Budget Road Bike Review $500 VS $15000

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Enrique Arce-Larreta says:

You only used one data point.

bacon banana says:

As a filthy peasant ass Fred, this makes me happy

8b64z says:

So if a Tour the France stage is about 4 or 5 hours then we are looking at the 4-5 minutes difference ? Makes sense for sponsored teams and drivers.

George Adams says:

I bought a $6000.00 Trek and I wish I didn’t… a $1,200.00 bike would have been just fine… so I agree with you! All you are losing is your money!

lastinline bruce says:

you’re comparing 18 months time spread . and for an aging asshole like you there is no way you can make that comparison .

Spectastic says:

that comparison assumes that the wind conditions were the same on both days. I don’t think you should make that assumption. If you wanted to really put the two bikes to the test, you should go out and test them back to back.

Antonio Brandao says:

Carbon wheels make more difference on the flats

James Laframboise says:

See! I call BS on the compact cranks, like in your other video. If Contador’s running 32 in the back and 34 on the front, what hope in hell do I have of pushing those gears on tough climbs? Gimme 48/32 or even 46/30!

xio misha says:

100% right ^_^

Brennan Beltrano says:

I don’t know man. I went from a 2004 kona all mountain to a 2015 reign and shaved almost 40% of my time

KEEP OUT says:

what is the name of the bike in the thumbnail???

Mahan Deeds says:

What do you think about bikesdirect.com and their supply of road bikes low to high?

Robert Griesmeyer says:

Power meters are expensive. Which one should I buy?

Jack flores says:

How do you have disc brakes and rim brakes it looks pretty cool

Gino Romano says:

CAAD12 Ultegra non disc m8.

Lazar Jojic says:

Even that one second per minute that you gain doesn’t mean it’s due to bike, it might be out of number of different reasons. Maybe your motivation or concentration or energy or what ever else was not on the same level. The best test would be to do a number of climbs on both bikes (lets say 10 times Giant and 10 times Osprey) and then make some conclusion. I think difference would be less that those 11 seconds.

Jack C says:

who do i make the check out to?

Shaya Maddex says:

14 year old me on a 1986 steel frame trek 560 managed to drop a dude on a $5000 canyon

DONNIE H says:

LOL …And, I was debating getting Ceramic pulley wheels too. not only for “performance” but longevity. i guess it’s overkill huh?

Kingportable says:

Question can you upgrade the new 2016 version with a 32 cassette? Is the new $700 price still worth it for a beginner?

Nathan Wood says:

big call on the TCR

Van Hung Luong says:

That’s a great bike.I like it

Heather Vallentyne Moreau says:

Do you think women should get a women’s bike or does it not matter?

Cedric Codrington says:

I’d like for you to do a review on the Nashbar AL1 Road Bike. I’m thinking about buying this as my beginner bike to get me started into cycling.

Ryan Brown says:

Thank you Durian Rider for making this video! <3

RatzengeliS says:

well, on this strava list, we can see that durian forget pretty often his cardio belt. a lot of holes without HR number.

davidb7486 says:

well durian… 2 different date, different temp, different body feelings from the day, different wind condition, different you, different calories in, different sleep……you get it…..there is no way you can compare both dates.

detecting the past says:


Andre Henning says:

Hey there! Great vids! I bought my first bike ever 3 months ago. Trek Emonda S4. I am 31 and 176 lbs and used to weight lift. I’ve been in 3 crits and got dropped in all 3. I know I need to lose weight, but I’m wondering how much difference it would make for me to lose 15-20 lbs vs buying a new bike. What are your thoughts and have you ever reviewed the Emonda S4? Keep the vids coming! They are great!

Anthony Johnson says:

Sooooooo,,,, no mongoose from Walmart. God I’m sorry I had to troll.


I would buy the 15k bike if I’m a professional cyclist and do a lot of races. otherwise the 500 hundreds bike will be more than enough.

Rene Tetter says:

How do i prove bitches that road biking is hard?

51249ca says:

what bike mirror is he using?

Mark Boyer says:

Agreed with most of what you say Harley… Just as long as the $500 road bike weighs similar to the more expensive bike then yes you will. It’s like running up a hill with a back pack. The lighter the backpack the faster you will go.

Jonathan Smith-Wesson says:

The pic of the TCR….disc and rim brake on the front? Confused.com

sky anonymous says:

id like to see you do the same with a fixed gear bike 46/18 gear ratio or higher , cuz the fix gear fad aint over i feel like its here to stay .

Motarded421 says:

What was the weight difference between the two bikes?

Truthseeker says:

You said, “Pick up your kids.”?

truetierra says:

most honest bike review on the net. nice work as always.

John McPartland says:

little ratty, whiney cunt. Good video though

dumb cunt says:

mountain bikes are booty. lol bmx bikes are 100 times better

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