Budget Bike Battle: ZX-7R v SRAD

It’s about time we brought you some more affordable machinery to 44T, so… Welcome to the Budget Bike Battle: a series that’ll be running throughout the winter months (as long as they don’t breakdown/blow-up) in a bid to prove money isn’t everything. Team Ninja or Team SRAD?

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gold333 says:

SRAD looks 10x better than the ZX7R

bblando65 says:

zx-7r all the way…

Pete Mitchell says:

Love the 7r. One of the most beautiful bike ever. I think i will buy one soon.

Blue Donuts says:

Are those pocket bikes

Ryan A says:

The Kawasaki was literally a cow, I would much rather prefer the srad over thezx7

Clark Nawrocki says:

2 gay guys talk about motorcycles

DanieI Joseph says:

You encapsulated the joy of buying a bike & I’m loving it thus far. What should my next bike be? Throw a few options at me.

Ross says:

Always loved the ZX7 since it’s birth 1989,she sounds a bit off when warming it up. Hope it’s not running on 3 cylinders?

Devon Vidulich says:

Thats not a srad thats the regular gsxr750 it must say srad on the tail to be the real thing i have owned 2 srads the difference is my 1998 srad take about 6.8 seconds to hit 280 km/h

Evon Paige says:

Beautiful idea i have been looking for such a video on Youtube for quite sometime. Can’t get enough, it is only common sense, most people start out wanting to save money with a older model used bike. By looking at my avatar, can you guess my affiliation?
You guys just earned a new Subscriber. keep up the good work. P.s- Zx7R will always be more sexy!!

ray Nic says:

I had the same Shr-ad, that’s what I called it….1999?

Thallium RC says:

11:00 wtf the doors open inwards!!??? That’s like a hardcore fire hazard here in the US

1100HondaCB says:

I bought a 1996 CBR1100 Blackbird 2 years ago for £1220. I have used it many times and it has made me laugh with the acceleration alone. It was rated at 164bhp and has done a mere 46000 miles. It starts all the time and still pulls like a train. I wonder if it still has 164bhp.

Supermoto Skippy says:

Just got my GSXR SRAD 600 last week, payed £1000 for it with 28k miles, body has a few scratches but I’ve done 500 miles so far and it’s ran a dream the whole way, amazing bike

Adnan E says:

I think Netflix or Amazon should pick up the show

David Callahan says:

Suzuki is such better bike.

Miguel Costa says:

I l Good evening, I really like your videos,

Vax Buster says:

Why did he call him Tom not Chris? @10:25

tommy d u b b s says:

But does it go to eleven?

Dean Bustin says:

Loving the videos guys bring back the Kawasaki zx7r

Polaris sportsman says:

This must be the most boring video on the internet I had to shut it off after 5 minutes

fishfingers1985 says:

Fart at the end…

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