Fuji Track Bike Project

Fuji Track Bike Project (Single Speed)
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The Fuji Track Bike Project is my personal ride for around town, this bike really did need an overhaul and pimping up. Watch as a brief history of the Fuji Bicycle Company is given before the bike is completely stripped down. The video shows some problems along the way which we overcome with some hints and tips a long the way. The video also shows inside the paint room as the frame is completely resprayed then rebuilt and taken out for a test ride.

This bicycle had a complete overhaul and was pimped up to ride like a new bike. I hope that it gives you some ideas and inspiration for your own projects. If you are new to the channel please have a look around with plenty of Vintage Road Bike restorations and also Bicycle Maintenance ones to help a long the way.

Or why not visit our website full of hints and tips plus a catalogue of vintage road bike catalogue to give you reference and guidance with that Bike Restoration.

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MrDazp1 says:

Excellent job. Looking forward to the Carleton project as I used to have one as a kid – 531 Pro~Am

Scott MacDowall says:

Another great bike! You are the man.

Kevin Jones says:

Wasn’t fuji a make of cassette tapes and camera film? Bk in the 80s early 90s

pmrize says:

Great build Andy however I would have been inclined to keep the 120mm spacing and use the fantastic Halo Aerotrack Fix-G With its HG Spline/freewheel thread… best of both worlds and completely bomb proof…

pballabe1 says:

I have the same bike and am thinking about doing a similar rebuild. What bottom bracket did you use?

yard sale cycles says:

Why not just keep the single speed wheels it already had ?

D Gillies says:

Haha I love how when it’s time to go for a bike ride you leave the room and the bicycle leaves later on. I guess it followed you out? Good bicycle, good bicycle!

James McClellan says:

Why not get some dedicated Single Speed Wheels? Some Wabi Superlites would’ve been perfect!

RadioSnivins says:

Interesting Fuji Bikes fact – they own the trademark to the name Roubaix and they make Specialized pay to use it.

Peter Ghimme says:

Where’s the built-in katana?

Maximilian Peer says:

how about showing your bike collection ?

Ciaran Kelly says:

I have a frame set that is a tad too big for me would you say it would be worth converting to a single speed?

androidfleshbot says:

That saw is genious … I’m sure many of us have had lots of “fun” with a plane ol saw blade … and seized posts in general 🙂

xMrsmileyfacex says:

Love the black and red color scheme. Even sharper with the red bar tape. Nothing gets more babied like our favorite bike. Well done! Cheers!

Thomas Cheng says:

Why did you go with an unnecessarily complicated wheel “upgrade”? There are wheels with 120mm spaced hubs that are threaded for single speed freewheels.

Jonathan S says:

Why wouldn’t you just use a 120mm wheel instead of re-spacing it?

Marcin Zdunek says:

I want to buy it. I know it’s good, but is it good for a first fixed gear bike?

D Gillies says:

Hey I think Dia compe is making one inch steel cable clips in Chrome and if you find their BMX Clips in 1in you can get Block if that’s what you’re after or even Red. Some ideas are porkchop BMX in Indiana or Velo Orange. I’m sure there are UK suppliers as well.

Julie Walls says:

Looks excellent!

Jack42Frost says:

Why not just lace a proper single speed hub into the back rim. Seems like a lot of nonsense to put the road bike hub into a 120 dropout?

ackroyd11 says:

Great videos

PaintNation CustomPaintwork says:

Cool. Been waiting to see a video with Rich in it.

saleem waheed says:

Great channel.But I can’t take the Yankee’s hat!

Nauj Aral says:

Beautiful as always my friend, I love the paint jobm what did ya do for the lettering like you made your stencil and just painted over? and that back it ain’t just black is it mate or what ? kudos o a great job Andy it looks solid, easy on the eyes and fast , love the video cover (as always well into the ike’s theme ) pretty good track stand there at the end 😉 cheers bud, sorry i was late to watch but all caught up now 😀

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