Cervelo T1 Video Bike Check

Upgrade my Fuji Track Pro 09 to this beast. So far, has all the advantages over the FTP.


jokerhong123 says:

wheres the mavic IO at????

Richard Domingo says:

Whats soo good about the Omnium Crank set??

Ivan Fernandez says:

Selling that frame?

Christopher Huerta says:

Hey anyone know what tire size fits the cervelo T1? 700×23 fit?

aznnubbyboy says:


Nick Galli says:

What a fucking troll. Solid ride.

Jonathan Ballsinacan says:

Not real zipp

Travis Harmor says:

*pit=put. Stupid mistake.

Robin says:

cool vid. What song is it?

roblesed08 says:

that bottom bracket is so close to the frame; so sexy!

Erick Letran says:

iminusd 🙂

Jeremy Oliver says:

janky back wheel.

SaltKing98 says:

whats the top fixie frame for under £1000

Ivan Fernandez says:

what cog did you use?
and how are you going to get your rear wheel off if you get a flat, it looks like you have no clearance

Danny B says:

prolly hella fast bruh

Harry Lee says:


Neil Laxamana says:

I never knew the Northern California Junior State Champion 2012 is a hipster. Ha!

Harry Lee says:

why you stickers when you’re some big time champion shouldn’t it be more profess

Alfredo Elenes says:

How much do these frames go for

Travis Harmor says:

Please upload a video of your new wide profile wheels from china that you pit on your tarmac. It would be the first video on youtube as far as I know.

Alfredo Elenes says:

How much do these frames go for

Dead.Larry says:

What was the point of this video to show the world your bike and feel a bit better? Lol get in it and do something

yvngwvls says:

who the fuck are you to tell ? hahaha
by your fuji setup I guess this is just envy.

This is a nice t1 btw.! Im Riding the Omnium/Zen combination myself, loving it!

myfoodbox says:

yuck don’t get a cervello they’re known for not having a square rear triangle they’re always hit or miss their welders and frame fitters suck

Mike Pollock says:

Mine had a huge problem with the head tube. Shaky front end during sprint. Actually scary.

Jack Lewis says:

Because stickers are cool

Harry Lee says:

im brendan friend

Bruhduh says:

Nice bike, what song is this, and you live in milpitas?

Harry Lee says:

it was a compliment u nig lol

SaltKing98 says:

Song name?

Ricky Mondragon says:

Seriously beast. Looks fast Saweet build man !!

Felix Reseiw says:

awsome bike dude! btw can you tell me the name of this song?

tommytommynguyen says:

You can buy the wheel with the zipp decal. Just wondering how old is the wheel and how good is it? I was looking forward to getting one but I want to know more about it. Please reply

Justin de Leon says:

Whats the song on the ftp vid? The comments were disabled so i came here

Neil Laxamana says:

This was when I was still riding on the streets and being a “fixie” person. I’ll be getting some fast foward wheels soon.

Josh Nguyen says:


Harry Lee says:

aight…riding a t1 on the streets? lol

Danny B says:

ahhh damn bike porn

N for Nick says:

You better not use that on the track cause the garmins meant to be out of the riders sight! And that’s soooo stupid putting clearly fake zips on! Also only being able to afford one deep section for the track instead of disk is fair enough cause there expensive but the deepest should go at the back. Cervelo t1, aka the worst track frame ever made, cervelos experiment into track cycling which failed, then they triumphantly came back to track with the t3. Honestly just get the t4, take the fake wheel off, hide ur garmin. Honestly wouldn’t ride on a track with someone so stupid!

Wei Hong says:

Hi how much did u buy for the frame?

zxGHOSTr says:

What is the crankset and bottom bracket on this bike?

rinzleR R says:


Why put zipp stickers on a wheel that isn’t zipp? Hahahahaha

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