Felt TK2 Track – Bike Check

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Hey, you found my channel! I’m making videos weekly about my life working as a bike courier, striving to be an actress/filmmaker, being vegan/healthy living, having a positive attitude and becoming a better person, creativity and art, cycling, and you know just cruising around New York City meeting the coolest people – New Yorkers of course!

Thanks for coming along on the adventure!


Dave K says:

Just ordered Mr. Tuffy liners after seeing them listed in your kit.
Tired of flats too – no fun.
(I used to use sealant until the day my tube exploded green slim everywhere)

Jimmy Roberts says:

Hi Kelsey, I’ve been glued to your videos over the last few days, I can’t get enough! Question, how many miles do you average per day during work and commute? Sorry if you have answered this before. Keep up the great work, you are so inspiring for me to get back on my bikes.

Patrick Horgan says:

Gives me daydreams of building a bike

Luis Eduardo De La Torre says:

Around how much it will
Cost me to replicate that bike setup. Looks great and congratulations on your race!

FansSports says:

Yup nice wheels Kelsey! So are the tires tub-less? What are liners? Sorry for the questions?

XDM50 says:

Hey Kelsey,
Thanks for the video. I love your bike! Great job on the build and the race!

John Baca says:

Thanks for the bike check! Very nice clean build.

Robert Thomas says:

Thats a Awesome bike Kelsie! good luck with your racing!

Natig Mammadov says:

nice bike 🙂

André Biasuz says:

Did anyone mentioned that the music selection in your videos is awesome?

James Wilson says:

Its aluminium not aloominium….

ryan sugimoto says:

If it’s really gonna be a crit/race bike, you should build up a wheelset. It takes some patience but totally worth it for a custom made, tubeless ready, disc only (no brake track) wheelset at the same price as a much more average build, new from a shop.

And please remove your frame’s warning sticker if possible. It’ll add like 5 watts of power.

Whatz Up Whatz Up says:

Cool bike and nice colour combination, black, white and red.

LM C says:

Congrats on the “new bike day” !!!! Oosssoooo happy for you… I am enjoying finally your latest video at the right time… Wishing you the best…

Piotr Sowa says:


nascar427 says:

Nice build. Noob question here. Is it a fixed cog or freewheel? If it’s freewheel, how do you stop with no brakes?

Nuno Rodrigues says:

Good setup. Next step: wheels!
Stiff carbon wheels makes huge difference in crits! Sustains more speed because aerodynamics and also low friction hubs than a standard wheel set.. You go faster and save power. – Beeing around Kim you probably know all that stuff 😉 –
As you know, it’s a big investment.. but try to save a little bit here and there and buy a good quality wheels just for race. About 60mm of rim depth I think would be perfect for crit races..
By the way, those tires are very very good. Awesome rolling resistance! One of the best on the market today. I use it on for granfondos, back here in Europe. Top tires!!
Great video as always, Kelsey!

Theysing2g-d says:

Kelsey what does it weigh?

Philipp Straube says:

Nice bike. Since I’m a bike mecanic and hobby racer… try those awesome tires without liners and maybe with a latex tube. They will come realy to live. The feel will totaly change. Or try a tubeless setup if you are worried about punkture protection.

Aseged Woldeselassie says:

Brakes? Or do you like one of those tree assisted brakes?

max boot says:

Hey Kelsey! Thanks for all the great videos!
Just a tiny recommendation: I am a bike mechanic and a friend of mine cycles 20 kilometers per day to work and 20 back. So the first time he had a flat, I told him to put some tubeless sealant in his tubes (going tubeless wasn’t possible, it’s a retro bike) and he absolutely loves it, since it gives the same properties as would a tubeless tire have.
Maybe this is something for you too, as it is probably lighter than a tube liner? Have a nice day!

Whatz Up Whatz Up says:

I have those tires (Grandprix 4000s) too, the best money can buy, at least…….. that’s………. what……….. they…………………. told me.

TRINInDC says:

I remember when you got the frame and then got it all setup to your liking. I really love the color scheme, Trini colors and it really does look nice on that frame.

justin mendez says:

What’s a good gear ratio to go fast but not get tired out

Kumpel Blase says:

the wrap job for the bar tape istn’t the best^^ but overall, a beautiful bike 🙂


Jessica the Enduring Cyclist says:

Your bike is so sexy

Atiba Quildan says:

More bike checks/profiles. Also how do you keep smiling in front of the camera?

Henry Khali says:

I think your beautiful and I love your videos. Keep up the amazing work

Isaias O says:

No thumb-up if there’s two commercials at the beginning and the clip is interrupted with one or more commercials. I’m going to Vimeo for my videos if Google keeps this up.

Dave Carter says:

Now that is a sweet assed lookin bike, yes i like ver muchley

schlooonginator says:

Always been curious about the weight of track bikes. I imagine stiffness is more important with them considering the type of riding.

kevin deaton says:

Kelsey, you have a nice trim body for cycling, what is your current height and weight?

The Beard Dream says:

Awesome video once again. I love these tech videos. Just one question, what size is your front sprocket?

Donell Thomas says:

You better get your wheelset from velomine, trust me

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