Do You Even Pro? 2014 Cannondale Track | Fixed Gear Bike Check

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How pro can you go? The 2014 Cannondale Track is as roadie as track bikes get. Feast your eyes on the mean green machine in this week’s bike check.

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Spec list

54cm 2014 Cannondale CAAD10 Track

Contact points:
Vision Metron 5D Integrated Drop Bars
Prologo Zero II Saddle; carbon rails
Carbon Vision Metron seatpost
Mavic ZXellium SLR pedals

Vision Metron cranks

Vision Metron 3 Spoke wheels
Continental Competition tubular tires

Custom GoPro handlebar mount
Custom GoPro/computer saddle mount

US Army Blues: “BugaBlue”

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TR Was Here says:

Annoying music and sound files…the bane of YouTube.

Cameron Ward says:

The one with wider tires has become a mountain bike.

netei says:

what i learned: when you get old get the all comfort gravel mercedes to retire. when you are about the real thing and still hungry for dirt get an awsome genuine cyclocross. great camera and editing job btw!

Blurb Pie says:

#blurbpie – nice video . . . Checkout our fun & motivational videos and share your views, click on #blurbpie

Tom Douglas says:

Another gravel cross race please!

Alexander K says:

Vor zwei Jahren habe ich noch über die Gravelbikes gelacht und mir ein Focus Mares Apex gekauft. Dies ist natürlich sehr nervös, sportlich und hart. Die Übersetzung ist auch nicht für steile Anstiege geeignet. Jetzt finde ich die Gravelbikes sehr sinnvoll – gerade das Canyon Grail AL ist sehr gelungen.

retro666future says:

Where was this shot?

Bidly Movies says:

Meh….Just ride a mountain bike in the dirt and a road bike on the road.
These things don’t really look safe to me.

Wesley Moore says:

Am I the only one who found the thug lyfe glasses hilarious !?!?!?! Fuego edit my dudes!!!

Dan T. says:

The Canyon gravel bike has only two sets of water bottle bosses and no mounting points on the fork? I think a Jamis Renegade would be a much better choice, at least for the style of gravel riding we do in the USA.

sergio araiza says:

almost close to 420 likes

789mark789 says:

Three boring minutes

Michael McDermed says:

a roadies track bike?

Toms Tech says:

This seat post is angled another 2 degrees back. I’m going to call it a downhill cross bike.

Fernando Miranda says:

do you even track???

MarchOf TheLorex says:

If you are the one spending the money then buy what you want just do some research first.

resmed user says:

Isnt this the same shit as a mountain bike with bullhorn bars

baja666666 says:

Just get a hardtail mountain bike and problem solved. I don’t know why that kind of bikes are even created. Next step a bike for sand with grains size between 0.145678mm to 0.876543mm in the temperature of 17 degrees. Pointless creating those categories.

Patrick Bujold says:

Hey Zach! Love your videos and it’s a good way to learn more about cycling broadly and fixed gear bikes specifically. I just got done watching your “spec a fixed gear” video and it was great. Buuuuuuut, it may be helpful to cover conversions from road to fixed bikes. I got my start on a converted steel Trek from the 80s. It’s usually waaaaay cheaper to start out that way and it might be helpful for those that want to dip their toes in without dropping a month of rent on a beginner bike. Happy to give a little input on common pitfalls and tips and tricks if you’d like. Thanks for making these videos!

Misan tropo says:

I wouldnt use a stem integrated handlebar even if i got it for free


its no wonder car drivers don’t like bike with you two lad`s , another top vid lad`s , you your team keep up the good work

Positively Negative says:

can bike people please stop wearing spandex pants? =(

Wesley Moore says:

Thoose thug lyfe glasses LOLZ subtle, but dope!!!

Wellington Santana de Melo says:

Quero comprar uma. como faço?

Breakaway Helsinki says:

Cross bikes are for racing cyclocross, imo. Might as well ride road and trails if thats your thing.

Bernd Kiltz says:

I had a very good crossbike from Simplon, but as I tested the Specialized Diverge I immediately switched – with no regrets. Cyclocross is for Cyclocross Racing, and Gravelbikes are for Cyclists who want to habe a bike for a littel offroad or bad cycling paths. I am the latter, and wont ever go back

레드' says:


davex5424 says:

I would like you to try a steel touring bike but with 50mm tires. How would this compare with the two bikes used today on today’s course? I am wondering if the most important feature is tire size.

Evan Charles says:

you are baked

Mike Eberts says:

I use my gravel bike as a super utility player… commuting and light touring in addition to gravel. I have a dedicated road bike for longer or faster road riding.

Shin HoFF says:

fucking gross

Bugz Buggy says:

gago supot kapa

Ianis Caratti says:

can you ride road cranks/chainring with a track chain? isn‘t the trackchain wider?

fitashill says:

The name.. Thats the difference

ObviouslyLogan says:

Yo. Zach. Bike checks need some clips of you actually riding the bike. Cmooooooonnnn

Alex Burd says:

3:04 and 7:46 left side on the wall .its called re- inventing the wheel (going backwards )

ke0kie says:

Lots of extra parts, surprised about the 2nd chainring!

Rene Miranda says:

How do retro Mountain bikes of the early 90s compare with the current cyclocross or gravel bikes. Bikes like the Stumpjumper, Rockhopper, the Gary Fishers, Kona, Kuwahara and my KHS Montana Team.

Virtuous I says:

Are the bikes you post someone else’s and you record the video yourself?

Stevo's YouTube says:

Put some clothes on.

Back to life says:

cash cash money making…..
only reason really

For Real says:

God that is beautiful. I would trade my Cannondale 04 track bike for this in a sec.

Owen Lattin says:


Forward says:

7:55, the song. is it asking alexandria?

Sky Matthews says:

Hey, Zach! I know you’re all about those work horse steel bikes like the wabi and cinelli mash works. I was just wondering your opinion on the Surly Steamroller?

rekagy says:

Hi Zach!
Can you talk about road safety? I got hit by a car the other day, and while I was wearing a helmet, I still got quite injured (many broken facial bones). I’d love to know if you had any accidents, how you got over the fear of riding etc. Also any tips on avoiding accidents. Basically being a better commuter, although in my case it was the car’s fault. :/

Anthony Ward says:

Both very ugly

SkeetSystem says:

You DON’T like the paint scheme? Bruh I’m leaking.

SERAPH says:

make frame factory :

Heinrich Faust says:

Wait wait wait, what was Ollie’s results??? Dislike until you unhide it! :/

정재원 says:


Robert Muckle says:

Am I alone in my disdain for that stupid biplane handlebar? Worst innovation if the decade would get my vote!

fixed gear demon says:

i own this bike

Sean Suaverdez says:

what is the size for youuu please make a video

Tijl Vandersteene says:

I bought a Merida Silex 700 in 2018 and it’s useless.
Big construction fault and bad design on mounts for back rack.

Guy Wheatley says:

why no videos

Global Cycling Network says:

Cross or gravel, what’s your choice?

Korbro says:

What do you think of the Retrospec Mantra V2?

Diego Moran says:

do you recommend thislick tyres?

Andrew Bingham says:

Gosh that’s a jolly good looking bike.

Charles says:

Pedals are pronounced xe-lium

Nonoririko says:

Do you dislike roadies? Alot of us watch your channel too!

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