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Parts list/affiliate links:
57cm Fetish Cycles Track w/ carbon fork
Dura Ace 7600 cranks https://goo.gl/fLxwlO
Shimano 105 SPD-SL Pedals https://goo.gl/s7cHmr
Shimano Dura Ace 48T Chainring https://goo.gl/O6P4pA
EAI Deluxe Cog 18T https://goo.gl/Ex9Nn4
3T Anatomic Drop Bars https://goo.gl/f6NaZL
3T Arx Pro Stem https://goo.gl/u23RUV
Specialized Phenom saddle https://goo.gl/RZNvQr
DT Swiss RR 1.2 Rims https://goo.gl/42ADH2
Suzue Pro Max Hubs https://goo.gl/yPYGvS
Soma Everwear 23c https://goo.gl/uyyt7b
Vittoria Rubino 23c https://goo.gl/HQ2BuH

U.S. Army Blues – “Oginiland”

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Melting Slurpee says:

first video I have seen on youtube with no dislikes!

Markus Reyes says:


Guillermo J. Park says:

Does it have some kind of clear coat? My bike needs a remodel, that might do.

Mung Mane says:

bro you ever get high and climb higher?

Paul Leschuk says:

SIck vids! My sister lives in Davis…I did Davis to Yuba City up Pole Line road Last Year on my Fixed. Great area and not really developed so it’s a great ride to get away from civilization.

TimmyRebel1975 says:

I’m sorta in love with that bike lol. I run 48×16 on my steel frame

Zach Gallardo says:


Sam Cummins says:

Make a video of your “dream bike build”

Shockwave151 says:

hey Zach I have a question of what you think about Mercier kilo stripper as a beginner bike. because I don’t think I will be able to reach 450 for three 2017 Mercier kilo tt pro

bass head says:


kingtut469 says:

Strava link please!

Aaron Nonko says:

48/16 is a skidpatch nightmare with no brakes.

aolaa sniper says:

hi guys

pop eye says:

you have big strong legs

Kevin Phillips says:


Kumpel Blase says:

what a beauty…greets from leipzig/ germany

Ugurcan Kaya says:

that bike looks fucking awesome

Andrew K, Northern Ireland says:

Interesting review Zach. Keep them coming 🙂

fonsobeaSt says:

bike check my bike, i live in sd lol

PandaFuzion says:

please make a video on chain slack and your favorite pieces of kit

Insa Berry says:

Love ur videos

Jhenaro Ashley Gregorio says:

How about a bike check on the Aventon Cordoba

Jeff Lehman says:

I’d like to see more fetish or custom bike videos

Zachary Casillas says:


kevin rincon says:

You should ride track bikes more often there dope

Jeremy Oliver says:

looks like an amazon visp to me…

i.5 says:

loving the bike checks

Miguel Morales says:

what app do you use to map out your routes?

Will A says:

48/16? i live in Sac and i ride a 52/13 daily..

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