Fixie vs. Fixed Gear vs. Track Bike

We explain the differences between fixies, fixed gear bikes, and track bikes. Yes, there is a difference.


bishplis says:

if u put a bmx on a bmx tracks its still a trackbike


Ruther Bustos says:

“there are no snakes in the sky, only snakes on a plane:- Samuel L. Jackson

Bryan H Market says:

No love for the single speed free wheels of the world …

Aga says:

fixie most using a coaster brake hubs…. . and hate this stuff

DruMeister says:

a dude that’s easily distracted has ADD.

John Baca says:

I call all fixed gear bikes fixies because I like words with -ie or -y endings. I don’t consider it a derrogatory term, and you shouldn’t either. It is fun to say fixie. I don’t ride fixies because they feel weird to me, and being an old guy living in a hilly area I need gears (I don’t ride my old Raleigh single speed semi-horizontal drop out bike much except as a beach cruiser).
Speaking of gears have you ridden a bike fitted with the fixed gear 3 speed hub?

루비TV says:

isnt fixie and fixed gear is the same thing

The art car says:

funny how any lifestylers, be it bikes, skateboarders, sexual orientation nonconformist, artist or whatever you thing is you always deal with ideological judgmental snoobs. so call it what you like do what you want and forget everybody else.

Игорь Половинкин says:

Hey Zach!
What do you think about my idea do a “light singlespeed cyclocoross” with a fixie frame (like aventon corboda) and 700cx35c tyres?
Yeah, i know it’s little mad, but there, where i live too much gravel roads for a 23c tyres (from experience). There is a 60% roads and 40% gravel (light gravel).


you put brakes on your fixie???? WHAT A PUSSY!

John Rovic Pangindian says:

The word “fixed gear” is too long ang makes you sound like a pro ride-wannabe and it also makes you sound like a nerd

Krisco Dangus says:

You say fixie non stop dude.

BAS says:

And freestyle bikes

joe T says:

this is absurd…. Fixie is the same as fixed gear, it’s an abbreviation not a style.

TickleMeShlomo says:

So, you contradict yourself, there is no difference between fixed gear and “fixie”.

Dav L says:

Whoa! I don’t know how you can ride fixed gear cyclocross?

pop eye says:

The term Fixies originates way way way way way way back before cheap companies caught onto the trend.
Lesson of the story is Fixies have officially become mainstream, been actually and….
Hipsters hate being any way shape or form associated or linked to being hipsters .

Jay kay says:

who else have/had the merax road bike from Amazon/ebay? bought two about 2 years ago and still never had a major issue… and its only less than 200 dollars.

round around says:

I ride a single speed free wheel because anyone serious about speed needs a free wheel… or you can’t lean that bike in curves…

fixed gear says:

look up for Blocboi Fame on YT he rides a fixed gear but in most of his lyrics he refers to his fixedgear bike as a fixie

Jessica Patrick says:

So me and my mom are looking for a bike and as a 12 year old I go to the fixie page. And my moms like what are you doing you need a fix gear and i said what is the difference. She told me that fixies dont stop peddleing. True??

Dario Hall says:

There is this tool hipster i see on a neon green bike, hes so “cool.” Hes with earbuds in a very busy area.

life sucks says:

nice fixie dude

Syafiq M says:

hey 1:24 its cycle project store from Singapore where I got my skream

Dr. Karsonator says:

There used to be a time when we referred to these as just bicycles. Lol.

Kyle Choi says:

rather than complaining about the noise for 23 seconds, you could’ve easily just went inside.

Darth Vader says:

fixie fixie fixie fixie

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