Do You Even Pro? 2014 Cannondale Track | Bike Check

How pro can you go? The 2014 Cannondale Track is as roadie as track bikes get. Feast your eyes on the mean green machine in this week’s bike check.

Sullivan’s Fitness Vlog:

Want arbitrarily awarded Fixie Points?

Spec list

54cm 2014 Cannondale CAAD10 Track

Contact points:
Vision Metron 5D Integrated Drop Bars
Prologo Zero II Saddle; carbon rails
Carbon Vision Metron seatpost
Mavic ZXellium SLR pedals

Vision Metron cranks

Vision Metron 3 Spoke wheels
Continental Competition tubular tires

Custom GoPro handlebar mount
Custom GoPro/computer saddle mount

US Army Blues: “BugaBlue”

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Diego Moran says:

do you recommend thislick tyres?

Toru says:

aww sheeeet

Guy Wheatley says:

why no videos

schlooonginator says:

What does it weigh?
Not ahuge fixie guy but damn that old Cannondale looked so good.

rukisan159 says:

Hi zach! Do you have plans trying on Road cycling?

Virtuous I says:

Are the bikes you post someone else’s and you record the video yourself?

cadel hoffmen says:

Veloswap ? @9

Sean Suaverdez says:

what is the size for youuu please make a video

Brandon Owen says:

I get that it’s a track bike, but that sprocket plate is….yikes

Robert says:

This bike is beautiful.

Andrew Bingham says:

Gosh that’s a jolly good looking bike.

fixed gear demon says:

i own this bike

SkeetSystem says:

You DON’T like the paint scheme? Bruh I’m leaking.

Evan Charles says:

you are baked

Peruvian drummer says:

itd be funny if u reviewed with this kind of humor crappy bike

Martinzvlogs says:

hey you guys and zach if you read this im having a fixie giveaway on my channel and i would love any support and shares much appreciated ! also its a oure fix and i know zach has bagged on them before lol

Misan tropo says:

I wouldnt use a stem integrated handlebar even if i got it for free

Liam Cusack says:

Can you make a video on wheelies and why people do them?


Kenneth Honig says:

why are his eyes always so red? smoking weed everyday? what a real hipster

Owen Lattin says:


DenisonLove says:

Hi Zach!
Can you talk about road safety? I got hit by a car the other day, and while I was wearing a helmet, I still got quite injured (many broken facial bones). I’d love to know if you had any accidents, how you got over the fear of riding etc. Also any tips on avoiding accidents. Basically being a better commuter, although in my case it was the car’s fault. :/

Lee Ming Ang says:


Griff Barton says:

how do I send you pics of my bike? I think I’ll get a point two!

Gralandjack says:

Post more, please. Your channel is so good!

Korbro 2227 says:

What do you think of the Retrospec Mantra V2?

my account from when I was a twelvie says:

I wish I could ride my bike today but the rear wheel has been out of true for some time and I’m getting a new one on friday… and the bike isn’t a fixie.

Pzycho says:

Can you do a review on 6ku track bike?

SeBezakas says:

Zach and everyone else!!!! Can anybody help me? i started riding fixed again after 1 year i have a flip flop hub. Anddddddd i skided but my lockring keeps coming off !!!!!! i tight it really hard but NOPEEEEE!!!! Anybody help? 🙁

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