Ceramic Bike Bearings : HSC Ceramics Review

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Yeonho Cho says:

Loose ball bearing is not the cheapest bearing.

Bars Bars says:

Do a review on the hawk racing bottom bracket

Fabian O says:

Damn Rap God. Speak slowly

Zazen Zach says:

This video is pretty misinformed. When it comes to bottom brackets there are only two types: those with loose bearings and those that are sealed (which come in many types ie external vs internal bbs and more). The balls (bearings) are usually made of steel, but the higher quality ones are now often made of ceramics. Ceramic bearings will not make you go faster, they are just more ressistant to wear and thus last longer. Whereas steel bearings can get damaged or deformed over time and if not replaced can lessen the efficiency of your BB (being deformed will cause more friction).

Phillip Tran says:

I have a lemonds bike. It say’s 137,68 on the bottom bracket. can I get ceramic bottom bracket for it? I’m kinda confused one which one to get.

jonthedoors says:

Top tip for Andrew – put the bike on the ground when loosening bottom brackets. You put less stress on the frame and you can push down into the floor for leverage

Poor sod

Deckard Shaw says:

ceramic balls but no ceramic tracks? Thats hybrid.

mindciller says:

When that carbon fiber jockey wheel fails and wraps the chain into the carbon fiber frame it’ll be pointless to have ceramics

sky anonymous says:

i love your vids

Klingende Mynt says:

The biggest homo on YouTube!

Aaron Bourbonnais says:

are you worried about dirt still?

Dmitry Lazarev says:

What a nice vid. Some nice knowledge for a tech savvy


How much price in Bangladesh?

carlos amador says:

Love you

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