For The Adventure – 6KU Fixie Bike Review

This video is about 6KU Bike Review – Unboxing and Assembly

Music by Jeff Kaale:

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its Kevin mah doods says:

lmao thats my bike

its Kevin mah doods says:

lol i have that bike

Camarri Lane says:

Guy in the shades sounds like prizmo from adventure time

Gidron Gibson says:

How much does this guy weight? Cause I’m pretty big would this be good for 300 pounds

Philthy Phil says:

Cold brew, fixies, and beards… Hipter all the way!

Timothy Morales says:

Holy shit whites are the same

T B says:

Vaping on a fixie with skinny jeans and a beard………what happened to this country

Yes Yes says:

I need handy friends like you guys. I like the drones. My huawei smart watch is sexier though.

Fausto Contreras says:

Pictures of babes at face book page called “Cycle Broz CA USA FIxies N Road Bikes” 
thank me later wink wink

xx orangexguyx90 says:

why does your fixie haves breaks other dont breaks (can i get likes) i wish you all good luck

karuppa swamy says:

what is the difference between gear bicycle and bicycle, which one will be good .

Blurry Face says:

The keemstar twins.

misamisatv says:

How was this a bike review?? All you said was you liked it.

ErickMorfi Vlogs says:

you guys are awesome yoll be a big youtuber onece keep it up somuch contect whooooooooooooooohoooooooo

Ricky Spanish says:

I was surfing for gay ass porn and ended up here. I didn’t notice any difference until the video ended and there wasn’t a money shot.

MVFG says:

Subscribe to my channel and I will sub back with 20 accounts

Izaiah Morales says:

can i have it i got robed 5 times for my bike if i get that bike im buying a lock

Team Free Dean says:

to the person who cut/edited this video: you rock. this really out of the ordinary cutting made the video so weird and hilarious, but also cool af

HugoMNF says:

200$ ?

timbosch7 says:

OMGG I like your van and your beard!

Beto Gods says:

Did you buy the bike from City Grounds?

Michael Toma says:

Pretty Funny Video Guys!!! i bought also a 299€ Fixie and its so much fun. thanks4uguys
btw….what track im listening???


that beat

RyanTiv says:

Keemstar bros

Fausto Contreras says:

Starting a new group on Facebook “Cycle Broz CA USA Fixies N Road Bikes” Feel free to stop by and check out the content, don’t forget to give it a like to get cool pics of bikes on your news feed =] KEEP CYCLING!

pedro arcos says:

What sizw was the bike

Water World says:


Daniel Soto says:

Let me have that bike

ICed Zzz says:

What size are you and your bike plsss answer

Milo blanchard says:

this is $200?! where i live it was 300GBP, where did you buy it from

Michael Atherton says:

Talking loads of shit for ages

Dylan says:

You were too busy setting up stylized camera shots and adding indie hip hop to remember to MENTION SOMETHING ABOUT THE BIKE. LIKE HOW ABOUT WHAT THE FRAME IS MADE OF? THE CRANKS? TIRES?

This is some pure hipster cancer. Couple of real fags right here.

Adrian Ruelas says:

I cant tell the difference between the two

michael cavosie says:

When do we get another zombie morning coffee run?? Like the hoodie; who makes it?

Liaz Strumbetter says:

fek’n a- beardage majoris channel…hehe,, yah got about 2 more years to catch up with the thatch I have… love the 6ku bikes, especially the selection located at city grounds… unfortunately this months bike build is a 1976 free spirit 3 speed cruiser to FIXIE conversion…hope I bring home 1st place from the bike show…

T B says:

Rather ride a comfortable beach cruiser …looks cool way more comfortable

LZArtz says:

Idk why everybody’s complaining! I really enjoyed this video.

Mark Go says:

does bike rust? planning to buy one..

Corie Holden says:

You guy’s look like you vape.. Eachothers dick’s

Inncan says:

Im 5’7”. What size should i go for? 52cm or 55cm

Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar says:

we waana se more beard 😀 😀 !

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