Aventon Mataro vs. State Bike Co. Black Label v2

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On paper, the Aventon Mataro and the State Bike Co. Black Label v2 are very similarly spec’d and similarly priced. In my experience riding and reviewing both though, liking one does not necessarily mean you will like the other. In this in depth review, find out the differences between the Aventon Mataro and the State Black Label v2 to see which one is best for you.

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John Li says:

do more crankset reviews plz

Rice Farmer says:


Fin C says:

Aventon > State

Joachim Macdonald says:


Pass Left TV says:


Black Fox1 says:

I recently got my new mataro and I couldn’t be anymore impressed but theres a few things that I need to change like the crank set the one I got is to boring for me so I’m getting another 60 tooth sprocket and I’ll put my new mataro through its paces

Caleb Shih says:

u good zach? appreciate all that you do, but breaks are important tooooo

Ciaran Kelly says:

Hi zach what are the handle bars on your shelf there?

David Spice says:

What about 6ku urban track is that decent considering it’s half the price?



Zeb Aldave says:

Review the Cordoba pls

ibby din says:

Can you do a cinelli Gazzetta review as they are on sale now for £450 gbp which is v similar to that of the aventon and the black label 2

Jv Retro says:

can you do an Aventon Cordoba review ?

Charlie Eagle says:

Can I buy the black label from you please thanks

Caleb Korn says:

I gotta say I’ve loved your clips for years. however whenever you compare bikes you always seem to lack talking about the actual geometry of the bikes. it would actually explain alot of the ride quality. and head tubes. tapered and fully tapered are very different. and yeah state’s had A lot of problems and I’ve heard only good things lately so maybe they’ve gotten it together

CHANCE Cayenne says:

Both whips are pieces of TRASH! I RIDE A THRONE TRKLRD 2018, One of the best bikes i’ve owned. Aventon and State are SO OVER RATED! Granted I put several HIGH-END parts on my BABY…

CHANCE Cayenne says:


HYPEBEAST 11 says:

would you recommend the brand INGRIA?

Jim Beauchamp says:

You mentioned a 1 pound difference in the bikes but posted 15 # 5 oz which is by the way more than the 6.9 kg also posted for the Black Label, and 19# 3 oz for the Aventon that is a very large difference and might sway a persons choice when 1 pound would not. Will you please clarify.

Will K says:


Edwin De Dios says:

Cordoba review please!

Olek Mendoza says:

No way the black label is 15 pounds

samurai ninja says:

Explore your state x2

Elliot S says:

what is that rack and basket combo you have on the wabi?

Sam Quam says:

You should check out the kilo WT, I wanna know how much of a mistake I’ve made.

iGlitter666 says:

Go Aventon. I love my Cordoba.

Vapid kats says:

Aventon is better 100%

Henry Rivera says:

Explore your state

Ricardo Domínguez says:

Fuji Feather versus Mercier Kilo TT!

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