Commuter Bike Group Test

Cycling Plus took six of the best commuter bikes and tested them head-to-head. The bikes on test –

Adventure Flat White £429.95
Marin Fairfax SC2
Verenti Substance £600
Genesis Smithfield £799.99
Cinelli Bootleg Hoy Hoy £899.99
Canyon Urban £1199.99+p&p


Bret Mohler says:

my vote… Eastway CX 2.0. I got mine with full Shimano 105 – 11 speed… freaking awesome! I have had many compliments and questions about it.

Urine says:

You’re a really nice guy but you smell like dung beetle droppings they are nice and juicy

Bob Torres says:

This is a pretty lame review! All bikes should have been set up with the same commuting accessories like mud guards, racks, lights and bags. Then go out and test them for a while. Short test rides especially with some not having any accessories versus bike equipped with them is not a fair comparison.

Johnny English says:

For under £150: Get a “Activ Raleigh Flyte II” (Amazon £100), full length mudguards for 26″ wheels (eBay £20), a bike stand (eBay £3.47), a rear pannier rack (eBay £15) and a rear pannier bag (eBay £10).

Oh and you’ll need these too. Search eBay for:

“10pcs 16mm Water Bottle Cage Bolts Screws for Bike Cycling Bicycle” (£1).

“A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Nyloc/Nylon Insert Locking Nuts M3,4,5,6,8,10,12” (£1.09). Select “M5” and “10” from the drop-down menus.

Parlophonese says:


Kenz300 x says:

Riding a bike is fun and good exercise………walking, bicycles and mass transit will all be part of making cities livable.
Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers needs to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community. Obesity is a growing problem around the world leading to an increase in heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Walking and biking can help improve health.

Tomek Kaminski says:

You don’t know how to operate the camera

Peter Lyu says:

oh I might actually consider to buy it if it wasn’t 500 bucks or above

Donald Trump's gargantuan scrotum says:

Duh, you can replace the wheelguard with simple quick release skewers just like that, or buy one of the lower end models that don’t have them. Also pretty lame to not mention the benefits of this system, especially with wheels becoming more and more expensive.
And yeah the winner: I have no doubts the Verenti Substance is a good cyclocross bike. But come on. Each of these bikes has its advantages and personally, I don’t think there is a winner. But if you *had* to pick one: there’s so many great urban and commuter bikes out there these days with manufacturers finally trying “new” things like belt drives, geared hubs, integrated lights… but you professional reviewers make a cyclocross bike the “winner”. It’s as if a mobile phone review came out with the Nokia 6230 on top. Okay for 2005, but today that’s pretty lame.

Mr.ActionGal101 says:


Average Gamer says:

Too many thieves around. Not enough bike security out there.

Jesse Jaway says:

How about the Trek Crossrip? maybe in the future you can consider to review as a commuter bike. Thank you.

Leendert Dijkhuis says:

Best commuter bike is by far: Koga Cityline. Really comfortable, lightweight, low maintenance, good lighting, 8 speed… etc.

Cesar says:

GEARS! they are essential rode a fixed gear before they were cool and it was great until I met my first hill.

Arty says:

Substance 2017 comes with either Sora or Tiagra, now has fork eyelets for the rack in the front (always a nice touch), FSA BB and square taper FSA crankset, TRP Spyre instead of Avid, and that’s not the full list of the changes. Verenti did a pretty good job in my opinion, desiging a fine, inexpensive do-it-all CX rig and improving upon it each year, albeit it’s a bit heavy for the weight weenies.

wish hound says:

You forgot Charge Plug.

Urine says:

Nice video dude

MrLukas239 says:

That canyon is beautiful, if only for the fact it’s different without being gimmicky

mofomartian says:

Bootleg looks like the funnest city cruiser

Tyler London says:

Anyone else believe the Verenti would look absolutely clean with some 32mm semislick skinwall tires? I think it would mesh well with the frame color and design almost entirely. Shame it didn’t come stock that way…

AceRidesBikes says:

why do commuting bikes never seem to be Dutch style bikes in the UK?
riding a hub geared bike with full guards and encased chain is just easy

Arshlen Ghart says:

but yea, u want cheap bike to use it on commute when u will leave ur bike, like to office / school, u wont bring an expensive bike , unless u’re calm (read:rich)jk, unless there’s trusted security peeps/system

George Gilles says:

Cool rides

James Cox says:

*Nice video!*

Reiner mit ei, bidde! says:

it will be stolen, but i definetly want that cannyon!

Alberto Contador says:


nicholas danca says:

sans the fx series which good too

Leon says:

Best commuter bike must be no doubt the folding bike. But the most versatile is probably the cyclocross or mtb.

rex aitken says:

wheres the mtb?

bloodsord9 says:

I’m always running late, so I commute in full race kit and on race bike. Google maps 45min- my commute – 33min

EverythingisFire says:

Wow…That Canyon is really saxy.

Abdur-Rahman says:

2016 version yet?

btw i ride Surly Cross Check, it is a versatile beast.

Arshlen Ghart says:

spez turbo ? oooooooooooooo

Allard Freichmann says:

If a bike cost 1000 pound or more one might consider an e-bike prices are going down. You can sit up right. One has a much better overview over traffic and more support in rain, darkness and uphill.

Urine says:

Nice videos dude

DFTA (Don't Feed The Animals) says:

you won me over when you picked the bicycle with the drops. i never understood why people wanted to be limited to one hand position, especially with the width of the modern drop bars.

teopini says:

my God, cyclists in developed countries are so spoiled! Lol! Whenever the host says something like “this bike could go on a very short tour,” as if it was horribly weak, I roll my eyes, this bike would be worth 3 times my salary in Brazil, around here we find a way to cycle and tour with whatever piece of metal that sits stable on two wheels!

Aucklandcity says:

Ive got a 2016 Kona Rove AL for commuting and I’m in love with it. Now i can’t stop watching bike videos!

Tyler London says:

Anyone else believe the Verenti would look absolutely clean with some 32mm semislick skinwall tires? I think it would mesh well with the frame color and design almost entirely. Shame it didn’t come stock that way…

Bryan Sammis says:

If you like the Genesis Smithfield.  The you should take a look-see at the Giant Momentum “I Need Street” bike: sven speed, Plus an integral cup holder and integral back rack & pannier holders

LazyGamerX says:

That canyon is sexy as hell. I want one of those

linkinduck94 says:

will putting slick tires on my giant escape 3 make any difference on the road? thanks

Mike says:

I commute on my 30 lb 150mm travel trail bike

Urine says:

Nice videos dude

Dan Giroday says:

Great review… i use my bike for commuting and would recommend selecting something that isn’t too expensive… since it is likely that you are locking your bike up in areas that aren’t particularly secure. For competive road cycling or mountain biking spend the big bucks…

Almat Sailaukhan says:

So how about I give you my soul for Cinelli Bootleg Hoy Hoy? I’ll throw in Trek 7.1 fx too!

tehyosh says:

Where can you buy the Verenti Substance from? Can’t find it anywhere 🙁

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