Chasing a Titanium Track bike around New York on baller loaner bike featuring Wilis Johnson

Running around New York with the homie Wilis Johnson. Titanium track bike, heavy traffic, Bike Checks, and good tunes!

On this weeks episode of #EverythingsBeenDone
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From Chances with Wolves Episode 393:


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Dustin Klein: Working Artist, Lifestyle Cyclist, Maker.

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mort low says:

The only problem i have- they much to valuable for everyday adventures… BUT SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Giulio Magarotto says:

The bike you rode in this video looks like one of those which immediately put a big smile on your face, ’cause it looks like having fun around every kind of terrain, going as slow or as fast as you like and plus it’s beautiful!!

Najja Foluke says:

The song sums it all up ! Bicycling might just be what saves the planet.

Mate Horvath says:

hella chill!

Riley Gibson-Graf says:

I love you music selection! Haha

Garrett J says:

Best damn bike videos ever!

Kenzo Smith says:

Those bikes! Who does that version of Pollution? So good!

A K says:

Another slamafied bonafide funky vid. WE LOVE YOU DUSTIN! Shout out to Russ at Path Less Pedaled with the Supple sticker? Right on, right on.

Out Of Step says:

The video was one minute to long 🙂

Harold Duran says:

Dam need that new sticker pack tho!!!

Илья Осипов says:

Such a nice edit, respect from Russia !

Joe Ward says:

Love your city stuff. I always want more.

David Carey says:

good shredding the “off road” in prospect park yo!

Hardheaded Jarhead says:

Welcome back! Just got 2 of those new sticker packs!!!!!!

Jason Hearne says:

Postage on sticker packs is coming in at $25 to the UK … any other options?

Nicholas Sciacca says:

Stoked to see you guys riding around NYC! I think Ive only seen a fraction of his collection at Deluxe, hella impressive.

Harold Cabalic says:

Is that loaner bike brand “Quiros”? LOVE IT

Bertie Wooster says:

I would love it if you asked me to tell you about my bike just so I could say ‘mind your own bloody business’

sponge bob says:

how does that guy brake

Fern Hernandez says:

That is one nice track bike.

Armin Hess says:

“tell me about my bike!” – lol 😉

Daniel Evans says:

But like, why no helmets? 🙁 We’d miss you bud!

Kenji Muto says:

Love it!!
Why are you in NYC?

Andrew M. Beltsov says:

Why is it always the gay environmentalist hipsters that get to ride the most expensive and sought after parts? Because daddy is still paying their rent. Seriously tho, how pretentious do you have to be to actually believe you’re saving the world by riding a bike? XD go back to your trustfund shack.

Dawid K says:

What’s the song name?

Charles Holland says:

Awesome! Only thing bad about this video is it’s over!

GollyGDean says:

I don’t think the music is from episode 393

William Brasky says:

talks about his 1 of 6 titanium… doesnt even bother to drop gear ratio… total tease

SuperBacDoc says:

Tight work bro! Sequel to this is would be highly appreciated!

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