Bicycle Koga Signature World Traveller (Belt Drive Center Track) KS-TR-26 Review

This is a review of my Koga Signature World Traveller.
I have toured on this bike for 11,000 km’s total distance on the bike 14,000 km’s. Some on very rough terrain. These are my thought on most of the components.


Ruben den boer says:

hi, i’m quite new to Bicycle touring and i plan to drive from Holland to Istanbul (around 2700 km) is this a nice bike for such a drive? 

quedecree says:

14,000km…..well and truly tested I reckon.  Thanks for the review – great info.

Ian Clarke says:

Is that 20Kg with the extras or without ?

Peter Thomas says:

thanks for the bike review. really informative

Emre Semerci says:

This is my dream :)) I have a dream!

Alex Morgan says:

V good review of a bike that’s actually been used properly rather than a 1-2 weeks old bike ridden for only 50-100 miles. Rolloff and belt drive set up is what attracts me. You’ve obviously had very few no problems with it so highly desirable as a long term low maintenance option. Thanks for posting.

in side out says:

Jesus , that’s some serious tyres

Paganiproductions says:

how is on mountainbike singletracks


apart from the belt drive, the stuff on your bike is stupid , if you are cycling in remote countries, as its hard to repair, keep it simple old school!

baddogonline says:

I’d love to have one, but it’s too rich for my blood. 

Rick Jolly says:

Thanks Chris good video lots of imfo. Im seriously thinking of buying a touring bike and taking of for a few years im 53 so don’t reckon im over the hill yet and can afford to do it. Iv been looking at Velosmith bikes that are made in Tasmania there not cheap but look like really good bikes have you seen any in your travels? How much weight do you carry on average in your front and rear panniers I don’t have any experience with touring on bikes just no I want to do it . Cheers  

Chuck Bussey says:

Thanks! I’ve wanted to see your bike details for a long time!

Stephen Peel says:

I’m working on setting off on 3 years around the world from the UK, heading East. Still racking my brains for the bike to do it on. Looked at the Thorn Nomad with S&S frame for easier dismantling and its about the same price as the Koga 28 with beltdrive. Although the Thorn has a chain not a belt. Will spend the money, but just want something reliable and something with a lot of feel good about it. Good luck on your travels Chris

Homonym Antonym says:

I used to buy aluminium bikes…then I had a frame failure.  Something about the phrase “catastrophic failure” being applied to aluminium frames doesn’t sit well with me, go figure, haha.

Johnnyhumbkr says:

Thanx for the awesome video describing your bicycle. Looks like one kind of like the what Mark Beaumont pedaled around the world for the Guinness World Record in 2006.

Norman Coutts says:

Very interesting, especially the belt drive. Thanks for posting. Our Thorns will see us out I guess, but if ever the need crops up I’d definitely consider it. Never say never!

Sjaak De Winter says:

Nice video, good information.

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