tire on it. Apparently they are able to change wheels but not rims or tires. ;-;
And you also forgot, rims, tires, headsets, bearings, brakes, cables, grips, forks, stems, seat posts, seat clamps, gyros and brake tabs.

Don John says:

is 6k bikes okey ?

David Dalisay says:

Thank you it helps me 🙂

Adam Wallwork says:

Is a 61cm fixed gear bike good size for a 6’4 dude?

Abdoul Diallo says:

hey Kim, my roommate and got robbed and among the things taken was my vintage bike. I have since gotten a new bike and wondering if you had any recommendations for a bike digital tracker in case my bike gets stolen again. I do have a U-lock but when my bike got stolen, it was taken from the inside the house.

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