A track bike, a fat-tire road bike & the HOLLYWOOD hills.

After 2 days of Permanent Markings at Golden Saddle Cyclrey, I shred the light with Kyle Kelley(on his fat tire road bike) and Dermy(on his track bike). There is no shortage of climbs in Hollywood. Those high highs and Low lows.
Plus a recap from the Permanent marking west coast tour.

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Permanent Marking Portland:

Kyle Kelley:

Golden saddle Cyclrey:

Route we rode:

DK Printed goods:



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Dustin Klein: Working Artist, Lifestyle Cyclist, Maker, Cadence Founder.
Instagram: http://bit.ly/DkleinIG
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Pablo Castanon says:

Amazing tattoos dude!!

Joey Bradfield says:

mate some of those descents were fucking sick. your mate doing those climbs and descents on his fixie was intense, bet his legs were roasting afterwards. good shit, subscribed. if im ever in LA i’ll hit you guys up

Giulio Magarotto says:

As Always, these videos make me want to go out and ride! Keep up the great work!

hoolan says:

I want that killa cam jersey @0:03

Snydlywhiplash says:

That is a nice STD prevention kit he had.

Matt Reyes says:

Duuuude. Some of those descents were making my palms sweat.

Alan Chen says:

The descent looked nuts for a track bike

Griffin Morse says:

More track bikes!!

mort low says:

tour de france all on track bikes… that would be super interesting….

Cody Lewis says:

WonderView boyzzz

Markus Paulini says:

riding a fixed gear bike with mtb style oversized handlebars just looks ridiculous…

Pascal Kaegi says:

Best one yet! Keep going!!!

jbucky bucky says:

How many tyres does double D go through a week! stoke

Nathan Lewis says:

edge of my seat!

Matt Reyes says:

Homie had to have killed that tire

Scottie Manners says:

Heck no, its a no go for a fixie for me. That looked sketchy riding a fixie down that, if you don’t pedal the whole time you’re power sliding, no thanks, I’d rather have a cassette hub so i can coast

Gabriel Pereira says:

Absolutely love your videos and work! Bonjour from France. 😉

Andrew Cullen says:


Now You're Finished! says:

CoolCoolCool! So, do you know what brand of tire Dermy has to replace after that ride? LoL What a skidfest!
Permanent Markings are looking glorious! I’ve got to bide my time for now, but one day…!

Willy Don says:

Almost crapped myself at 4:33

Alex Marx says:

this video gets me riled up

Mark Tassi says:

That’s crazy downhill braking on the fixed gear.

Ivan Chavez says:

A stallion in the wild! More sick bikes pleaaaaase ~

Vagabond says:

Run a stop sign at full speed. Very smart.

Nick SixTwenty2 says:

From Yeah to Eternity! Killer!

Mark Tassi says:

I used to live down the street from Kyle’s place. Woody is a great mechanic. Too bad he moved.

dee maxi says:

good video , good edit ! , congrats !!

Ian Stone says:

This one was goooooood

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