How To Ride A Fixed Gear Bike

Chris and James take to the city to show you how to safely ride a fixed gear bike. From safely stopping, all the way to their ‘advanced skills’, the pair teach you all you need to know about fixie riding.

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There is one golden rule to remember when fixie riding! Keep your legs moving! If you’re riding along and just ‘stop’ pedalling, the force and momentum in your wheels, cranks and legs will be enough to throw you up over the bars and onto the ground.

Get comfy on the bike. To start with we would recommend a saddle height around 0.5cm lower than you would normally run on your road bike. This will help with moving around on the saddle whilst you apply braking force backwards through the pedals, but it will also make it easier to move your body weight around for cornering and general technical maneuvers.

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Helen Stevens says:

I have an idea for a segment which I thought I’d share: tips for adapting to road cycling on the opposite side of the road to someone’s modus operandi. Eg. I cycle on the left side of the road in Aussie (same as driving) and want to be able to ride safely and as confidently as I do here in AU on the right side of the road using clip-ins when I move to a Euro city later in the year. I’ve driven on the right side of the road so have a sense of it but thought you guys may be able to highlight pro tips. Maybe other people who take bike holidays will find it useful. Hope it doesn’t sound completely naf. Be great for me to practice adapting in Australia on quiet roads before I throw myself into the madness of a large city and people yelling at me in a foreign language. If you’ve covered this topic be great to know. Muchas gracias. 🙂

AJ Cameron says:

Hey guys what are the chain system you guys are using on the bikes.. I’ve never seen chains or chain rings like it b4.. can you tell me what its called so I can get myself some there sick

Bernard Linde says:

What pants are the guys wearing?? Looks really comfortable to ride in.

Darryl Donnelly says:

Fixed gear bikes are bull shit if a person stepped out in front of you or a car stopped suddenly you got no chance of stopping

Andrew Regas says:

I ride a fixed gear downhill bike

fusrodahable says:

I prefer single speed with a freewheel. It’s easier and more safe in rough traffic. Also I feel pain in my knees while riding fixie.

Nightcore Shon says:

I got into an accident while biking and my parents don’t want me to bike anymore but deep inside I still wanna ride my road bike feelsbadman : ((

C_ Rayuth says:

I need a bike like u

Dominic Strawberry says:

Isn’t fixed gear bike (single speed) bad for your knees n a long run?

andrewthacollector says:

It’s cheap and fun. But road bikes are better for the gear change on environment

mollski 1969 says:

What bikes you both using please

MasterBata says:

Being a good and considerate road user… Well that’s very funny, because fixie riders are the most inconsiderate people of cycling world I know.
Why would you ride a fixie? Well only reason is – bragging. It’s like with vegans. How do you know someone rides fixie? They’ll tell you.
Sure they will say something along the lines of “because it’s low maintenance”. Like a pair of brakes and a freewheel are high-maintenance items…

FlyingNova says:

B R E A K S!?

Luca Cycles says:

Foot retention?

filippo giano says:

Front rack and fenders brand??

Natalia Fajardo says:

I love my fixie ♥️

Sam Khamtonwong says:

Being a courier I’ve found a differences riding a road & Fixed bike in an urban city roads.
I can spend mores hours riding a fixed gear & less tiring compared than I do on a road bike

Kyrie Soberano says:

How about when u go down hill?! I mean fixie is good to go or I will choose road bikes?.

Steelisreal says:

Good to see some fixed gear love here. I ride one for everything, from long distance rides and sportives to commuting, club runs, hill climbs, TTs and gravel/off-road stuff.

One point on your video, you don’t want your chain too tight. Invariably your drive chain won’t be perfectly round and you will get a tight spot that both accelerates wear and lowers momentum. You need to get the balance between tight enough to keep the chain on, loose enough to spin freely. A chain tug can really help, especially after fixing punctures etc. on a cold winter day.

CrissVector says:

How to ride a fixie? Simple, you dont, they suck.

AJ08 DUO says:


Anh Troll says: yub I ride fixed gear bike in Viet Nam. hi every body

Brian Perez says:

who are these new guys? i don’t watch gcn for about a 6 months and the cast has changed?


Have not ridden fixed for years I am an old dude now can someone recommend a beginner gear ratio for a fixie bike

aesecu says:

#1 DON’T

Brian Bruinhard says:

I was hoping for some more explanation on how a fixed hear bike is different from any other bike. maybe some of the commenters can help me. first question, he mentioned that in order to brake you have to back pedal. why if the bike has brakes? we’re these just for show? because it’s legally mandatory? is it possible to keep your feet stationary (not-peddeling)? they seemed to allude that this isn’t possible. what the difference between fixed hear and single gear? I thought they were the same?

y. s. says:

i have one and i love it

Graham X says:

I’ve been riding a fixed gear on my daily commute for most of the last 3 years. It takes a bit to get used to, but it isn’t really much different than riding a single speed with a free wheel. The only real advantages I find vs a free wheel are that it’s a bit more interesting to ride and you get a better workout being able to break with your legs. Given that my commute doesn’t have any flat sections and has a few quite steep sections, it’s definitely harder than my old road bike I used to commute with.

Davis says:

Yeye if it ain’t fixed it’s broke

Gregory White says:

can you guys make a video called “How To Sagan”? I really want to know how to Sagan.

Juan Aguilar says:

What bikes are those?

Вероника Заглотова says:

Fixed Cycling Network

Juan Aguilar says:

What silver bike is that?

VincentVanGeisha says:

Fixed bike is what first bikes used to be for me when i was a kid. Single speed or fixed it was the cheapest bike at the time but it was fun and easy to maintain. People forget the the beauty of simplicity in bikes sometimes.

lazymitten says:

anybody know what shorts they’re wearing?

Aaron David says:

I rode a fixed gear bike for years…from the ages of 5 to 11. I mean, other than the free wheel, didn’t most of us ride a single gear as a kid?

Christian says:

I would probably wreck and die if I tried to ride a fixed gear, I’m too used to a cassette haha

MrDannyArcher says:

Look at my pic. I have been riding this one since 2011.

Steffen Mutter says:

A belt driven fixie is not my style, because I’m not old, I am retro – besides the fact its power transmission is much worse compared to a chain…
I have 2 brakes and my legs to compensate the pits the other road users surprise me every day. (You know, the German car drivers can’t stay behind a bicycle, even if the road is narrow, peppered with construction sites and oncoming traffic) so I prefer to miss being cool and stay alive to show off some tricks like fish’n chips, hop over tight strained dog leashes over the cycle path and hum ‘motherfucking bike’ doing my allday ‘tour de fuck you!’ to work…

Gareth Owen says:

What brand are your cycle shorts? they look very comfortable for casual riding.

spu3 says:

Legs as your brakes in an emergency, good luck on that one. Going to be slower reaction time than pressing conventional brakes.

Just watching ffs says:

3:20 talking about being a good considerate road user while riding side by side in the middle of the road blocking a car when there’s a bike lane right next to them.

bigrednitro says:

How to ride a fixed gear.
step 1. Mount it
step 2. Pedal it

Bill Kong says:

Regressive hipsters

Tabby Black says:

Learn to skiddd

Eddie Scarsella says:

What’s the front rack???

B27 says:

Really like the shorts these guys are wearing, any ideas what brand they are please?

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