Cannondale Slate Bike Review

Colton reviews the Cannondale Slate. Is it a road bike? Yes. Is it a gravel grinder? Yes. Can it ride single track? YES!


Charles Rush says:

That bike is a piece of garbage. Aluminum frame, no thanks. 27.5 wheels, no thanks. Hydraulic disc brakes, no thanks. Si crankset, no thanks. I’ve owned three Cannondale mountainbikes and have never gotten value for my dollar. They are a cheap Taiwanese made bike now, no longer made in the USA, and pure crap in my experience and opinion. By the way, this is not a troll just stating fact. There are lots and lots of better bikes out there for less money.

3Daddicted says:

Nice review, thank you!

Domowoi2 says:

Have you seen the recall on the wheels?

TheVeganSocialist says:

1:00 – The bike even acts cool! the fork swiveled to the side when he complimented it

schlooonginator says:

Its an interesting concept but the problem is the price. $2800 is a lot of cash for something that is a general purpose bike.
I mean, really, anyone could build a very similar bikeminus the fork for a fraction of that price. Analloy frae and 105 components? That price is insane.
How about this, buy a nice higher end 90s mtb and put slicks on it and customize some parts and you will have a bike just as flexible for a fraction of the cost.
Why even bother with a suspension fork when you could have a very good compliant rigid that is lighter and,obviously, way way less expensive because that must be where that price is coming from.

Joe Wind says:

I tried it on the road – sluggish as shit compared to a real road bike… what is the largest 650B tire that will fit? What is the largest 700 tire that will fit? Does it have through axles?

Jcool721 says:

Thanks, I tested the bike, it’s awesome! I would say it kind of floats over the things. Very smooth driving. The frame is long and I’m not sure which size would be for me. The M size was long but with the shorter stem it would be nice. The S size was maybe better. I’m not sure if the shorter stem fits the bike because the handling is not so stable on the road speed (>25km/h). My other bikes are the M size so this has to be smaller,,,

Scott Wilson says:

hope to get a reply. how tall are you and what size you rideing??

J B says:

For all those folks saying they have tried it and it is slow, can you explain how come the winner of the Kanza 200 won on a slate? That’s a 200 mile endurance race on a gravel road against every kind bike that anyone wanted to use. The fork enabled him to maintain an aero position relatively comfortably while he rode solo for 100 miles of that race

Mind you, it’s ugly and theres no way I would buy one. I will stick with my do it all bike, a cannondale superx

Trevor Henderson says:

If you are a roadie thinking about mountain why would you buy this? Your main road bike is probably much more competent on roads and an entry level mountain bike will be WAY better for trails at half the price. Seems like a master of none kind of scenario. And he acts like people are just dropping 3 grand all the time on bikes just to try something a little new. Is this real?

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

A 700c cross bike with 650b wheels and big tires is pretty much a superior alternative to this bike…

RBastien says:

Very well presented, thanks for posting.

violian5 says:

Or you could get a very nice dedicated road bike for $1400, and use the leftover $1400 to get a very nice dual suspension mountain bike.

Junior Salcedo says:

Hi!, can do i do dawnhill with that bke?

Mugtree says:

Saw this bike in a shop in Amsterdam last month. Am very interested. I’m a mountain biker so this would be ideal for mu commute as I either use my road bike (it doesn’t like the off road bits) or my mountain bike (bit slow for the 10 mile ride). Thanks great video

Howard Petrie says:

With an 11-28 cassette and a 52-36 crank it seems they are targeting the road race crowd, not the adventure cyclist. This lack of low end gearing makes zero sense. Would not touch this because of that. The Ultegra model is the same BS. But the top model CX Force has a 10-42 cassette with a single 44 tooth crank – totally different. What is Cannondale thinking????

Mark Toulmin says:

This is going to sound strange. My wife rides a Trek EX8 we go out riding together more and more,but we seem to ride more gravel and road these days but make no progress speed wise. We both fancy Slates however the issue we have is the Mrs will not ride drop bars.
Can I change to a Flat bar ? i get ill need new leavers brake and gears,will STI or XT be compatible with 105 or Ultegra ?
And how will this change her position on the bike,any tips suggestions welcome.….Mark

Thank you

Clyde Manuel says:

Awesome bike, just wish it was priced more similarly to CAAD X. $2800 is a little pricy.

Rocking in a free world says:

It’s a hardtail mtb with race bike bars and a shite colour scheme.

Tommi Kivimäki says:

Slate is very interesting. I have to try it out. I’m searching for a replacement for my old Kona Jake.

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